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Please note: E&OE - Content is from various sources. If we have credited a source that is incorrect or where permission has not been received (you never know..), then please contact us to remedy the error. Thanks.

The purpose of this page is to keep you informed about environmental issues that you might not be aware of.

Permission has been obtained from various sources to reproduce this information found here. All information is from this source, except where stated. Credits for these sources is listed in the Credits section under Articles and Information.

In some instances, the external links will not work due to the News source updating and changing their website.

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Brazil's Amazon boom pits economic growth versus forest
(7th April 2012, BBC Link to News Story)

Brazil can cut out deforestation by 2020, says governor of giant Amazon state
(5th April 2012, Mongabay)

Asia Pulp & Paper loses another customer: Danone
(2nd April 2012, Mongabay)

Funding Deal Conserves Guatemala's Maya Biosphere Reserve
(30th March 2012, ENS)

As Norway funds rainforest conservation, its pension fund invests in companies driving deforestation
(30th March 2012, Mongabay)

Researchers launch tool that predicts Amazon deforestation a year before it happens
(30th March 2012, Mongabay)

Orangutans in Indonesia's Aceh forest may die out in weeks
(28th March 2012, Reuters Link to News Story)

Government policy contributes to huge drop in Amazon deforestation in Brazil
(28th March 2012, Mongabay)

Climate change tree test begins
(28th March 2012, BBC Link to News Story)

Cloud forests may be particularly vulnerable to climate change
(26th March 2012, Mongabay)

Controversial logging company sells operations in DR Congo
(23rd March 2012, Mongabay)

Google brings Street View, Maps to the Amazon
(22nd March 2012, Mongabay)

Greenpeace calls for zero deforestation globally by 2020
(22nd March 2012, Mongabay)

Palm oil case against 'Green Governor' in Indonesia heats up
(21st March 2012, Mongabay)

Xerox: we no longer buy from Asia Pulp & Paper
(21st March 2012, Mongabay)

Follow the money to catch illegal loggers: World Bank
(21st March 2012, Reuters Link to News Story)

Illegal logging makes billions for gangs, report says
(21st March 2012, BBC Link to News Story)

Deforestation increases in the Congo rainforest
(20th March 2012, Mongabay)

Belize enacts moratorium on rosewood
(19th March 2012, Mongabay)

APP affiliates in U.S., Australia, pledge to drop controversial pulp supplier linked to deforestation
(17th March 2012, Mongabay)

Norway Gives $1.2 Million to Armenia Reforestation Project
(15th March 2012, ENS)

Scientists say massive palm oil plantation will "cut the heart out" of Cameroon's rainforest
(15th March 2012, Mongabay)

Ministry of Forestry signed off on clearing of forest with protected species in Indonesia
(15th March 2012, Mongabay)

Amazon plant yields miracle cure for dental pain
(14th March 2012, Mongabay)

Surging demand for vegetable oil drives rainforest destruction
(13th March 2012, Mongabay)

Climate change could increase fires, logging, and hunting in rainforests
(13th March 2012, Mongabay)

EU brings farms and forests into low-carbon plans
(13th March 2012, BBC Link to News Story)

After illegal logging allegations, certifier lodges complaint against paper giant APP
(7th March 2012, Mongabay)

Rally calls on Brazil President to veto new forest code
(7th March 2012, Mongabay)

China gambles on Cambodia's shrinking forests
(7th March 2012, Reuters Link to News Story)

Brazil delays Forest Code vote
(7th March 2012, Mongabay)

Two hundred ancient woodlands at threat from development
(5th March 2012, The Telegraph (UK))

Nicaragua bids to stem deforestation with eco-soldiers
(3rd March 2012, BBC Link to News Story)

Investigation links APP to illegal logging of protected trees
(1st March 2012, Mongabay)

National Geographic linked to rainforest destruction
(1st March 2012, Mongabay)

Madagascar lifts rosewood ban. Or does it?
(29th February 2012, Mongabay)

India targets forests for destruction, industrial development
(28th February 2012, Mongabay)

Climate change will shake the Earth
(26th February 2012, The Guardian (UK))

U.S. Urban Forests Shrinking
(23rd February 2012, ENS)

NASA map reveals the heights of the world's forests
(20th February 2012, Mongabay)

Logging blamed for Philippine flood deaths
(20th February 2012, BBC Link to News Story)

More than 1 million acres of New Guinea forest cut from Indonesia's forest moratorium
(16th February 2012, Mongabay)

