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The Truth About Gardasil – The Cervical Cancer Injection – HPV

Saturday, December 8th, 2012

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Gardasil is the HPV vaccine, touted to fight cervical cancer. What they are not telling you is that thousands of girls are having adverse reactions to the HPV Vaccines, some have even died -at last count, at least 103 lives have been lost. We have got to do newlittleribbonsomething about this. These girls need our help! These girls are having reactions such as; seizures, strokes, dizziness, fatigue, weakness, headaches, stomach pains, vomitting, muscle pain and weakness, joint pain, auto-immune problems, chest pains, hair loss, appetite loss, personality changes, insomnia, hand/leg tremors, arm/leg weakness, shortness of breath, heart problems, paralysis, itching, rashes, swelling, aching muscles,pelvic pain, nerve pain, menstrual cycle changes, fainting, swollen lymph nodes, night sweats, nausea, temporary vision/hearing loss just to name some of them!

There is no known treatment to help these girls, as they suffer in silence. The doctors, if they even admit the connection, have no idea how to help them. So they spend their days going from appointment to appointment, from specialist to specialist trying to find someone to help them. Many of these families have started looking for help outside of mainstream medicine, which in some cases, may bring minor relief. However, most insurance plans do not cover this type of treatment, and as a result, this route is out of reach for many girls.

As you look at the faces on this page, remember that these are just some of the thousands of girls whose lives have been affected by Gardasil. Sadly, one of the girls pictured above, Jessie Ericzon, passed away just two days after her third gardasil injection.

If you or someone you know is experiencing any side effects or you would just like to contact us, you can do so at or you can log into our Gardasil forum to tell your story.


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 What is Gardasil?

Gardasil is manufactured by Merck Inc., and is being promoted all over the globe as a cervical cancer vaccine. According to official product information, “Gardasil is the only cervical cancer vaccine that helps protect against four types of human papillomavirus (HPV): two types that cause 70 percent of cervical cancer cases, and two more types that cause 90 percent of genital warts cases.”  The manufacturer states that Gardasil is for girls and young women ages 9 to 26.

Cervarix is manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline, and also marketed as a vaccine against certain types of cancer-causing human paillomavrius. Cervarix is not currently available in the United States, but is approved for use in Australia, the Phillipines and in Europe. In Europe, Cervarix is in the national program of vaccination for teen and pre-teen girls.  Just recently, this drug was approved for use in the U.S. by the FDA.

There are several groups that endorse the use of Gardasil, such as  American Academy of Pediatrics, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC),  American Academy of Family Physicians,  American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

So Gardasil and Cervarix are perfectly safe, right?  A miracle vaccine, with very few side effects?

On the Merck website, the side effects are listed as pain, swelling, itching, bruising and redness at the injection site; headache, fever, nausea, dizziness, vomiting and fainting. Sometimes fainting is accompanied by falling with injury, as well as shaking or stiffening and other seizure-like activity. The product information also says that patients who are severely allergic to yeast should not take Gardasil. Sounds relatively harmless, right? Let’s go a little deeper.

Since the drug’s introduction in 2006, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) has received more than 18,000 reports of adverse side effects related to Gardasil. These reports include serious adverse effects including Guilliane Barre, lupus, seizures, paralysis, blood clots, brain inflammation, severe fatigue and weakness, heart problems, shortness of breath, chest pains and many more.

At last count, there have been at least 73 reported deaths as a result of Gardasil use, this does not include spontaneous abortions. Cervarix has been responsible for more than 9,000 cases of serious, adverse reactions and at least 3 deaths since this vaccine has been in use. One of the worst cases involved 14-year-old Natalie Morton, who collapsed and died in school in England just one hour after receiving the vaccine. (Her death was later attributed to a brain tumor, but if this were true, why were there no symptoms prior to her receiving the vaccine?)

I’m sure many people reading this will say ” Every vaccine has it’s risks”, to be followed by the statement, “Well surely the benefits outweigh the chance of any adverse side effects”.  Let’s see what Dr.Diane Harper, lead researcher in the development of two human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccines and director of the Gynecologic Cancer Prevention Research Group at the University of Missouri, told an audience of medical professionals on October 25, 2009.

And remember, this is coming from a developer of the Gardasil vaccine! She says, “Gardasil is largely unnecessary, and that it has never been fully tested on females under the age of 15. This, despite strong marketing efforts to make the drug mandatory for girls, and product literature and advertising that state the product can be used by girls as young as age 9.

Dr. Harper’s remarks were made to an audience at the 4th International Public Conference on Vaccination. During this talk, she said 70 percent of all HPV infections resolve themselves without treatment within a year, and that within two years that number climbs to 90 percent. Of the remaining 10 percent, she said, only half will develop into cervical cancer, resulting in “little need for the vaccine.” She also said incidences of cervical cancer are steadily decreasing with conventional treatments and preventative measures.

Add this to the fact that Merck’s own website says this vaccine is not intended to take the place of regular check ups and pap smears. Then why take the chance and let your daughter be injected with Gardasil? This vaccine that contains chemicals such as an aluminum adjuvant – that has been linked to the Gulf War Syndrome, also contains polysorbate 80 – shown to cause infertility in rats,  as well as sodium borate – a common roach killer that has been attributed to causing unconsciousness, seizures and death — this chemical  is said to be  carcinogenic and known to cause cancer.

Also according to Merck’s website 60% of the American population has HPV. They fail to mention that HPV is a medical term used for many different warts, 99% which are harmless: Planters warts, Flat warts, etc. Gardasil is intended to protect againist FOUR types of HPV. But there are over 120 different strains of HPV.

–Over 100 of these strains cause harmless warts (you’ve had them as a child, probably) that cause warts on the hands/feet. They do no harm. Over 30 of these strains remain invisible and disappear by themselves.

–10 strains are caught ONLY through sexual contact. Most of these go away by themselves. They do not cause cancer.

–10 strains cause warts on the genitalia. Caught by sexual contact. They do not cause cancer.

–4 strains are only caught by sexual contact and can lead to cervical cancer. However, you have a 92% chance of surviving cervical cancer after being diagnosed with these strains.  Less than .8% of the population carries one of these strains.

After looking at all of the information on Gardasil, it appears there are more questions than answers.

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Headlines Nigel Farage: A New Democratic Revolution is Sweeping Northern Europe

Saturday, October 1st, 2011

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A Message from White Arrow and Ann Walker – ‘The Light Within’

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

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In 2001 we were introduced to Ann Walker through her Spiritualist Church in Hillingdon Middlesex. England. Little did we know then what we would be getting into and who we would be working for. It is our utmost pleasure to have worked for the duality of Ann Walker and White Arrow, Ann Walker passed in 2004. Ann Walker fought for over thirty years to bring the leaders and the peoples attention to saving the forests for she knew that without these trees around the equator we would have much to deal with in regards to earth changes. There is so much debate over climate change and global warming and many people do not want to be misled into believing something that might just be a scam by the government to get more money from us, but this is more than that, we have given nothing back to this earth and we have taken and we keep on taking her resources like there will be no consequences for us. It is difficult in a world where money is king and everyone, well the majority of us human beings just need enough to feed our families and have a comfortable existence and the big corporations and the money kings and powers that be at the moment have given us everything we ever wanted at any cost, yes they have gotten very, very rich off this and gained phenomenal power over the masses and we have been dazzled by the sparkles they provide for us so that we looked away from all  that we have done and are doing to each other and this magnificent planet each day.

