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How can we stop the unnecessary deforestation of our Earth?

Here we will provide ideas that can have a diverse affect on the profit-hungry
moguls who see our world as their own money bank.

1) Forget all of those fancy bits of wood, nicely cut and clean, from the DIY store. Either hunt around the recycling centre or any skips, looking for discarded wood that can be recycled. If in doubt, only buy wood that was grown in sustainable forests - when wood is used, it should come from sustainable sources.

2) Find any products that are produced from the rainforest, those that are not of a sustainable nature and refuse to buy them. Search for alternatives that do not harm the forests.

3) Pressure governments to stop logging, ask them to pursue alternative means for the indigenous peoples to receive an income from other means rather than logging, mining and cattle grazing etc.

4) Support and join environmental groups.

5) Start a 'Plant A Tree' week in your area (seeking permission from your council if its not your land!).

6) Buy an acre of rainforest to protect it from deforestation. Set up a collective to buy the forests. Although not ideal, this is a short term remedy. An acre of the rainforest costs as little as 25. For more information, see the White Arrow Foundation, WWF or Rainforest Concern.

Browse the Links Section to check out other environmental groups and campaigners.

7) Start recycling. Speak to your council about recycling facilities. Paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, glass, cans and wood can be recycled. Use recycled paper and recycled toilet paper (no jokes!) - the more we use, the cheaper it becomes and companies will change their policies.

8) Re-use plastic bags. It takes over 30 years for one plastic bag to biodegrade. This means in our present environment with millions of plastic bags everywhere, we will still see ones in our sixties that we used when we were teenagers! Take your own bags to the shops so if anyone asks if you want a plastic bag, refuse and fill your own. Encourage supermarkets to stop the free supply of plastic bags, use cardboard boxes which can be recycled more easily.

9) Use electronic communications and non-paper learning resources.

10) Use recycled wood for small remodeling and repair projects.

We mention 'sustainable' quite a lot. The dictionary states 'sustain: bear weight of, support , esp.for long period; encourage, support, endure, stand'.

In these terms, it means although we still use wood and require wood for many things, we do not take so much that the forest cannot support itself or that we over deplete the forest so much so that there's no trees left. If for every tree we used, we planted another ten then we are giving back what we have taken. We do not take twenty trees a day, plant twenty trees and then wonder why the forest takes another 5 years (or more) before we can take another tree. Sensible and positive action is required.

If you feel there is anything more to add to this page, check out Contact Us section and drop us an email - the more ideas the better.

Document last updated on Wednesday 01 August 2018

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