NGO: Thailand must list rosewood under CITES
(16th February 2012, Mongabay)

Republic of the Congo expands park to protect fearless chimps
(16th February 2012, Mongabay)

Paper giant hammered on forest certification claims
(15th February 2012, Mongabay)

'Gold' standard for REDD forest conservation project in Colombia's Choco
(15th February 2012, Mongabay)

Forest Heroes Awards Crown UN's International Year of Forests
(10th February 2012, ENS)

Some toilet paper production destroys Indonesian rainforests, endangering tigers and elephants
(10th February 2012, Mongabay)

Humans drove rainforest into savannah in ancient Africa
(9th February 2012, Mongabay)

Tropical ecologist: Australia must follow U.S. and EU in banning illegally logged wood
(9th February 2012, Mongabay)

Green groups: government moving too slowly on protecting Canada's Great Bear rainforest
(8th February 2012, Mongabay)

More big companies disclosing impacts on forests
(7th February 2012, Mongabay)

New rainforest and indigenous reserve established in Peru
(7th February 2012, Mongabay)

Guyanese tribe maps Connecticut-sized rainforest for land rights
(7th February 2012, Mongabay)

Caution urged in sale of Madagascar's illegal timber stockpiles
(3rd February 2012, Mongabay)

Indonesia to set up $5.6 billion plantation firm
(2nd February 2012, Reuters Link to News Story)

Fungus from the Amazon devours plastic
(2nd February 2012, Mongabay)

10 rules for making REDD+ projects more equitable
(2nd February 2012, Mongabay)

Indonesia to require loggers prove their concessions free of overlapping claims
(1st February 2012, Mongabay)

New meteorological theory argues that the world's forests are rainmakers
(1st February 2012, Mongabay)

Mashco-Piro 'uncontacted' Peruvian tribe pictured
(31st January 2012, BBC Link to News Story)

Bolivia march revives Tipnis Amazon road dispute
(31st January 2012, BBC Link to News Story)

Bad feedback loop: climate change diminishing Canadian forest's carbon sink
(30th January 2012, Mongabay)

Rainforests store 229 billion tons of carbon globally finds new 'wall-to-wall' carbon map
(30th January 2012, Mongabay)

Emissions from palm oil biodiesel highest of major biofuels, says EU
(30th January 2012, Mongabay)

Palm oil does not meet U.S. renewable fuels standard, rules EPA
(27th January 2012, Mongabay)

Diamond Jubilee: Digging deep for commemorative woods
(27th January 2012, BBC Link to News Story)

Obama's New Forest Planning Rule Fails to Satisfy Conservationists
(26th January 2012, ENS)

World's giant trees are dying off rapidly, studies show
(26th January 2012, The Guardian (UK))

'Peak timber' concerns in tropics
(24th January 2012, BBC Link to News Story)

Economic slowdown leads to the pulping of Latvia's forests
(22nd January 2012, Mongabay)

Race to save Ecuador's 'lungs of the world' park
(21st January 2012, BBC Link to News Story)

Deforestation, climate change threaten the ecological resilience of the Amazon rainforest
(19th January 2012, Mongabay)

Indonesia to set aside 45% of Kalimantan for conservation
(19th January 2012, Mongabay)

Levi's drops Asia Pulp & Paper due to its link to deforestation in Indonesia
(17th January 2012, Mongabay)

Include trees in climate modelling, say scientists
(16th January 2012, The Guardian (UK))

Indonesia could earn billions from well-designed deforestation-reduction program, finds study
(12th January 2012, Mongabay)

Peruvian smugglers traffic illegal rainforest timber from Brazil to America
(11th January 2012, Mongabay)

Industrial palm oil production expands at expense of rainforests in Peru
(10th January 2012, Mongabay)

Extreme mouth-sewing protest in Indonesia leads to logging inquiry
(9th January 2012, Mongabay)

Sharp decline in Amazon deforestation associated with increase in food production
(9th January 2012, Mongabay)

Africa's rainforests 'more resilient' to climate change
(6th January 2012, BBC Link to News Story)

Ecuador appeals court rules against Chevron in oil case
(4th January 2012, BBC Link to News Story)

Saving the Amazon: Winning the war on deforestation
(2nd January 2012, BBC Link to News Story)

Small town rises up against deforestation in Pakistan
(2nd January 2012, Mongabay)

Ecuador makes $116 million to not drill for oil in Amazon
(2nd January 2012, Mongabay)

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