We don’t know which way to turn as people tell us one thing and others tell us another, many left with fear not knowing what is going to happen to us and this planet. But no matter what happens in this world, what chaos is going on we have to remember our God given power of Spirit, we have an inner power no one can touch, by spending half an hour a day just meditating and looking within ourselves we can decide what is real, we have the truth within us all. People can tell us this and that but when are we going to learn that all the distractions in the world, the gossip, the banks, the politicians, the TV, the games, have  been there as a distraction, keeping us away from our true selves the Divine Spirit within us, the God within us, we all moan about our lives and how we wish it would be better but do we think ‘we can meditate and the answers will come to us,’ this is a guarantee, practice and you find the peace and the answers within. When we all start to connect to this and start to accept ourselves both the good and bad we can start to rule ourselves and we will not need to be controlled and led we can create our own reality. We have to love ourselves first and then we can love each other.

We will leave you with White Arrow’s words they are from the book, ‘The Messenger The Messiah’.  Many will say what a load of rubbish and this person Ann Walker is on an Ego trip and you have every right to question, but do not doubt that this earth needs our help. We must take responsibility for each action we take in our throw away culture, our oils consumption, the treatment of each other and the animals and this planet and what we are allowing the big corporations and the leaders to get away with, we have to demand that the trees be replanted, native to that region and we must stop destroying tress and land in our own countries for development, all this gives us oxygen, the trees create stability around the equator and separate the winds and the rains. We all of us have to act now, don’t let this moment pass, write your letters, do what you can and don’t leave it to others, read up on what the rainforests do for humans. We have nearly 7 billion people on this planet, many of you have children and they will have children, we know this sounds cheesy but what mess are you leaving them, how hard would it be to spend a few hours a week thinking about your contribution to this planet, what you can do to give back all you have taken. If you are rich there are many people after your money, what ultimate way to help the whole of humanity by planting trees, start up replanting projects in the equatorial regions, we can throw money at every charity but if this earth is not taken care of there is no point. People may say this planet will be here long after humans so who cares, and this may well be the case but for us and by working with Ann Walker and White Arrow we don’t believe this. Do these people really have in depth knowledge of the workings of the earth and the relationship we have with the universe, that each planet has a resonance, what effect does this have if by destroying the trees around the equator the planet is not resonating as it should, and the universe sounds like a badly tuned piano, do they know the effects of this, the outcome, no. Do they know what will happens if all the trees are destroyed around the equator? no, yet they can tell you its OK and dismiss the concerns to not take responsibility because its easy to just talk and walk.   Man knows little but says a lot.

We pray that we can all come together as one, because we are one no matter what the media or the TV tells you, we are all one and the same. There is a saying  ‘divide and conquer,’  this has worked for so long to create wars and hatred but now we must come together and wipe away these words, create new words of love and peace for they are not week words as you would have been made to believe, we must come together for the sake of ourselves. And we must take care of this Earth, because she is also us and what is happening to us is happening to her and visa-verse. Heal ourselves, heal the earth, heal the earth heal ourselves. Together we are free 🙂

White Arrow’s Prayer – the Light Within

I love you. you are my life, my soul, my very beginning. you breath the life of my Father within each of you. You are my Father. You are the beginning and the end. Each of you holds the candle of life. Each of you holds the Light which shows you the way. But the light within you is flickering and dying and I have come to show you the way. I have come to light the dying candle within you.

The Light within me has the power of Prayer. Prayers that ask my Father’s forgiveness. Of course He forgives, but first the Light must try to be bright and wishes to be seen and be touched by His very being. We have lost that prayer. We have turned our back on the very being of prayer. We have lost the way. Now I show you the way. I will go back to the ten commandments, each and every one being broken daily, have you forgotten that my Father sent the words to you? They are easy words, in each religion such words are used. Do you find them so hard to follow? Has my Father ever asked you to do anything that is impossible, but to follow His wisdom and love, yet we have turned our back on such words, and why?

For the Light of the candle that you carry within you is almost out and the Light is Faith. Where has the Faith of my Father gone? Is He so easy to forget? Has He not given you more than life itself? Look around at the wonders He has given you, the eyes that see the wonders, the mouth to speak of, then the smell of the beauty that lies around you. The hearing of the sounds that reach you, even the beauty of that has left you. You hands reaching out to be touched and when the touch is returned do you feel it? No, for now Man wants more than this and that is why Man has lost his way. The candle can only flicker, it can never die, for it is of my Father, but the flicker causes shadows and the shadows come from darkness and that is what Man sees now, darkness, and that is not what my Father wanted for His children. Take the shadows away and let the beauty of Love return. I have heard many times of my children calling and praying for my return. It is not the first time and each time I hear the prayers I return, because I am the Light. This time it is different, for my and your Earth is in trouble. Before, we had time. Time for you to deny the Son of God on Earth. I fear the same this time. Do not slowly let the candle burn, but look into your hearts now, and, know I have returned, listen to my words, for they come from your Father. Help me to light each candle and bring the people back as one and save the Beloved Planet. Search deep into your hearts for there you will find the answer that I speak the truth. To each religion I say come together as one, for that is my Father’s prayer, that Man stands together as one.

I am the Light within you. Let me burn and show you my Light. Let us take the shadows away and return the Light again. I am with you always, when you are sick, I am sick with you. When you cry, I cry with you. When you were born, so my Light shone brightly. When you are dying, so I’m with you to take you to my Father’s kingdom.

I am you, so allow me to enter and shine as one and bring back peace for Mankind again and when Man turns his back on the Light, so the Light burns more, for the Light is forever there with Man. I have never deserted Man, for Man is part of me, for I am Man, In a room that is of darkness, a Light will show and all Man will look for the Light and it will never go out. I will show the Light in the darkness that has covered the earth so Man can see and follow, not just on his earth, but Heaven. Help me, Man, to bring back the Love of my Father. Return to His arms, for He awaits.

Behold I am the Son

From the book ‘The Messenger The Messiah’

Ann Walker and White Arrow


The quiet cruel invasion of Tipnis, deforestation and the injustice against the Bolivian Indigenous peoples

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

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An Interview with Adolfo Moye

This interview was originally made in late 2010. I have translated it into English and added an introduction to give some background on the subject.

To read the article in the original Spanish :

Who is Adolfo Moye?

Adolfo Moye is the leader of the community representatives for the TIPNIS area. He is the leader of the Subcentral TIPNIS, which represents the 64 indigenous communities of the area and collectively is the legal owner of the indigenous territory.

Where and what is TIPNIS?

TIPNIS is the “Isiboro-Secure Indigenous Territory and National Park”. It is located in the departments of Beni and Cochabamba, in Bolivia. It is doubly protected because it is a national park and also an indigenous territory of the moxeños, yurakarés and chimanes.

It has an area of 1,000,000 hectares and is an area of exceptional biodiversity and natural beauty.

Isiboro Secure National Park was created on 22 November 1965. In September 24, 1990, the park was declared the ancestral homeland of the Mojeño, Yuracaré and Chiman peoples by Supreme Decree.

TIPNIS always been the scene of conflicts and confrontations between Indians and the settler communities, who dispute the ownership of the land.

The economy and livelihood of the indigenous communities of TIPNIS are based on the exploitation of natural resources: hunting, fishing, food gathering, agriculture and livestock supplemented with the sale of handicrafts. Agriculture is the most important activity for the settlers.

