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Please note: E&OE - Content is from various sources. If we have credited a source that is incorrect or where permission has not been received (you never know..), then please contact us to remedy the error. Thanks.

The purpose of this page is to keep you informed about environmental issues that you might not be aware of.

Permission has been obtained from various sources to reproduce this information found here. All information is from this source, except where stated. Credits for these sources is listed in the Credits section under Articles and Information.

In some instances, the external links will not work due to the News source updating and changing their website.

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Ecuador vows to push Yasuni jungle protection plan
(30th Decemebr 2011, Reuters Link to News Story)

Romania Pledges to Protect Its Virgin Forests
(21st December 2011, ENS)

Indonesia grants exemption from logging moratorium for 3.6m ha of forest
(21st December 2011, Mongabay)

Texas drought kills as many as half a billion trees
(20th December 2011, Reuters Link to News Story)

Philippines disaster may have been worsened by climate change, deforestation
(20th December 2011, Mongabay)

Guide reveals Amazon's biological bounty
(20th December 2011, BBC Link to News Story)

Guyana forest carbon plan struggle to get off paper
(19th December 2011, Reuters Link to News Story)

Swathes of British woodland sold off
(18th December 2011, The Telegraph (UK))

Brazil dam company wins Belo Monte appeal
(16th December 2011, BBC Link to News Story)

WWF: Asia Pulp & Paper misleads public about its role in destroying Indonesia's rainforests
(16th December 2011, Mongabay)

Environmental groups to Japan: stop importing illegally logged timber
(15th December 2011, Mongabay)

REDD advances slowly in Durban
(14th December 2011, Mongabay)

Canada, out of Kyoto, must still cut emissions: U.N.
(13th December 2011, Reuters Link to News Story)

Harsh words for Canada after it abandons Kyoto Protocol
(13th December 2011, Mongabay)

New U.N. climate deal struck, critics say gains modest
(11th December 2011, Reuters Link to News Story)

Durban climate deal struck after tense all-night session
(11th December 2011, The Guardian (UK))

Brazil passes controversial Forest Code reform environmentalists say will be 'a disaster' for the Amazon
(7th December 2011, Mongabay)

Forest change risks climate goal
(7th December 2011, BBC Link to News Story)

Brazilian Senate eases Amazon protection rules
(7th December 2011, BBC Link to News Story)

Seismic trails cut by U.S. oil firm in Belizean national park used by illegal loggers
(6th December 2011, Mongabay)

Jump-starting REDD finance: $3 billion Forest Finance Facility needed to halve deforestation within a decade
(6th December 2011, Mongabay)

Feeding the world's population and saving forests aren't mutually exclusive
(6th December 2011, Mongabay)

Brazil Amazon deforestation 'at lowest level in years'
(6th December 2011, BBC Link to News Story)

REDD project gets initial go-ahead in Cameroon
(5th December 2011, Mongabay)

Fight to protect Congo's rainforest
(5th December 2011, BBC Link to News Story)

Protections for indigenous rights, biodivesity weakened in latest REDD+ text
(4th December 2011, Mongabay)

Britain spends £10m to fight deforestation in Brazil
(4th December 2011, The Guardian (UK))

Global map of REDD+ projects released
(3rd December 2011, Mongabay)

REDD+ text for saving forests released in Durban
(3rd December 2011, Mongabay)

Sierra Leone creates rainforest park
(3rd December 2011, Mongabay)

Deforestation and forest degradation down in the Brazilian Amazon since August
(2nd December 2011, Mongabay)

Community mapping of African rainforests could show way forward for preservation, REDD
(1st December 2011, Mongabay)

Global net forest loss smaller than thought: FAO
(30th November 2011, Reuters Link to News Story)

Global forest cover lower than previously estimated, says UN
(30th November 2011, Mongabay)

Brazil's Forest Code vote delayed
(30th November 2011, Mongabay)

UN Climate Forest Conservation Spawns 'Carbon Piracy' in Peru
(30th November 2011, ENS)

Indonesian president urges consumers not to support illegally logging
(29th November 2011, Mongabay)

Deforestation could be stopped by 2020
(27th November 2011, Mongabay)

Brazilian mining giant cuts ties with pig-iron producer over deforestation
(27th November 2011, Mongabay)

8 Amazon countries pledge more coordination in rainforest conservation
(27th November 2011, Mongabay)

How Guyana gold mining threatens its green future
(26th November 2011, BBC Link to News Story)

