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Hi and welcome to the save our earth blog. Since 2001 we have been campaigning to educate people and to bring an end to the destruction of the worlds Rainforests with the help of you the people. Before campaigning for the rainforests our vision when we started out was really to create a ‘people’s paper’ of positive news on the web from around the world. As thoughts progressed we realised the importance of the Rainforests especially after meeting and working with an international medium and prophet called Ann Walker. If it was not for Ann Walker and White Arrow we would not have got involved and become as passionate as much as we have and it is important to read Ann Walker’s work for yourselves to understand how much knowledge a housewife and mother could have regarding secrets hidden from mankind and her writings on the environment. In 2004 Ann Walker suddenly passed to the Spirit world. For us the last eight years have been an upward struggle,getting the information out to all the leaders of the world to inform them that the Rainforests must be saved for the survival of humanity and for them to take notice, listen and act. In 2007 the IPCC  (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) completed a five year global environment report informing world leaders that human activity has caused serious issues for the environment. The report also informed them of the steps that needed to be taken. The majority of the ‘developed’ countries have acted with such apathy towards emissions and pollution and in securing the protection and regeneration of the Rainforests whereas the people of this world can clearly see the importance of the forests and can find simple solutions – So what is going on!

We are starting to realise that it is not the leaders who are making the real changes required to make this world a better place but you the people. Groups all around the world are challenging these old beliefs systems and shouting from the rooftops and even realising that the only way to get things done is to do them yourselves, working collectively as a group to bring about subtle changes which will make big changes in the future, maybe not in time for them to see but for future generations.

Sometimes we need to climb outside the box to see the box exists and as history has shown people who have done this have not at first been popular because they are challenging beliefs people have had engrained in them and the powers that be do not want you challenging conditioned beliefs. This is why so much bad press is released when you have famous people speaking about issues that they want to be concerned about but they are made to feel and look bad because the media are owned by the very same people who do not want the truth known and do not want interference from all of us. It should make you feel very excited to know how powerful you are .

This blog has different subjects, it is not our aim to spread fear, there is enough of that to feed the world 10 times over. No, it is our aim to spread awareness and learn how we can empower ourselves for the new world that is coming, not the controlled, negative world which we see ourselves being drawn into everyday, but a world where your thoughts can manifest a world which you want to live in, where anything is possible. As Mahatma Ghandi once said, ‘Be the change you want to see in the world‘. By channeling your thoughts in a positive manner you can literally change the world you live in. Other dimensions will open up and you will see the changes around you, people with like minds being drawn to you and you them. At first you will find this hard because you are changing beliefs conditioned in you for thousands of years but the more you practice the more changes you will see. If you find it hard to start thought-manifesting your day and you can only think negatively join a meditation group or get hold of books which can help you. Put the thought in the universe and be drawn to a book store or charity shop, or a friend may suddenly offer you a book out of the blue, try it you will be amazed at the results.  There are also meditation CD’s some with just music and some with a walk-through guide to help you relax.

This is a very exciting time for humanity, I believe we are entering a new age and this has probably not happened for 25,000 years. You have chosen to come here at this time and just think if we all come together as one with our thoughts in tune we can literally create the future.

People are talking about 2012 and what changes will be coming. Because the Mayan Calender ends on this date people fear that the end of the world will come. We have many youngsters fearing what will happen to them and the Earth. If we had put more effort into our Spiritual needs we would be prepared for the Spiritual changes that are to come. We saw glimpses of a pagan way of life (who were in tune with nature) before the churches built on the land of the pagan temples and people were converted or curtailed often brutally into a christian way of life. The witches and their great knowledge of herbs and plants as medicine were seen as a threat by Doctors to their profession and ruling families, churches and governments saw them as a threat and so their land and properties were taken as the witches were picked off one by one and killed in the most cruel way. Yet today we are grateful that this knowledge still exists. The hippie movement showed us free love, love of the self and of nature and the oneness that is missing today – unfortunately many drugs were misused and this drug induced way of life had to come to an end or it ended them. The  governmental and corporate ideals do not get rich from a Spiritual way of living and so it is ridiculed, persecuted and hidden. We can learn so much especially from eastern philosophy and a great deal from ‘The Native Americans’ who to this day are treated so badly. In Mans ignorance and lust for power and greed he has pushed aside such wisdom and greatness and this is why we are seeing the problems we have today; our children feeling low and depressed with no real happiness, a world of wanting it now with no patience, the way we live from day where money is king, but to what end?  We have taken so much from our Great Mother Earth without a thought to the consequences – we have polluted her seas her rivers and her skies for industry and our pleasures. We have torn down her forests for wood, cattle grazing and animal feed. We spill blood on her skin. In essence we have acted like she is not part of us but a place where we can do what we want without a second glance. We have come so far outward we now have to go inwards for us all to rise like a phoenix. We must start to expand our minds and treat out bodies as temples for here you will find the secret, the real secret which brings immortality. We have looked outward instead of inwards for far too long to find the answers to happiness, peace and love when all along we had the answers within.