The colonists practice is slash and burn agriculture to the point of the exhaustion of the land, followed by migration to another space. This is compounded by the constantly growing settler population. The soil depletion and population growth has led to the invasion and change of use of forests to agricultural land, largely devoted to coca production.

Changing land use from forest into agricultural land has restricted hunting areas, fishing and food gathering, particularly for those living in the settled area.

In this area, families have little access to basic natural resources because of the extreme reduction of wildlife, pollution of rivers, and reduction of agricultural soils. This has helped to marginalize the indigenous population, who often end up working for the colonists and being exploited by them.

Map showing the spread of deforestation and settlement in TIPNIS :

In 1990, the then-leader of the Subcentral TIPNIS, Marcial Fabricano and Evo Morales agreed to draw a red line  in order to prevent any further colonization of the territory.

In 1994 was the first agreement which set an area of ​​92 hectares in which settled colonists and indigenous communities would live. In October 1996, Law 1715 was passed, which stated that : “The settlements and the occupation of communal lands after the enactment of this law are illegal, so the authors of these acts shall be punished by eviction, involving force if necessary, at the request of the competent judicial or administrative authority. ”

Despite this legal framework, between 1991 and 2009 the “red line” that limits the area of ​​colonization south of TIPNIS has changed seven times. Rather than limiting colonization, it would be safer to say that the red line merely describes it.

Settlers continued to enter and spread their coca crops in the next decade. In July 2006, President Evo Morales spoke for the first time in the conflict and sent a police contingent to San Miguelito to evict invaders. Nevertheless, in 2007 the settled area of ​​TIPNIS reached 101 000 hectares, inhabited by 14 indigenous and 67 coca growers’ unions.

In mid-June 2009, the Morales government finally gave executive legal title to the territory of TIPNIS. But the encroachments continued. In September 2009 the colonist Laureano Rodriguez was killed in a clash with Indians near the Yuracarés town of San Miguelito. In September 2009, members of the Joint Task Force and the Police eradicated coca crops and burned nearly a hundred shacks in squatter camps.

In August 2010, the Morales government approved the environmental license for the Villa Tunari-San Ignacio de Moxos road, thus opening up a huge new frontier to the penetration of settlers, coca, oil companies, loggers and drug traffickers.

The project for the construction of the road has been divided into 3 sections. The first and third sections have been approved. The second section is the crucial one that would pass through the heart of TIPNIS. It has not yet been granted permission.

The cruel invasion of TIPNIS under the government of Evo Morales

Adolfo Moye said that when he was 10 years old, he and his classmates had to lie down in front of a machine trying to desecrate the TIPNIS national park. “Now that we are older with more reason we must preserve the land for our children and future generations,” said Moye, alarmed by the spread of coca cultivation and the intensification of colonization and enslavement since 2007.

He claims that, “We support the government unconditionally, but we see that the peasant base of the President from Oruro, Potosí and Cochabamba are expanding the growing of coca, which is damaging our country and our community.”

“The current government is trampling on us in the most cruel way, far more than in previous years, and violates the rights of indigenous peoples as if they have no value, even though they are recognized by the new Constitution and the law”.

Q. What are the consequences of coca-colonization in the TIPNIS?

A. We have seen many communities end up surrounded by colonists, like for example in Santisima Trinity community, where I live along with 140 indigenous families mixed with some colonists. We are in the centre of the colonized zone and are surrounded by coca growers.
In the community of Limo, our brothers of the moxeño and Yuracaré peoples now have just one hectare and work as employees of the colonists. Their children have had to migrate to the regional capitals to search for work and are seeking to adopt another way of life.

In many villages only the elderly remain. Some communities, like Puerto Patiño and Isiborito have become extinct and we do not know where our brothers and sisters who lived there have gone.

Q. What has changed the lifestyle of the Indians?

A. We are running out of space and ability to live in peace, the expansion of coca and deforestation are the biggest threats. Our main source of income was the cultivation of rice, banana and cassava, but some Indians influenced by the settlers have chosen to plant coca on the grounds that it can bring in more money.
We are not accustomed to divide up land individually. By tradition we have a communal land title for present and future generations of indigenous people, but on August 7 the new secretary general of the Federation of Cochabamba told us that we have to change to their system.

For some settlers and indigenous residents the only source of life is coca and they believe that the Trinidad – Villa Tunari road will bring development. That is their ideology.

Q. Who benefits from the Trinidad – Villa Tunari road?

A. The road passes through the indigenous populations of Holy Trinity, San Jose and San Antonio de Moleto; the other communities are far away. The road is designed to benefit only the settlers of Villa Tunari, Chpiriri, Eteregazama and other towns in the settlement area known as the polygon 7.

Q. Has the government consulted and met with you?

A. We have never had these consultations. Perhaps at some point they spoke with someone in the TIPNIS who did not legally represent the Indians, but in terms of a consultation with popular participation, there has not even been an invitation from the authorities. I regret that the Deputy Minister of Environment, who is aligned with the ABC has approved the environmental license for the road without being informed of what TIPNIS represents, and without consulting the indigenous residents.

The government has violated several laws, such as Article 6 of Decree 22610, which states that all construction and development work, particularly roadside channels and pipelines, which take place in the Isiboro-Secure National Park and Indian Territory, must have a detailed environmental impact study approved by the executive authorities with the participation of the indigenous organization in the region. According to this decree, the works in progress should be halted until the environmental impact study, which must consult and be coordinated with the indigenous organization in the region.

Q. What impact will the construction of the road have?

A. I think in the next 10 years many communities will disappear. I worry about the small, vulnerable populations of no more than 60 families of chiman or moxeño people who are not accustomed to living with people alien to their culture. With the planned road that would go right through the area we would be removing their ability to live a peaceful and healthy life. They would be forced to migrate elsewhere.

Many chimane people from San Borja came to TIPNIS because a road was constructed through that area and they do not like it. With this road they will take away the last place left for the chimanes and the worst of it is that now they will have to find their own luck.

Q. Have you ever been threatened for criticizing and opposing the road?

A. We have suffered threats of all kinds, including strong threats. It is difficult to lead a “rebel” indigenous movement in nothing less than the birthplace of Evo Morales’ political career, specifically in the New Aroma union.

Recently, the settlers warned the brothers of the Holy Trinity community that if they do not accept the road they will be denied development or government and they will have to face the consequences. After we took a firm stand not to allow the progress of the road settlers blocked and banned the local shops from selling us staples.

MAS lawmaker Julio Salazar came to tell the community members that if they refused to grow coca they would be stripped of their land, meaning that the only way to protect their land would be to plant it with coca, otherwise the state might strip us of it through military intervention. I am very sorry that the leaders close to our President are creating problems. They make fine speeches, but their actions are a different thing.

P. What are the natives of TIPNIS asking from the government?

R. We believe that solutions can be found, the construction of the road is secondary to us, the most important thing is to ensure our community rights as indigenous peoples and respect from the government and all sectors of society, including settlers and farmers. It is not right that the government seek to develop regardless of the environment, animals and even the lives of indigenous people.

Brother Evo should not forget that TIPNIS has symbolic importance, as it represents one of the first steps towards the historic Constituent Assembly and Constitution, which first recognized the rights and livelihoods of indigenous and native peoples.

TIPNIS was also the first “autonomous indigenous territory” held by the Chiman Mojeño-Trinitarian Yuracaré people and under Articles 289, 290, 291, 292, 293, 294, 296 and Article 385 of the new Constitution supported by departmental and national indigenous organizations and senior government officials who were present at the ceremony which was held on February 9 this year.