Healthy woodlands 'need quality not quantity'
(25th November 2011, BBC Link to News Story)

Vale halts dealings with company over deforestation
(24th November 2011, Reuters Link to News Story)

Concerns standoff between Borneo forest community and Malaysian palm oil developer may turn violent
(23rd November 2011, Mongabay)

Brazil 'risks loss of forest area equal to Germany, Italy and Austria'
(23rd November 2011, The Telegraph (UK))

U.S. pledges $450 m to Indonesia for green economic growth
(19th November 2011, Mongabay)

IPCC: Climate impact risk set to increase
(18th November 2011, BBC Link to News Story)

EU biofuel target seen driving species loss: study
(16th November 2011, Reuters Link to News Story)

Cultural erosion among indigenous groups in Venezuela brings new risks for Caura rainforest
(14th November 2011, Mongabay)

Amazon rainforest named as one of seven nature wonders
(14th November 2011, Mongabay)

Madagascar interim president: log rainforests for precious wood
(9th November 2011, BBC Link to News Story)

Peruvian authorities raid illegal gold mining operations
(7th November 2011, Mongabay)

Forests of the Future Reshaped by Climate, Diseases
(7th November 2011, ENS)

Locals 'can play key role in helping forests recover'
(7th November 2011, BBC Link to News Story)

Cooper-Blackburn bill seeks exemptions for illegal wood imports
(5th November 2011, Mongabay)

Indigenous community forcibly evicted for palm oil in Indonesian Borneo
(1st November 2011, Mongabay)

Toymaker Hasbro cuts deforestation from its supply chain
(1st November 2011, Mongabay)

Risks remain despite Indonesian forest moratorium: study
(30th October 2011, Reuters Link to News Story)

Group forms to establish standard for Lacey Act compliance
(28th October 2011, Mongabay)

Brazil Amazon campaigners occupy Belo Monte dam
(28th October 2011, BBC Link to News Story)

Roadless Area Conservation Rule Again Upheld in Appeals Court
(24th October 2011, ENS)

Breakthrough technology enables 3D mapping of rainforests, tree by tree
(24th October 2011, Mongabay)

Cutting Western Forests for Biofuel Would Raise Carbon Emissions
(23rd October 2011, ENS)

Bolivian road project through Amazon reserve canceled
(23rd October 2011, Mongabay)

Malaysian sustainable timber certification fails Dutch standards
(23rd October 2011, Mongabay)

Bolivia's Evo Morales scraps Amazon road project
(21st October 2011, BBC Link to News Story)

Brazilian Judge Rules Belo Monte Dam Illegal
(19th October 2011, ENS)

World's largest beef company breaks commitment on avoiding Amazon deforestation
(19th October 2011, Mongabay)

Bolivia's Morales offers talks as marchers reach La Paz
(19th October 2011, BBC Link to News Story)

Belo Monte dam license 'illegal' rules Brazilian federal judge
(18th October 2011, Mongabay)

Future forests may soak up more CO2 than previously believed
(17th October 2011, ENN)

Trees 'boost African crop yields and food security'
(16th October 2011, BBC Link to News Story)

Soy moratorium in Amazon maintaining its effectiveness
(13th October 2011, Mongabay)

Are Gibson guitars killing the rainforest?
(13th October 2011, BBC Link to News Story)

High gold price triggers rainforest devastation in Peru
(11th October 2011, Mongabay)

Brazil: Amazon deforestation higher than initially stated
(9th October 2011, Mongabay)

2010 Amazon drought released more carbon than India's annual emissions
(9th October 2011, Mongabay)

Paper suppliers risk damaging Indonesia's reputation, argues report
(7th October 2011, Mongabay)

Toy giant Mattel drops paper from APP and other 'controversial sources'
(5th October 2011, Mongabay)

Indonesian President Vows to Protect Rainforest
(4th October 2011, ENS)

Forestry funding assessment system 'ineffective'
(4th October 2011, BBC Link to News Story)

Tea party versus Madagascar's forests
(2nd October 2011, Mongabay)

US swaps debt for rainforest preservation in Indonesia
(2nd October 2011, Mongabay)

Bolivia Amazon protesters resume Tipnis road march
(1st October 2011, BBC Link to News Story)

Madagascar asks CITES to regulate rosewood and ebony
(29th September 2011, Mongabay)

Brazil judge halts work on Belo Monte Amazon dam
(29th September 2011, BBC Link to News Story)

Indonesia Could Be Paid for Conserving Organutan Forests
(28th September 2011, ENS)

