Urgent Donations Required for Replanting of Trees in Costa Rica Rainforest

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Hi all, This is an urgent plea to ask for donations for a group of dedicated individuals who have been working tirelessly to regenerate the rainforest in Costa Rica. We have known Roberta Ward Smiley and Daniel Spreen Wilson for many years now and know of their hard work to restore and preserve pockets of the rainforests in Costa Rica, those of you who have been following Save Our Earth will be aware of the importance of the rainforests and how we need this biological eco-system to survive and be protected and maintained for without these great lungs of our Earth and the loss of trees around the world we are causing great imbalances within out atmosphere, in short we need oxygen to live, so do animals and plant life. We must take responsibility for our foot print on this Earth. So we are putting out an urgent call to all who can spare a little or a lot of cash to go towards replanting of trees and maintaining natural habitat. Below is the information on La Reserva and links to see what they have been doing and to see where your money will go.  Thank you, I know its tough times for us all but we need everyone’s help in restoring the balance of this Planet because it won’t wait for us and we need to address this problem urgently not only for our future generations but for the very survival of the life on this Earth.

We live in a town but have planted nine trees in our garden since moving here in 2005 we have our own little rainforest going on with all the birds, beetles, squirrels, bugs, bees, butterflies etc.  But on the whole the protection of the forests is the most urgent issue we have to face and should have been address years ago. Donate some cash to a cause where you can see where the money is going and not on red tape and admin, plant a tree in your garden or work with your local council to plant trees in your area, get a packet of wild flower seeds which help insects and throw them along the pathways where there are brambles and where it is  untouched by human hands. Clean up your mess and take pride this world is so beautiful if only we could see that, we won’t get another chance to rectify the mistakes we have made, lets act before its too late.

URGENT: Help Us Help Them

Dear Supporters, friends and family,
We ask your help with the Rio Sol Biological Corridor project we are implementing at the Maleku Indigenous reserve.
Please, whether you can contribute $5 or whatever you feel comfortable with, try to give something to this humanitarian and vital reforestation project. We have a deadline of March 30th to raise $5000 in matching funds. Go to the link below and donate to the Rio Sol Corridor.
We need your help. Thank you for your continured support of our mission and values.
Your friend in restoring our Mother Earth,

Tropical Forest Regeneration
La Reserva Forest Foundation

How We Work

All of our work is dedicated to the following goals:

  • To promote tropical forest growth and increase biodiversity
  • To educate others about the crucial importance to the planet of the tropical forest environment
  • To provide study opportunities to those interested in forest restoration and preservation, medicinal plants and other biological sciences
  • To teach others how to participate in the restoration of tropical forests worldwide
  • To sequester carbon and subsequently ease the impact of our carbon footprint
  • To restore and increase habitat, giving flora and fauna the chance to expand and migrate
  • To purchase or put under contract more acreage for reforestation than is currently being destroyed
  • Provide jobs planting trees, collecting seeds and seedling and maintaining reforested areas

The La Reserva project is based on offering payments for environmental services to private landowners to preserve existing forests and to restore tropical forest in open pastures. LRFF connects existing forests via “tree bridges” or biological corridors that permit animals an increased area for their migratory patterns.

Funding for this project stems from the following sources:

  • The generosity and donations of corporations, private individuals, institutions, and governments.
  • Sale of native seedlings from our nursery.
  • Tours of the La Reserva forest

In support of La Reserva Forest Foundation’s activities in Costa Rica, we maintain an office in Houston, Texas.  The Texas site functions as a “virtual” entity with volunteers from several states, including Texas, Oregon, California and Michigan, who help plan and manage our educational and fundraising efforts. We have no salaried positions in the U.S., we depend exclusively on the commitment of volunteers to our shared belief in the importance of tropical forests to the world’s future.

Here is how you can donate

http://lrff.org/help-us.html      and for information on La Reserva please see their web site http://lrff.org/

Tropical Forest Regeneration
La Reserva Forest Foundation


We are the Gardeners of the Earth, not just its exploiters and consumers.

La Reserva is an expression of our desire to find a balance between human needs and the needs of the planet. The Earth is our home, and we have a responsibility to take care of her. We, the people, can work on the problems of climate change together, regardless of our political/religious beliefs or race. In fact this is the greatest opportunity of all time to transcend our differences for the good of ALL life. The climate catastrophe is what will unite us all as ONE. We shall heal our Earth and in so doing peace shall come in its wake.

We want to be not just carbon neutral, but carbon negative.

Throughout the world, people are engaging with their communities to reduce the impact of global warming. Forests are natural carbon sinks and, left intact and allowed to grow, are a means of absorbing and storing vast amounts of CO2.

We believe in the continuity of the land.

La Reserva recognizes the importance of traditional land ownership in a rural culture, where farms pass from one generation to the next. Our forestry incentive program allows farms to remain in the hands of local families and out of the hands of real estate developers.

Strong local examples change attitudes.

La Reserva clearly demonstrates that modest but persistent efforts to restore native, tropical forest in pasturelands have a positive effect on our neighbors, many of whom are following our example by planting trees or changing land use in the direction of conservation.

Costa Rica wild sloth

The Earth will reward us for selfless efforts.

We know that, giving back to the Earth in an effort to heal her, we will be rewarded with clean air, abundant fresh water, medicinal plants, food, and jobs. We know that the potential benefits for humankind are enormous.

We believe in the essential goodness of all peoples.

The La Reserva project is an expression of our profound optimism and faith that all humans are gifted with the inherent desire to do right and to express compassion. This is why we do not take a confrontational stance against large polluters but ask, instead, for their cooperation in working toward the common good.

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  1. Wonderful work you are doing here! Greatly appreciate your article on saving our earth.

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