For more articles about the TIPNIS, in English and Spanish:

With thanks for the above information to –

Urgent Action: Please help Turtles from a violent game called ‘Snapperfest’ August 20th

Friday, August 19th, 2011

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Ohio County, Indiana, is home to an extraordinarily cruel event called “Snapperfest”next scheduled for this Saturday, August 20! Every year at the Campshore Campground, wild-caught snapping turtles endure terrible violence at the hands of participants. The frightened animals are grabbed by their tails and repeatedly slammed to the ground. Their heads are yanked from their shells, and they are then swung around until “contestants” are able to wrap their fists around the animals’ necks.

Please contact the commissioners and the campground and politely ask that they do the right thing and replace this cruel event.

Please send polite comments to:

The Honorable Connie J. Brown
Ohio County Commissioner

The Honorable Todd Walton
Ohio County Commissioner

The Honorable Shane Koons
Ohio County Commissioner

The Honorable Connie Smith
Ohio County Auditor

Campshore Campground
812-438-2135 (office)
812-290-5939 (cell)

Call or write and report back at for 1,000 points!

Thanks for speaking up for these turtles!


Rachel Owen
Rachel Owen
Assistant Manager of Youth Campaigns
Add peta2 on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter

Crop Circle in 2009 Predicts Object in our Solar System June 1st 2011

Monday, May 16th, 2011

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Milk Hill of June 2009 seems to predict a new, bright astronomical object in our solar system,

possibly a comet or even an “extra planet”, on the new Moon of June 1, 2011


Over slightly more than a week in June of 2009, a large new crop picture appeared at Milk Hill in southern England in three separate phases (see milkhill2009c or or lucypringle). Almost two years later now in April of 2011, still no one seems to understand what they were trying to tell us there!

While we were studying several crop pictures which may predict an enigmatic “planet X” for December of 2012, we came across some distinctive astronomical symbols in Milk Hill of June 2009. Those distinctive symbols suggest that it may refer to an upcoming date in June of 2011. To be more precise, the Milk Hill crop picture of 2009 seems to show a rare planetary alignment which will only occur once in the near future on June 1, 2011. It also shows an extra anomalous symbol to represent a “new astronomical object” in our solar system, currently of unknown origin, which will supposedly be seen on the same date.  The new object could be a “comet in outburst”, as we saw predicted in crops between 2005 and 2007 for Comet 17P Holmes (seetime2007g or time2007h). Alternatively, it could be our first glimpse of the enigmatic “planet X”. Interestingly enough, those crop artists counted it in their Milk Hill field diagram as an “extra planet” between Mars and Jupiter. The unknown object is not Comet Elenin, nor is it Comet Holmes in a second outburst.

The first part of Milk Hill on June 21, 2009 showed an “astronomical sextant” with five different planetary orbits attached, as may be seen when looking up into Earth’s sky

Phase I of Milk Hill showed the symbolism of an “astronomical sextant” as explained below:  Five different “planetary orbits” (drawn as curved thin lines) were attached to that “sextant”, meaning that we should look up into Earth’s sky on some upcoming date, to see five bright planets (or the Moon) lined up in a row. Each of those five orbits begins on “Earth” (red letters), where a “horizontal viewing tube” might be located on any sextant (see the white sextant at lower right). Yet which planets, and on which calendar date?  The second part of Milk Hill on June 23, 2009 showed more of those five planetary orbits, looking up into Earth’s sky using a sextant

Phase II of Milk Hill showed considerably more detail for those five planetary orbits, which are now numbered on the left (in yellow) as 1-2-3-4-6, or below (in blue) as 1-2-3-4-5:   On the right we can also see six “altitude boxes”, which tell how high above the horizon each of six bright objects will be on some upcoming date. Planet “1” will be low in the sky, while planets “2” and “3” will be of medium height, and then planets “X”, “4’ and “5” will be high. Since planet Earth is clearly missing from those five curved orbits, we can tentatively assign planet “1” as the Moon, planet “2” as Mercury, planet “3” as Venus, planet “4” as Mars, and planet “5” as Jupiter.

The crop diagram shows a small circled object between planets “3” and “4”, which we have labeled as planet “X”. That unknown object “X” seems to change the planetary numbering for Jupiter from “5” to “6”, when it is included on the left (in yellow), but not when it is omitted below (in blue). This would seem to imply that it lies somewhere in space between Mars and Jupiter, although we may be able to see it soon in projection from Earth, between the apparent sky locations of Venus and Mars.  It seems less likely that planet “6” could be Saturn, while omitting planet “5” as Jupiter, although such an alternative interpretation cannot be completely ruled out. So do those distinctive astronomical symbols, drawn in an English crop picture, have any real-life solution in Earth’s sky?

Such a rare alignment of five planets will appear on the new Moon of June 2, 2011 at sunrise in Sydney, or 10 hours later in southern England

Yes, the astronomical symbols which were drawn in crops at Milk Hill during June of 2009 do have a real-life solution! Such a rare alignment of five bright objects will appear on the new Moon of June 1, 2011. Those four planets (and the Moon) will be clearly visible at sunrise on June 2 in Sydney, Australia, or 10 hours later in southern England (see  iceinspace):

On that day, the Moon and four bright planets will line up in Earth’s sky in a very distinctive fashion. A new Moon will be located close to the horizon at “low altitude”, while Mercury and Venus will follow just above at “medium altitude”, then Mars and Jupiter will follow at “high altitude”.

The relative altitudes of those five planets as measured with a sextant seem correct for a new Moon of June 1, 2011 When we compare the real sky altitudes of those five planets (for sunrise in Sydney on June 2) with their approximate values as predicted in crops at Milk Hill, we can see a reasonably good match:

Planet “X” has not been included in the sky diagram, which is based on known planetary objects within our solar system. Yet the crop picture from Milk Hill 2009 seems to tell us that we will see a bright unknown object between Venus and Mars when viewed from Earth, on the new Moon of June 1, 2011, if we have interpreted it correctly.  The unknown object “X” was circled to indicate its importance, and may appear between 3 = Venus and 4 = Mars as seen from Earth

When we look more closely at how planet “X” was portrayed in Milk Hill of 2009, we can see a small circled object with standing crop at its centre, somewhere between the apparent sky locations of Venus and Mars as viewed from Earth:

Strangely enough, planet “5” or Jupiter becomes “6” on the left, once planet “X” is included, although its main count remains “5” below, where planet “X” has been omitted. We can even see where a curved line (orbit) for planet “6” on the left, joins directly to five small balls below which represent “planet “5”. That would be a strange way to describe some new comet, but we will have to wait and see.  The third part of Milk Hill on June 30, 2009 showed a series of strange astronomical hieroglyphs that were clearly alien-made Perhaps to dispel any possible notion that Phases I and II could have been carved out by local human fakers, using rope and boards, Phase III of Milk Hill 2009 showed an amazing series of astronomical hieroglyphs, stretching across the green field for approximately 500 meters:  No one currently has any idea what those alien-made symbols might mean. Summary and conclusions In the analysis presented above, we related many astronomical symbols from a crop picture which appeared at Milk Hill in June of 2009, to an upcoming sky alignment of four bright planets and the Moon on June 1, 2011. Then we suggested that an “anomalous extra symbol” from the same crop picture might represent a “new astronomical object” in Earth’s sky, to be seen on the same date.  Several questions arise here. First, how rare is the upcoming planetary alignment on June 1, 2011? Can we be absolutely sure that we have deduced the correct date? No, we cannot be absolutely sure, but the field data when compared to the astronomical data appear quite suggestive. By April 30 of 2011, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter will create an approximate linear shape in Earth’s sky (see nightsky). Then during the entire month of May, they will provide a remarkable display which Sky and Telescope calls the “Four Planet Dance of 2011”, culminating on a new Moon of June 1, 2011 (see skyandtelescope or skyandtelescope).  The last close approach in Earth’s sky (or conjunction) between Mars and Jupiter was in February of 2009, just before Milk Hill in June (see mikesalway or Those four objects Moon, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter (without Venus) did not create a linear shape then as they will in 2011. The next close approach between Mars and Jupiter will be in July of 2013, again without Venus (see planets). Thus the upcoming planetary alignment on June 1, 2011 is quite rare, and will not be repeated anytime in the near future.