Bolivia's Evo Morales suspends Amazon road project
(27th September 2011, BBC Link to News Story)

Indonesian president vows to dedicate remainder of term to protecting rainforests
(27th September 2011, Mongabay)

Expanding ethanol threatens last remnants of Atlantic Forest
(26th September 2011, Mongabay)

Regulation that would have legalized illegal oil palm plantations revoked
(26th September 2011, Mongabay)

Repeated burning undercuts Amazon rainforest recovery
(26th September 2011, Mongabay)

Panama canal drives forest conservation, offers insight on value of ecosystems
(26th September 2011, Mongabay)

Kenyan Nobel winner Maathai, savior of trees, dies
(26th September 2011, Reuters Link to News Story)

Indonesia signs plan to curb greenhouse gas pollution
(26th September 2011, Reuters Link to News Story)

'Poor' start to jungle protection plan: Ecuador
(23rd September 2011, Reuters Link to News Story)

Brazil farming revolution may slow Amazon demise
(23rd September 2011, Reuters Link to News Story)

U.S. Lacey Act, programs in Rwanda and Gambia, awarded for forest protection
(23rd September 2011, Mongabay)

New map reveals the most biodiverse place on Earth, but already threatened by oil
(22nd September 2011, Mongabay)

Amazon deforestation up moderately in August, but forest degradation falls
(22nd September 2011, Mongabay)

Asia Pulp & Paper to undertake human rights audit
(22nd September 2011, Mongabay)

China's new forests aren't necessarily green
(21st September 2011, Mongabay)

Indigenous people blockade river against 'murderous' oil company
(21st September 2011, Mongabay)

Two arrested in connection with murdering Amazon activists
(20th September 2011, Mongabay)

Conservationists renew push for 'rainforest bonds'
(19th September 2011, Mongabay)

Welsh generosity helps Size of Wales rainforest drive
(17th September 2011, BBC Link to News Story)

U.S. court hears appeal on halted Ecuadorean damages award
(16th September 2011, Reuters Link to News Story)

'No substitute' for virgin forest
(15th September 2011, BBC Link to News Story)

Old-growth forests are irreplaceable for sustaining biodiversity
(14th September 2011, Mongabay)

UN: private sector engagement needed to save forests
(14th September 2011, Mongabay)

Famine in Africa: Can Reforestation Improve Food Security?
(14th September 2011, Mongabay)

Logged rainforests are a cheap conservation option
(14th September 2011, Mongabay)

Palm oil, poverty, and conservation collide in Cameroon
(14th September 2011, Mongabay)

Diamond Jubilee: Woodland Trust to create new woodland
(14th September 2011, BBC Link to News Story)

Indonesia to launch REDD+ agency to tackle deforestation
(13th September 2011, Mongabay)

Malaysian court blocks rainforest tribes' fight against mega-dam in Borneo
(9th September 2011, Mongabay)

Global Forest Restoration Plan Could Protect Climate, Create Jobs
(8th September 2011, ENS)

Brazilian court upholds conviction of rancher who murdered an American nun in the Amazon
(7th September 2011, Mongabay)

62% of deforested Amazon land ends up as cattle pasture
(4th September 2011, Mongabay)

New plan to restore 150 million hectares of forest
(2nd September 2011, Mongabay)

Supermarket challenges toilet paper marker to disprove deforestation allegations
(31st August 2011, Mongabay)

Model predicts deforestation hot spots in Brazilian Amazon
(25th August 2011, Mongabay)

Could 'wood bank' ease Madagascar's illegal logging problem?
(25th August 2011, Mongabay)

Peru passes landmark indigenous rights legislation
(24th August 2011, Mongabay)

Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon up moderately over last year
(24th August 2011, Mongabay)

Uganda resurrects plan to hand over protected forest to sugar company
(22nd August 2011, Mongabay)

Protected areas that allow local use better at reining in tropical deforestation
(21st August 2011, Mongabay)

Google begins Amazon river Street View project
(19th August 2011, BBC Link to News Story)

World's forests absorb almost 40 per cent of man made CO2
(18th August 2011, The Telegraph (UK))

Ministry of Forestry continues to undermine Indonesia's REDD program, finds Reuters
(17th August 2011, Mongabay)

Special Report: How Indonesia hurt its climate change project
(16th August 2011, Reuters Link to News Story)

WWF to investigate program that partners with notorious loggers
(14th August 2011, Mongabay)