To start your transformation, be aware of what is happening in the world but don’t get bogged down in the doom and gloom, act when you can and where you can – make a difference to your community, and the world at large. We ourselves have got involved in other people’s dramas so many times its so easy to get emotionally involved in something that neither warrants the drama nor needs it, most things really do work out in the end.  We as humans have had great practice at being put down – each time we try and build up a bit of faith something or someone knocks us down and we start again only to be knocked down again. In the end we seem to stay down because its easier and we fall into the trap of believing that this is how it should be. NO. Have absolute faith, it seems the hardest thing to do but practice, visualise your pathway, your future, do this before each day as you lay in bed, it might feel silly or hard to believe but start with small things that you would like to happen to you each day. What is it you need in your life to bring fulfillment and peace to you. Sometimes we may get what is right for us and not necessarily what we want and this is a good thing – be aware of  what you visualise, we may want money but will the money bring happiness if you are not already happy within? Visualise you being happy and living the life that makes you happy. Visualise perfect health. I myself will visualise the rainforests being regenerated, that the world will have plenty of fresh foods and mineralised clean drinking water, that all children are loved in a pure way and we are all at one with each other in a loving environment, where we all have peace within ourselves.

Now imagine what we can acheive if we have our thoughts brought together in one prayer – praying to the God within our minds quietly but with such concentration, we visualise our thoughts happening.

Get Visualising today and be grateful daily for what you have for you will always have more than someone else. Love yourself and this will spread to loving others and above all connect with our great mother and the rest will follow. XXX


9 Responses to “The Save Our Earth Blog – Please take the time to read”

  1. Keshav Saini says:

    I totally agree with the point that the leaders are not doing that is required to change the world. Attending Summits will not control the global warming. Common people have to raise the voice now.

  2. Josephina Nhep says:

    Praise God for all He is doing. Thanks!

  3. on FACEBOOK


    “Save our Earth” on Youtube-featuring children’s voices and Grammy Award Winning Bassist Phil Chen from the Rod Stewart Band, Bob Marley, and many more…


    Rachelle Cano

  4. Emily says:

    This article is so true!!! If only the people of america could understand!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Yeah..leaders should not only contented for attending summit in different places on earth, but they should do what the summit talks about. To change our fault that cause our earth damage. I hope this coming 2012 we can see the change. And for us citizen we should do our part to make the change that we want.

  6. riverside windows says:

    I must agree to you guys.. Leaders should be a good example to everyone. They should participate in any activities with regards to earth saving so that we can contribute in some ways on how to save the earth.

  7. ROHAN R says:


  8. Storm says:

    Thank you for this message. It is special. I wish we had people like you in our eco village. It makes me sad to think that although there are many people in this, there are only a few that stand up to try protect the earth and all of its family. Thank you, and thank you Ann Walker and White Arrow. I wish for this site to visit, I have been in South Korea for awhile and there is a expression that is commonly used “Fighting”. If I had one request from al of you is Fighting ^^. It will be messages like this that will show people a correct way of thinking.

  9. Save our earth | Roar Sheppard says:

    […] Posted on January 14, 2011 by Roar Sheppard I found this beautiful Message from a website I had to share it, thank you very much “Save our earth&

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