Nor will planet Saturn enter into a linear conjunction with Venus and Mars anytime in the near future. There was a conjunction of Venus, Mars and Saturn in August of 2010, but not in a linear shape (see berthoudrecorder). The next Mars-Saturn conjunction will be in August of 2012, and will not include Venus. The last linear arrangement of Mercury, Venus, Mars and Saturn was in April of 2002 (see thunderbolts).  Secondly, what might the small “circled” symbol in Milk Hill of 2009 refer to? Are they trying to tell us about a bright new comet, or something more important concerning an enigmatic “planet X”? We cannot say for sure, based on current information. A similar symbol was drawn at Bluebell Hill in August of 2005 to predict the outburst of Comet 17P Holmes in October of 2007 (seetime2007h). So it might be just a comet, yet those crop artists seem to number it in their field diagram as an “extra planet”, whose orbit does not lie in the plane of the ecliptic as for five other known objects shown there.

Really we have no other option now but to wait and see! Several crop pictures from the summer of 2009 could be interpreted in terms of a “new astronomical object”, but none except Milk Hill seem to give a clear fit to known planetary locations. If our proposed fit to the planets on June 1, 2011 is correct, then we should see something unusual in the morning sky on that day.  Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew, Ph.D. Caltech 1976-81, MRC LMB Cambridge 1982-86, CSIRO Australia 1987-2010)  P.S. We would like to thank all of the people from Crop Circle Connector for use of their aerial or ground photographs for research purposes, especially Julian Gibsone, Stuart Dike, Annemieke Witteveen and Olivier Morel.

Appendix 1. Altitudes and azimuths for five bright planetary objects on June 1, 2011 In order to accurately describe the crop picture shown at Milk Hill in 2009, we need to show two things. First, five bright planets (or the Moon) should line up sequentially in “altitude” as measured with a sextant. Secondly, those five bright planets (or the Moon) should also line up sequentially in “azimuth”, as measured with a compass along the horizon.

We therefore calculated a series of altitudes or azimuths for the two dates of June 2, 2011 at sunrise in Sydney, or 10 hours later for sunrise in southern England, using a program called “Solar System Live” (see /solar). Those data are listed in Tables 1 and 2 below.Table 1. Five bright planets as seen from Sydney on the new Moon of June 1, 2011 at 21:03:42 UTC (latitude 34o S, longitude 151o E, local time 0700 on June 2)

Milk Hill number

Astronomical object

Right Ascension


Altitude (34o S)




4 h  38 min






4 h  37 min






3 h  44 min






3 h  14 min




unknown object



2 h  55 min




5 (or 6)


1 h  51 min





12 h  43 min




Table 2. Five bright planets as seen from southern England just after the new Moon on June 2, 2011 at 04:00:00 UTC (latitude 52o N, longitude 1o W)

Milk Hill number

Astronomical object

Right Ascension


Altitude (52o N)




4 h  39 min






4 h  53 min






3 h  46 min






3 h  15 min




unknown object



2 h  56 min




5 (or 6)


1 h  51 min





12 h  43 min




Both sets of altitudes do line up sequentially as required: from +1o to +37o in Sydney, or from +0o to +16o in southern England, when going from the Moon to Mercury to Venus to Mars to Jupiter. Likewise, both sets of azimuths do line up sequentially as required: from -119o to -141o in Sydney, or from -129o to -86o in southern England, for the same series of bright sky objects. Some of the data for southern England at sunrise on June 2, 2011 are shown below. They seem to be in excellent accord with the sky map, as well as with the Milk Hill crop picture:
Relative directions of planetary motion, as shown by “thin curved lines” in the crop picture on the right, are also correct for hourly times later than sunrise. In other words, Jupiter and all of the planets drawn there will move “up and to the left” as the Sun rises, to more positive altitudes and less negative azimuths. We tried earlier to fit these data to a canonical date of December 23, 2012, but planet Mars (4) was far out of place, and sextant altitudes were not explained. The correct date seems therefore to be June 1, 2011, although this cannot be established with absolute certainty.

EU herb ban technically starts today! Please sign the petition

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

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EU herb ban technically starts today!

Today is the day that the European Union’s regulatory noose on herbal products is pulled tight.  The result?  Thousands of herbal products technically become illegal, simply because they cannot negotiate the regulatory minefield built by the EU over the last 10 or so years.  The full implementation of the EU Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive (THMPD) today represents the most recently placed piece of this complex jigsaw that will impact the majority of the most useful and effective herbal products on the EU market.  This includes the majority of herbal products associated with very long-standing non-European healthcare systems like traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), Tibetan medicine, Ayurveda, southern African, Amazonian and other traditions.

Sign the Avaaz petition NOW!

And if you feel there is something fundamentally wrong with this — whether it frustrates, angers or simply concerns you — please sign the Avaaz petition and ask as many of your contact group as possible to do the same.  We need to be able to show the European Commission, the European Medicines Agency, EU governments, European Parliamentarians and others just how strongly people feel about this gross injustice.

Technically, any manufactured herbal medicine that has not been registered under the EU’s Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive is banned.  And the problem is that only around 200 distinct products have made it through this convoluted regulatory doorway — one that’s calibrated specifically to fit only a narrow range of herbal products.

So, which products benefit, and which products get locked out?  The winners are mostly products derived from alcoholic extracts of single herbs that are common to the relatively recent European (and particularly Germanic) phytopharmaceutical tradition.  The main losers are those products associated with world’s longest, most established and most evolved and holistic systems of healthcare, notably Ayurveda and TCM.  Less familiar and less globalised traditions such as Tibetan, Korean, southern African and Amazonian traditions also fall victim.

But it’s not just herbal medicines that fall victim to the EU regulatory minefield.  Other categories of product also get caught, these including complex nutritional and herbal products associated with nutritional and functional medicine modalities.  The problem here is as soon as a particular herbal ingredient is deemed as medicinal by a regulator, the whole product becomes illegal and cannot continue to be sold as a food supplement.

Why the ban won’t be immediate

If you’re expecting to see the shop shelves cleared on Monday 2nd May, you’ll have to wait.  There are several reasons for this.  Firstly, regulators will take time to make determinations about products that are still on the market, selling as botanical food supplements.  In some EU countries, such as the Netherlands and the Czech Republic, that have liberal regimes, we will expect to see no change for the time being as these countries seem content to regard TCM and Ayurvedic products as food supplements.  Others, such as the UK and Germany, the two countries that have registered the most products under the THMPD, have a different view.  For these countries, and others who are following their lead, any food supplement that has any pharmacologically active herbal ingredient is deemed a medicine.  As such it must be removed from the market unless registered.