Congo to 'reforest' with plantations across one million hectares
(10th August 2011, Mongabay)

Science has been nearly silent in Brazil’s Forest Code debate
(8th August 2011, Mongabay)

Congo Republic wants $2.6 billion to replant forest
(5th August 2011, Reuters Link to News Story)

Fuji Xerox Australia dumps paper supplier accused of rainforest destruction
(4th August 2011, Mongabay)

Satellite data shows slight increase in Amazon deforestation over June last year
(3rd August 2011, Mongabay)

Malaysia plans green palm oil certification scheme: report
(1st August 2011, Reuters Link to News Story)

Vietnamese military illegally plundering Laos' forests
(28th July 2011, Mongabay)

UK launches woodland carbon code
(28th July 2011, BBC Link to News Story)

Palm oil, paper drive large-scale destruction of Indonesia's forests, but account for diminishing role in economy, says report
(27th July 2011, Mongabay)

WWF partnering with companies that destroy rainforests, threaten endangered species
(24th July 2011, Mongabay)

Amazon tribes win support to protect 46 million ha of Amazon forest
(21st July 2011, Mongabay)

Three indicted by Brazilian police for Amazon murders
(21st July 2011, BBC Link to News Story)

EU Commission tightens rules for biofuel use
(19th July 2011, BBC Link to News Story)

Despite moratorium, soy still contributes indirectly to Amazon deforestation
(15th July 2011, Mongabay)

Global forests offset 16% of fossil fuel emissions
(15th July 2011, Mongabay)

Study shows forests have bigger role in slowing climate change
(14th July 2011, Reuters Link to News Story)

Proposed changes to Brazil's Forest Code could hurt economy
(13th July 2011, Mongabay)

Plantation fires in Indonesia trigger haze-related health warnings in Malaysia
(13th July 2011, Mongabay)

Cargill adopts 'greener' palm oil policy
(12th July 2011, Mongabay)

Indonesia to recognize rights of forest communities, indigenous peoples
(12th July 2011, Mongabay)

Another rosewood bust in Madagascar
(12th July 2011, Mongabay)

Europe to require listing of palm oil on product labels
(8th July 2011, Mongabay)

Lego banishes Asia Pulp & Paper due to deforestation link
(7th July 2011, Mongabay)

Indonesia reduces area of forest protected under moratorium
(7th July 2011, Mongabay)

Community control, rather than govt control, helps forests recover, says study
(7th July 2011, Mongabay)

Prominent scientists condemn proposed changes to Brazil's Forest Code
(6th July 2011, Mongabay)

Sarawak reiterates goal to convert 1 million ha of forest to oil palm plantations
(6th July 2011, Mongabay)

Ranchers using Agent Orange to deforest the Amazon
(6th July 2011, Mongabay)

New rosewood scandal in Madagascar
(1st July 2011, Mongabay)

Brazilian government: Amazon deforestation rising
(30th June 2011, Mongabay)

Is the Ministry of Forestry undermining Indonesia's logging moratorium?
(28th June 2011, Mongabay)

Logging company fined $100 million for illegal logging in Papua New Guinea
(28th June 2011, Mongabay)

Fire detected in plantation that allegedly breached Indonesia's moratorium
(28th June 2011, Mongabay)

FSC mulls controversial motion to certify plantations responsible for recent deforestation
(24th June 2011, Mongabay)

Oslo backs Jakarta's forest plan, despite hurdles
(23rd June 2011, Reuters Link to News Story)

Rainforest tribe forcibly removed from dam area to palm oil plantation
(23rd June 2011, Mongabay)

Sabah applies for heritage status for rainforest reserves to block political expropriation
(23rd June 2011, Mongabay)

Laos announces crackdown on illegal logging, timber smuggling
(22nd June 2011, Mongabay)

Rainforests in Sumatra, Honduras added to UN's danger list
(22nd June 2011, Mongabay)

World Bank loans Madagascar $52 million for conservation
(22nd June 2011, Reuters Link to News Story)

Embattled Malaysian minister denies secret Swiss accounts, but not other holdings
(22nd June 2011, Mongabay)

African forests store 25% of tropical forest carbon
(22nd June 2011, Mongabay)

Indonesia to investigate palm oil company that allegedly breached moratorium
(21st June 2011, Mongabay)

Tropical forests more effective than temperate forests in fighting climate change
(20th June 2011, Mongabay)

Ahead of meeting, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) loses another supporter
(19th June 2011, Mongabay)

How do we save Africa's forests?
(19th June 2011, Mongabay)

Palm oil labeling bill fails to pass in Australia
(19th June 2011, Mongabay)

Indonesia forest moratorium breached on first day: group
(17th June 2011, Reuters Link to News Story)

Deforestation in Brazil's Amazon continues to rise; clearing highest near Belo Monte dam site
(17th June 2011, Mongabay)

Malaysian palm oil company violates Indonesia's logging moratorium
(16th June 2011, Mongabay)

30% of East Kalimantan's forests destroyed, finds new assessment
(15th June 2011, Mongabay)

Ministers back binding European forest agreement
(15th June 2011, BBC Link to News Story)

Brazil Amazon: Sixth murder since May amid land rows
(15th June 2011, BBC Link to News Story)

Revised Forest Code may cost Brazil climate commitments
(14th June 2011, Mongabay)

Could palm oil help save the Amazon?
(14th June 2011, Mongabay)

Europe's forests 'vital for climate goal'
(14th June 2011, BBC Link to News Story)

Germany backs out of Yasuni deal
(13th June 2011, Mongabay)

Profit, not poverty, increasingly the cause of deforestation
(13th June 2011, Mongabay)

Amazon rainforest may be heading towards a tipping point as a carbon sink
(13th June 2011, ENN)

Tree-frog biodiversity warning for Amazon
(13th June 2011, BBC Link to News Story)

Majority of Brazilians reject changes in Amazon Forest Code
(11th June 2011, Mongabay)

Mattel shuts down Barbie's Facebook page in response to Greenpeace campaign
(10th June 2011, Mongabay)

Sarawak's leader under investigation for corruption linked to logging
(10th June 2011, Mongabay)

Rash of murders threatens to silence environmental and social activism in Brazil
(9th June 2011, Mongabay)

Can Brazil meet deforestation, climate goals and still grow its cattle industry?
(9th June 2011, Mongabay)

Mattel to investigate toy packaging sources after Greenpeace alleges deforestation link
(9th June 2011, Mongabay)

Forest protection plans failing to address food needs
(8th June 2011, Mongabay)

Dutch buy first 'responsible' soy sourced from the Amazon
(8th June 2011, Mongabay)

Indonesia's anti-mafia unit seeks to reopen $115 billion illegal logging case
(8th June 2011, Mongabay)

Indonesian president urges other countries not to buy illegally logged wood from Indonesia
(8th June 2011, Mongabay)

Food demand eating into tropical forests: report
(7th June 2011, Reuters Link to News Story)

Barbie, Legos, other toys linked to destruction of Indonesia's rainforests
(7th June 2011, Mongabay)

Tropical forests 'better managed'
(7th June 2011, BBC Link to News Story)

Congo meeting fails to make forest commitment
(6th June 2011, Mongabay)

Lumberjacks carve a living out of DR Congo rainforests
(6th June 2011, BBC Link to News Story)

Focus on Forests as India Hosts World Environment Day
(5th June 2011, ENS)

South Sudan's tropical forests fast disappearing
(5th June 2011, Mongabay)

Rising forest density offsets climate change - study
(5th June 2011, Reuters Link to News Story)

Congo to plant a million hectares of trees by 2020
(3rd June 2011, Reuters Link to News Story)

Indonesia's moratorium map has errors, says government
(3rd June 2011, Mongabay)

Government cracks down on illegal logging in Madagascar
(2nd June 2011, Mongabay)

Brazil grants building permit for Belo Monte Amazon dam
(1st June 2011, BBC Link to News Story)

REDD should fund efficient stoves, crop yield increases, says study
(31st May 2011, Mongabay)

Brazil 'to step up Amazon activists' protection'
(31st May 2011, BBC Link to News Story)

Congo's poor need incentives to save giant forest
(31st May 2011, Reuters Link to News Story)

Experts meet in Congo in bid to rescue world forests
(31st May 2011, Reuters Link to News Story)

Indonesia forest decree to help CO2 projects
(31st May 2011, Reuters Link to News Story)

New global carbon map for 2.5 billion ha of forests
(31st May 2011, Mongabay)

BP among founding members of World Bank carbon fund
(31st May 2011, The Guardian (UK))

Stoves, seeds could save African forests: report
(29th May 2011, Reuters Link to News Story)

Assassinations of environmentalists continue in Brazil's Amazon, deforestation rises
(28th May 2011, Mongabay)

Destruction of Brazil's most endangered forest, the Mata Atlantica, slows
(27th May 2011, Mongabay)