The effects of this policy are far-reaching – and devastating in terms of the range of products that have been on the market prior to May 2011.  So to delay the pain – and possibly to reduce the risk of an immediate public outcry, the UK has allowed products that were deemed unregistered herbal medicines before April 30 2011 to be sold through by retailers.  Some of these products might have 2 or 3 years shelf life, so this will dampen the effect of the inevitable bans.

Update on ANH/Benefyt legal challenge

The loss of products falling between the various stools of European medicinal and food law is our reason to bring our concerns to a court of law.

We have been working hard with stakeholders across Europe to bring this challenge and we are nearly ready to file.  But the complexity of the case has meant that we are taking a little longer than planned, given we’d hoped to file our case by the end of April.

We will keep you closely informed of our progress, but rest assured we are doing our very best, along with our expert European lawyers, to make sure we have the strongest possible case to help to resolve one of the greatest injustices ever wreaked on natural medicine.

For those of you that have donated to our legal fund, we thank you sincerely for your support.   For others, who have done their bit to communicate the problems facing herbal products in the EU, we are also very grateful.

Now, please do what you can to get as many signatories on to the Avaaz petition.

In health, naturally

Robert Verkerk PhD
Executive and scientific director
Alliance for Natural Health International

Updated: 1 May 2011

The Cruel Truth of Silk – Spinning Lies By Fiona Galbraith

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

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Spinning Lies

by Fiona Galbraith, Viva!

If you look at advertising campaigns promising luxury, you will often come across the adjective silky. Products such as Galaxy chocolate (Why have cotton when you can have silk?), Giovanni Hair Care Conditioner (Smooth as Silk) and Magnum ice-cream (smooth and silky) exploit the consensus that silk is a luxury product associated with indulgence, sex and affluence.

Historically, silk was often worn by the upper classes as a symbol of wealth because of the expense involved in its production. Although silk remains more expensive than other fabrics, it is now readily available to consumers on every high street.

Download report [345 KB]
The Global Silk Industry
Global silk production accounts for less than 0.2 per cent of the world’s textile output. Silk is produced in over 60 countries although Asian nations create most of the world’s silk (Datta & Nanavaty, 2005). China is the biggest manufacturer of silk, generating over three times as much as the world’s second largest, India (FAO, 2005).

The international silk market had a turnover of $6.5 billion (over £4 billion) in 2000 and this continues to increase as India and other developing countries compete to increase their share of the market (Chand, 2001). The UK exports around £60 million worth of raw materials and finished garments each year (The Silk Association of Great Britain).

History of Silk
According to Chinese legend, the Empress Si Ling Chi discovered silk 5,000 years ago when sitting drinking tea under a Mulberry tree. A cocoon fell into her tea and a long thread began to unravel. The story tells that the Empress and the Emperor soon discovered that the thread could be woven to make a soft fabric, and they began to use silk in the production of clothes.

For 2,000 years, the Chinese kept the processes of silk production a secret and as such they controlled the world market. Eventually however, the secret was stolen and spread across the globe to Japan, India and mainland Europe. In 1685, Louis XIV revoked the religious liberties of Protestants living in France and as a result, French silk workers sought refuge in the UK. This was the catalyst for the UK silk industry. French silk workers settled in London and began to weave; they also taught the local community how to weave. The UK silk industry grew rapidly and was able to monopolise the domestic silk market for a number of years. Currently, the UK produces over £170 million worth of silk goods each year (The Silk Association of Great Britain).

What is Silk?
Silk is the name given to a soft fabric made from the fine thread produced by certain insects. The most commonly used insect is the Bombyx mori, a moth native to China. The pupa produces the silk thread to build a cocoon in which to enter the final stage of metamorphosis and become an adult moth.

Tasmin Blanchard, author of the ethical fashion book Green is the New Black says: “Commercial silk production is innately cruel. Silk might be biodegradable, renewable, organic and even fair trade. But the traditional production process still requires that moths never leave the cocoon alive. In order to prevent damage to the thread, the larvae are boiled or roasted alive – silkworm cocoons are baked at about 100 degrees centigrade for over two hours, which kills the worms and also makes the cocoons easy to unravel without breaking the thread. And there we were, thinking silk was a lovely natural ethical fibre.” (Blanchard, 2008).

Life of a silkworm
The Bombyx mori (the breed of moth most commonly used in silk production) has four lifecycle stages: the egg, the larva, the pupa and finally, the adult moth stage. Unfortunately, the Bombyx mori is now extinct in the wild and exists only in silk farms and is now commonly referred to as silkworm (although it is not a worm, but a caterpillar). These wonderful creatures no longer live their natural life span, nor do they experience each stage of their lifecycle. Most silkworms are killed during the pupae stage; only those used for breeding are allowed to live to become adult moths.

A female moth will lay around 400 eggs at a time (, on-line), around 85 per cent of which will hatch. In nature, this would occur in spring, but in captivity the insects are kept in a controlled environment and therefore the farmers are able to control how often breeding occurs. After a week, the eggs hatch to reveal larvae (around 3 mm in length), who will begin to feed on the mulberry leaves provided. During the next four weeks, the larvae will continue to eat until they have grown 10,000 times their original size. Once fully grown, the larva is ready to begin weaving his cocoon. He attaches himself to a twig (or artificial replacement) and begins to secrete liquid silk from his glands, which is forced through openings in his head called spinnerets. He also secretes seracin (a protective gum) and, upon contact with the air, the liquid silk becomes a silk filament. The larva wraps the filament around his body in a figure of eight movement and within three days he is completely contained within his cocoon. The cocoon is made from a single continuous thread that can be up to one mile in length.

Silk producers desire the continuous nature of the silk filament as this creates the texture of the material. Inside the cocoon, the caterpillar has transformed into a chrysalis and then into a moth and is ready to rejoin the outside world. The next natural step is for the moth to secrete a liquid to dissolve the cocoon. Silk farmers, however, want the silk filament to remain a continuous thread and prevent the moths from secreting liquid by killing them. Silk farmers have numerous ways of slaughtering the moth and the most commonly used method is to place the cocoon (with live
insect still inside) into boiling water. Other methods include baking the cocoons in an oven, or exposing them to long periods of hot sunlight. No concern is given to the animals’ welfare and they are not stunned before slaughter. This is an unquestionably cruel and barbaric practice.

The boiling water melts the seracin that holds the silk together and allows the silk filament to be unraveled. A thread of silk for weaving requires at least three (and up to 20) silk filaments to be twisted together. The fewer filaments used, the more delicate the silk thread shall be.

Hormones are sometimes given to the larvae to ensure that they grow bigger, thus guaranteeing a bigger cocoon and a longer silk filament. Juvenile hormones can also be given to force the larvae to spin for longer than is necessary; this again ensures the farmer is able to gather more silk.

One cocoon is made of a single thread about 900 metres long, and about 3,000 cocoons are needed to make one pound of silk (Wong, 2000). This means that hundreds of silkworms are killed for just one silk scarf or tie.

Silk Workers
Most silk production takes place in developing countries such as China and India where workers endure low wages and poor working conditions. Workers in such countries do not have the same rights as they would in the UK and therefore they have little legal protection. This means that workers can be exploited and unfairly treated. Of course this helps to keep costs low and is one of the reasons why silk is so readily available at a low cost in today’s market. If countries such as the UK and the United States produced raw silk themselves, the price would increase dramatically.

Human Rights Watch is an organisation that investigates human rights’ infringements across the world. In 1996 they visited India to investigate the silk industry. The report they published stated the following: “Reeling is the process by which the silk filaments are pulled off the cocoon. The cocoons are cooked in boiling water in order to loosen the seracin, a natural substance holding the filament together. The reeler dips his or her hands into the scalding water and palpates the cocoons, judging by touch whether the fine threads of silk have loosened enough to be unwound … More than 80 per cent of silk reelers are under 25-years-old, with most of them between ten and 15-years-old.” (Human Rights Watch, 1996).

In 2003, The Independent featured a story about the report. According to the article, hundreds of thousands of children work 12-hour days and suffer injuries, burns and beatings. The children are bonded labourers, which means that they are bound to their employers in return for a loan to their family. This kind of bond is common in poor countries and the children exchanged in the deal may expect years of abuse and suffering to follow. The article stated that there must be at least 350,000 bonded children working in India’s silk industry (Reeves, 2003).

Children making silk thread routinely dip their hands in boiling water, which burn and blister them: “Their hands become raw and often infected. They breathe smoke and fumes from machinery, handle dead worms that cause infections, and guide twisting threads that cut their fingers.” (Human Rights Watch quoted in The Independent).

Alternative materials
Silk is used for shirts, dresses, ties, bedding, skirts, underwear, linings and other luxury products. However, it can easily be avoided. Artificial silk has been widely available since it was first created in the 1890s. There are various textiles on the market which look and feel like silk including rayon, nylon, polyester, bamboo and cotton. Rayon fabric looks and feels most like silk and can be found in high street shops.

Boycott Silk
Silk is marketed with connotations of luxury and sexiness. The process of boiling moths alive is neither sexy nor luxurious. In fact, silk is the hardened mucus created by a caterpillar during their final stage of metamorphism.

Vegans and many vegetarians refuse to buy or wear silk because of the animal suffering involved. The silk industry exploits silkworms, trade workers and the environment: when you consider all of this it is hard to justify choosing silk.
Spinning lies – A report on the silk industry
What you can do
n Do not buy silk products
n Donate any silk items you own to charity shops
n Educate your friends and family about the origins of silk
n Order a pack of The Big Cover Up leaflets from Viva! to distribute and raise awareness of cruel fashion
n Write to businesses and ask them to opt for cruelty-free fabrics
n Write to your local paper about silk production to raise awareness in your community
n Visit for more information

Blanchard T., 2008. Green is the New Black. London: Hodder & Stoughton. Page 192.

Chand F., December 4 2001. India aims to export $1- billion silk products. Available from: [Accessed December 2008].

Datta & Nanavaty, 2005. Global Silk Industry: A Complete Source Book. USA: Universal-Publishers. Page 35.

FAO, 2005. Major Food and Agricultural Commodities and Producers. Available from: [Accessed December 2008] The Lifecycle of the Silkworm. Available from: [Accessed December 2008]

Human Rights Watch, September 1996. The Small Hands of Slavery, Bonded Child Labor in India. Available from:,M1 [Accessed December 2008]

Reeves P., 2003. Scandal of silk industry where child ‘slaves’ work seven days a week. The Independent. Available from: [Accessed December 2008]

The Silk Association of Great Britain. The UK Silk Industry. Available from: [Accessed November 2008]

Wong E., 2000. Silkworms Produce Human Type III Procollagen. ISB News Report, Feb 2000. Available from: [Accessed December 2008]

Did you EU Laws secretly approved behind closed doors, threatens to destroy your health, rights & freedom of choice?

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

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SIGN THE PETITION NOW –    If you are in the media please visit the website and get in touch with joininghandsin health. For more info and a video explaining what is going on please visit


Did you know…  new EU Laws secretly approved behind closed doors, threatens to destroy your health, rights & freedom of choice?  Therefore, you will no longer have access to thousands of  ‘safe’ natural products & foods used successfully for centuries to heal illnesses such as Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease or to  maintain overall health.

SIGNING OUR PETITION TODAY can stop this tragedy and help ‘safeguard’ yourself, loved-ones and future generations.

This groundbreaking PETITION is uniting UK VOICES to prevent thousands of ‘safe’ natural products (i.e. foods, herbs, vitamins, minerals, supplements & indigenous remedies) from being banned by 2011.  Founder Dounne Alexander MBE.FRSA believes, if this is left unchallenged, it not only poses the greatest threat imaginable to our health, (including our children & future generations), animal welfare and the environment – but also the survival of many cultural foods, holistic practices, therapists and ‘small’ health businesses.  In addition, centuries of ancient wisdom and spiritual beliefs will be written out of the history books and lost forever.  With the European Union and UK Government claiming that these Legislations were created to provide greater consumer protection, however, overwhelming evidence shows their true purpose is to assist global population control, power & wealth.

As the 2011 deadline fast approaches, it is vital that we all JOIN HANDS to protect the future… before it’s too late.


Over 300 EU Legislations, secretly approved behind closed doors (since 2002), started coming into forced from 2010.  To avoid opposition, the European Union (EU), UK Government, Medical Establishment & National  Media have worked together to deliberately  keep the entire UK population (over 60 million people) in the dark.  For this reason, the majority of UK citizens have no idea that as from this year (2010), we no longer have the freedom-to-choose ‘natural health products’ or the right-to-decide what we wish to eat, drink or medicate – in order to manage our health.  Therefore, thousands of beneficial natural foods, proven ‘safe & effective’ for centuries and still commonly used today (to combat serious illness or to maintain overall health).. are being banned or their potency drastically reduced, making them virtually ineffective.  Whilst ancient cultural traditions (such as African, Chinese, Indian, ‘Ayurvedic’ and other indigenous practices), also developed and used successfully for centuries will be lost forever.

Many in the health industry are alarmed at the sheer disregard the legislations have for the ancient principle that Natural Foods are meant to Feed & Heal.  As confirmed by Hippocrates, (the ancient father of medicine), who famously quoted; “Let thy Food be thy Medicine and thy Medicine be thy Food”, and Paracelsus (father of Pharmacology) who stated, “All that man needs for health and healing has been provided by God in nature… the challenge of science is to find it.”  Also conflicting with the spiritual beliefs recognized & respected worldwide, these legislations will replace ‘natural foods’ (God-made) with ‘all things artificial’ (i.e. man-made).  In so doing, Religious /  Spiritual rights are being dishonoured, disrespected and denied.


However, this is only the ‘tip of the iceberg’, as strict censorship also means we can no longer speak or teach each other about the merits and health enhancing benefits of natural foods, as handed down from generation to generation.  Therefore, centuries of ancient wisdom will be written out of the history books and lost to future generations.

Meanwhile, UK Regulators (funded by vested interests of the Pharmaceutical Industry and employed as EU Law Enforcers & Watchdogs), are currently criminalizing’ legitimate manufacturers & practitioners with heavy fines imprisonment, product confiscation, removal of ingredients (they classify as ‘medicinal’), or forced business closure… for “the crime” of restoring health naturally.  These Regulators have been given more powers than the police and includes the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA), Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), Trading Standards, Environmental Health, plus others. Their actions are effectively driving the natural health industry underground; threatening the survival of thousands of small (established) health manufacturers, suppliers, practitioners, therapists and consumer health-choice.


If left un-challenged, the impact on ALL OF US; (including YOUR HEALTH) & THE ENVIRONMENT will be catastrophic and irreversible.