Lack of clarity complicates Indonesia's logging moratorium
(27th May 2011, Mongabay)

Congressman Rohrabacher believes chopping down rainforests will solve global warming
(27th May 2011, Mongabay)

Restoring forests: an opportunity for Africa
(26th May 2011, Mongabay)

Green groups to Japan: don't buy illegally logged wood from Indonesia to aid reconstruction
(26th May 2011, Mongabay)

Brazil does away with laws to protect large swaths of rainforest
(26th May 2011, The Telegraph (UK))

Shipping firm pledges to disconnect itself from rainforest destruction
(25th May 2011, Mongabay)

Brazil eases rules on conserving Amazon rainforest
(25th May 2011, BBC Link to News Story)

Brazilian Amazon activist and wife ambushed and killed
(25th May 2011, BBC Link to News Story)

Authorities launch stealth operation in Amazon after satellite images reveal deforestation
(24th May 2011, Mongabay)

10 former environment ministers ask Brazil to hold off on Forest Code vote
(24th May 2011, Mongabay)

Brazil's Amazon rainforest farmers debate new land law
(24th May 2011, BBC Link to News Story)

Indonesia's moratorium allows mining in protected forests
(23rd May 2011, Mongabay)

Locals clash with 'sustainable' FSC logging company in the Congo
(22nd May 2011, Mongabay)

Forest fires rage in Russia's Far East, Siberia
(22nd May 2011, Reuters Link to News Story)

Brazil's new cabinet-level post in response to surge in deforestation
(21st May 2011, Mongabay)

Indonesia's moratorium disappoints environmentalists
(21st May 2011, Mongabay)

Indonesia forest moratorium softens blow for planters
(20th May 2011, Reuters Link to News Story)

Climate change and deforestation pose risk to Amazon rainforest
(20th May 2011, Mongabay)

US southern forests face bleak future, but is sprawl or the paper industry to blame?
(19th May 2011, Mongabay)

Indonesia finally signs forest clearing moratorium
(19th May 2011, Reuters Link to News Story)

Deforestation surges as Brazil eyes new land law
(19th May 2011, Reuters Link to News Story)

Brazil: Amazon rainforest deforestation rises sharply
(19th May 2011, BBC Link to News Story)

Brazil confirms big jump in Amazon deforestation
(18th May 2011, Mongabay)

Under pressure from rising deforestation, Brazil’s IBAMA establishes ‘Zero Deforestation Policy’ in the Amazon
(17th May 2011, Mongabay)

Environmental groups question Obama's forest plan
(17th May 2011, Reuters Link to News Story)

Huge surge in Amazon deforestation
(17th May 2011, Mongabay)

Is Indonesia losing its most valuable assets?
(16th May 2011, Mongabay)

Australia forest destruction connected to local products
(15th May 2011, Mongabay)

Ten-year-old takes on KFC for destroying US forests
(15th May 2011, Mongabay)

Google Earth animation reveals Indonesian forest targeted for destruction by pulp and paper companies
(14th May 2011, Mongabay)

Fires burn in Sumatra, drive air pollution in Malaysia
(13th May 2011, Mongabay)

'Exceptional' reforestation program in China preventing future disasters
(12th May 2011, Mongabay)

Brazil Congress again delays vote on key forest law
(12th May 2011, BBC Link to News Story)

ConocoPhillips withdraws from oil exploitation in uncontacted indigenous territory
(11th May 2011, Mongabay)

Liberia and EU sign deal to end 'logs of war'
(10th May 2011, BBC Link to News Story)

Tiger find prompts WWF pressure against planned logging
(9th May 2011, BBC Link to News Story)

Papua New Guinea suspends controversial grants of community forest lands to foreign corps
(6th May 2011, Mongabay)

Brazil's forest code debate may determine fate of the Amazon rainforest
(5th May 2011, Mongabay)

7 conglomerates control 9M ha of land in Indonesia
(4th May 2011, Mongabay)

NASA image reveals extent of deforestation in western Brazil
(4th May 2011, Mongabay)

EU and Indonesia sign deal on illegal timber
(4th May 2011, BBC Link to News Story)

World's largest beef company signs Amazon rainforest pact
(29th April 2011, Mongabay)

Losses from deforestation top $36 billion in Indonesian Borneo
(29th April 2011, Mongabay)

Indonesian official: REDD+ forest conservation plan need not limit growth of palm oil industry
(29th April 2011, Mongabay)