The fear is that organic / natural foods & health products will gradually be eradicated and in its place, Genetically Modified (GM), Irradiated, Cloned and other Artificial Foods will be promoted as the cheaper, healthier option, to prevent global starvation.  This clever ‘spin’ was deliberately created to instil fear, so the public would not object to these plans.  It is well known in the health arena that GM, Irradiated & Artificial Foods are DEAD FOODS and a major cause of chronic poor health, malnutrition, mental illness and infertility.  However, we have been unknowingly consuming GM & Irradiated Foods for over two decades, to the detriment of our health and an already overstretched National Health Service.  Armed with this knowledge, would you still encourage more of the same into the food chain?

It is also well known that prescription medication & legalized drugs destroys immunity, are extremely addictive, toxic and hazardous to both health and the environment.  Plus, rated the third biggest killers in the world (after heart disease and cancer); with side effects that often leave many permanently damaged.  Whereas, natural foods, herbal remedies & holistic treatments (used since creation), has an exceptionally high record for safety, effectiveness and sustainability… yet these legislations actively seek to remove them.

Sadly, when you follow the dotted line, you will uncover a disturbing plan to create an increasingly ‘SICK’ society, solely dependent on artificial foods, prescription medication & legalized drugs, whilst vigorously destroying the environment.  In other words, the creation of wealth through deception, fear and suffering.

THE TRUTH is incredibly disturbing.

What appears on the surface to be consumer health protection,

behind the scenes is actually legalized health suicide.


ONLY A NATIONAL PETITION CAN ‘STOP’ THESE LEGISLATIONS FROM BECOMING LAW.  Therefore, we need 35 million people (half the UK population) to sign ‘THE NATION SPEAKS petition today.


From 2011, we will witness the greatest infringement and most restrictive regulatory system ever experienced on our democratic freedoms, personal choice, human rights & natural healthcare… resulting in an unprecedented threat to our lives, livelihood & health as we know it today.  Instead, we will be left with a system that will replace ‘natural health’ and enforce a ‘pharmaceutical drug’ dependent culture.


The Powers That Be include the European Union (EU), UK Government, other powerful world Governments, the World Health Organisations, the United Nations, the World Trade Organisation; vested interest from the Pharmaceutical industry, other large Corporations and Media networks.  Working together, their goal is to eventually extend the legislations worldwide to create ‘what they have called’ The New World Order… whose hidden agenda is global population control, power & wealth.


We elect the Government to serve us, but as they have refused to consult, inform or call a Referendum – we need to take back control.  This will effectively remind them to listen to our voice, not only during election – BUT AT ALL TIMES.  This way the Queen, Government and the European Union will be forced to obey the voice of the nation.

The Nation’s Mandate :

In March 2011, JOINING HANDS IN HEALTH will submit this petition to the Government as the Nation’s Mandate to OPT OUT of the EU Directives, Regulations & Codex Alimentarius.  In its place, to establish an independent legal framework based on NATURAL LAW & COMMON LAW that will…

1. SAFEGUARD – Natural foods, vitamins, herbs, supplements & traditional medicines / indigenous remedies; and the natural health industry.

2. SECURE – The democratic freedom, health choice, human / religious & consumer rights of UK citizens and future generations.

3. PROTECT – Animal health & welfare.

4. PRESERVE – Our natural environment.

IT’S TIME TO GET ACTIVE! “Do not wait for Leaders.  Do it alone… Person to Person”…   Mother Teresa.

35 million signatures may seem a mammoth task, however if overnight success Susan Boyle’s audition on Britain’s Got Talent, amassed almost 100 million views (on You Tube) in 9 days, then 35 million signatures in 7 months is definitely achievable.  President Obama’s election victory is another perfect example of PEOPLE POWER through the internet and social networking.  Therefore, we can quickly reach this goal, if each person who signs the petition, forwards the link [ ] to at least 7 people; OR sends via mobile phone, email or social-networking groups (Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, You Tube, Bebo etc).

Please remember to encourage family and friends to do the same.  FREE leaflets are also available by emailing (please type <LEAFLET REQUEST> in the subject bar).  Kindly pass on to neighbours, local newsagents, local & high street stores, petrol stations, supermarkets, local & national media, businesses, various groups (i.e. campaigns, charities, faith, parent), personal networks, pubs, clubs, colleges & universities, theatres, libraries, internet cafes,  tea/coffee etc).


“This campaign is about loving, respecting & valuing ‘LIFE’ and therefore, transcends politics, religion, culture, gender, class and race.  It is not against conventional medication or treatments but aims to preserve nature; secure consumer rights & protect freedom of choice.   However we strongly believe that what is taking place is a violent act against humanity, animals and the environment.

As Mahatma Ghandi once quoted –

The Roots of Violence is:

Wealth without work, Pleasure without conscience, Knowledge without character, Commerce without morality, Science without humanity, Worship without sacrifice, Politics  without principles.”

So… the Future is now in ‘YOUR’ Hands  to secure a safer, healthier life for yourself and your loved ones.  Please sign TODAY and spread the word. You must be a UK citizen or an ex-pat and over 18 to sign.


♥ The inspiration behind the petition is founder – Dounne Alexander (61) MBE, FRSA whose business (GRAMMA’S) and extraordinary herbal products have been effected by these draconian legislations.  She decided to use her experiences to awaken everyone to the serious dangers we will ‘ALL’ face, if they are not stopped before 2011.  The legislations we oppose to are ‘The European Food Supplements Directives’, ‘Nutrition & Health Claims Regulations’, ‘Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive’ and the Codex Alimentarius guidelines.  Please visit to find out more.


Please act now to Save Our British Forests ( Now Closed. Well done to all the people Common Sense Prevailed)

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

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Campaign Action: Save Our British Forests

The British Government has signaled their intent to sell 150,000 hectares of woodland looked after by the Forestry Commission in order to reduce the economic deficit. They are perpetrating an environmental crime by selling natural resources while lecturing other countries.

The Forestry Commission manage 1.85 million acres of woodland and around a third would be sold to be potentially turned into amusement parks, sold off to developers for ‘affordable’ housing, sold to large landowners or large corporations. If the land was sold at present market price, it would raise £250m (despite the UK Government wanting to raise £5bn) which is nothing compared to how important these forests are to the environment and the country. It would set back countryside protection and the restoration of ancient woodlands by years if corporations were allowed to pick the most profitable land which would cut off funds now used for conservation and afforestation.

The average forest cover in the UK is 12% where as in Europe its nearer 30% – how can the UK Government justify selling off when their election pledges promised to plant one million trees within the next Parliament term. The Read Report concluded that if an extra 4% of the UK’s land was planted with new woodland over the next 40 years, it could lock up 10% of the nation’s predicted carbon emissions by 2050.

Yet all this doesn’t seem to matter to the UK Government who are willing to change laws dating back to the Magna Carta in 1215 to allow the sale of the forests. Even the Conservative Party who were in Oppostion at the time, published a report named Forests for Life which put forward proposals to save the rainforests by including financial mechanisms to protect them, yet they are now willing to sell their own forests for financial gain – something which they have criticised other countries for doing !

It is time to act to save our forests from being used to reduce the economic deficit and as the Conservative Party quoted in their Forests For Life report from Theodore Roosevelt, “A people without children would face a hopeless future; a country without trees is almost as hopeless”.

It takes a minute to copy and paste the link  and send a loud and clear message to DEFRA and the government telling them you will not back the destruction of the lungs of Britain