Oslo urges more forest aid despite corruption risk
(28th April 2011, Reuters Link to News Story)

Illegal rosewood bust in Madagascar
(28th April 2011, Mongabay)

Mexican environmental activist shot dead
(25th April 2011, Mongabay)

New York Earth Day celebrates with 'virtual' forests
(22nd April 2011, Reuters Link to News Story)

Former REDD+ negotiator for Indonesia sentenced to 3 years for corruption
(22nd April 2011, Mongabay)

Protected areas cover 44% of the Brazilian Amazon
(20th April 2011, Mongabay)

Demand for gold pushing deforestation in Peruvian Amazon
(19th April 2011, Mongabay)

Vale close to agreeing share in Amazon dam: source
(19th April 2011, Reuters Link to News Story)

Major paper company clear-cutting key tiger habitat
(19th April 2011, Mongabay)

Scientists urge Papua New Guinea to declare moratorium on massive forest clearing
(19th April 2011, Mongabay)

Tropical countries aim for global forest pact
(17th April 2011, Mongabay)

NASA image reveals extent of 2010 Amazon drought
(17th April 2011, Mongabay)

Indonesia and the EU reach agreement on illegal wood trade
(17th April 2011, Mongabay)

Brazilian authorities levy $1.2B in fines against beef traders linked to deforestation, slave labor
(15th April 2011, Mongabay)

Avon commits to greener palm oil
(15th April 2011, Mongabay)

Pro-deforestation group calls for weakening of U.S. law against illegal logging
(15th April 2011, Mongabay)

Satellite evidence of deforestation in uncontacted tribe's territory sparks legal action
(12th April 2011, Mongabay)

KFC dumps palm oil due to health, environmental concerns
(8th April 2011, Mongabay)

Greenpeace says McKinsey's REDD+ work could encourage deforestation
(7th April 2011, Mongabay)

Malaysian palm oil giant in fight with forest people gets rebuke from RSPO
(6th April 2011, Mongabay)

Brazil rejects request to halt Belo Monte dam in Amazon
(6th April 2011, BBC Link to News Story)

Partnership to tackle Mediterranean forest threats
(6th April 2011, BBC Link to News Story)

Japan disaster to put logging pressure on rainforests in Indonesia, Malaysia
(5th April 2011, Mongabay)

World Bank to resume lending to palm oil sector after 18-month moratorium
(3rd April 2011, Mongabay)

Brazil banks sued for Amazon deforestation
(2nd April 2011, BBC Link to News Story)

Amazon Rainforest Brown After Severe 2010 Drought
(31st March 2011, ENS)

Some public forests will still be sold off, minister admits
(31st March 2011, The Telegraph (UK))

Norway to continue palm oil investments
(30th March 2011, Mongabay)

Last year's drought hit Amazon hard: nearly a million square miles impacted
(29th March 2011, Mongabay)

Amazon still neglected by researchers
(28th March 2011, Mongabay)

Google Earth reveals stark contrast between Sarawak's damaged forests and those in neighboring Borneo states
(28th March 2011, Mongabay)

Logged forests in Vietnam retain significant biodiversity, including dipterocarp trees
(28th March 2011, Mongabay)

Sawarak chief minister claims 70% of forest intact, invites indepedent observers to verify
(27th March 2011, Mongabay)

Pro-deforestation group criticizes palm oil giant for sustainability pact
(24th March 2011, Mongabay)

Expanding Forests in the Northern Latitudes
(23rd March 2011, ENN)

Amazon deforestation flat since last year
(23rd March 2011, Mongabay)

5 million hectares of Papua New Guinea forests handed to foreign corporations
(23rd March 2011, Mongabay)

Climate change caused by deforestation triggers species migration
(23rd March 2011, Mongabay)

Palm oil relinquishes land contested by local communities as part of sustainability commitment
(21st March 2011, Mongabay)

Want water? save forests
(20th March 2011, Mongabay)

India government: forest target 'unrealistic'
(20th March 2011, Mongabay)

DR Congo blocks Soco from oil search in Virunga park
(18th March 2011, BBC Link to News Story)

Pulp and paper firms urged to save 1.2M ha of forest slated for clearing in Indonesia
(17th March 2011, Mongabay)

Open source forest accounting methodology for REDD projects developed
(17th March 2011, Mongabay)

Coalition calls on Europe to label palm oil on food products
(15th March 2011, Mongabay)

Congo legalizes 15 logging concessions, prompting concern that moratorium will be lifted next
(13th March 2011, Mongabay)

Japan's earthquake disaster may boost rainforest logging in Borneo
(13th March 2011, Mongabay)

McDonald's launches new sourcing policy for palm oil, paper, beef to reduce global environmental impact
(10th March 2011, Mongabay)

Cambodians prevented from protesting destruction of their forest
(10th March 2011, Mongabay)

Fighting illegal logging in Indonesia by giving communities a stake in forest management
(10th March 2011, Mongabay)

Swiss NGO Links Los Angeles Killing to Timber Corruption in Malaysia
(9th March 2011, ENS)

Guyana Deforestation Triples Despite Funding for Forest Protection
(7th March 2011, ENS)

First large-scale map of oil palm plantations reveals big environmental toll
(7th March 2011, Mongabay)

Stopping export logging, oil palm expansion in PNG in 2012 would cost $1.8b, says economist
(7th March 2011, Mongabay)

Moratorium on Amazon deforestation for soy production proving effective
(6th March 2011, Mongabay)

Denver puts water fees toward forest conservation
(6th March 2011, Mongabay)

Brazil court reverses Amazon Monte Belo dam suspension
(3rd March 2011, BBC Link to News Story)

Report: 90 oil spills in Peruvian Amazon over 3 years
(3rd March 2011, Mongabay)

Indigenous leaders take fight over Amazon dams to Europe
(2nd March 2011, Mongabay)

Brazil judge blocks Amazon Belo Monte dam
(26th February 2011, BBC Link to News Story)

Indonesian Borneo and Sumatra lose 9% of forest cover in 8 years
(25th February 2011, Mongabay)

India commits $10 billion to expand forests
(24th February 2011, Mongabay)

U.S. allocates first of $30M in grants for forest conservation in Sumatra
(24th February 2011, Mongabay)

Major palm oil companies failed to secure proper permits in Indonesian Borneo
(24th February 2011, Mongabay)

Peru moves to shut down illegal gold miners in Amazon
(20th February 2011, BBC Link to News Story)

Nigeria moving forward on REDD to protect last remaining forests
(18th February 2011, Mongabay)

UK forest sale plan scrapped after outcry
(17th February 2011, Reuters Link to News Story)

Caroline Spelman in 'humiliating' apology over forest sell-off
(17th February 2011, The Telegraph (UK))

Forest sale axed: Caroline Spelman says 'I'm sorry'
(17th February 2011, BBC Link to News Story)

Amazon pollution: Chevron hits back in row with Ecuador
(15th February 2011, BBC Link to News Story)

Vines rising in the Amazon and other American rainforests
(14th February 2011, Mongabay)

Chevron fined for Amazon pollution by Ecuador court
(14th February 2011, BBC Link to News Story)

Government suspends forest sale
(11th February 2011, The Telegraph (UK))

Haiti's deforestation has dire economic impacts
(9th February 2011, Mongabay)

7.5 million ha of Indonesian forest slated for clearing
(9th February 2011, Mongabay)

Palm oil deal aims to save forests and carbon
(9th February 2011, BBC Link to News Story)

First validated REDD forest carbon credits issued
(8th February 2011, Mongabay)

Half a million people sign petition against Belo Monte, Brazilian mega-dam
(8th February 2011, Mongabay)

Brazil: Indigenous tribes protest against Amazon dam
(8th February 2011, BBC Link to News Story)

New Caledonia's forests are second most threatened in the world, not New Zealand's
(6th February 2011, Mongabay)

Forest privatisation 'not a done deal', says Caroline Spelman
(6th February 2011, The Telegraph (UK))

Coalition scraps plans for disposal of nature reserves
(5th February 2011, The Telegraph (UK))

Rwanda Pledges Nationwide Forest Landscape Restoration
(4th February 2011, ENS)

Amazon rainforest 'could start contributing to global warming after droughts'
(4th February 2011, The Telegraph (UK))

Two massive droughts evidence that climate change is 'playing Russian roulette' with Amazon
(3rd February 2011, Mongabay)

Mass tree deaths prompt fears of Amazon 'climate tipping point'
(3rd February 2011, The Guardian (UK))

Amazon drought 'severe' in 2010, raising warming fears
(3rd February 2011, BBC Link to News Story)

Forest loss slows as UN marks 'International Year of Forests'
(2nd February 2011, Mongabay)

International Year of Forests Dawns With Hope for Conservation
(2nd February 2011, ENS)

From Cambodia to California: world's top 10 most threatened forests
(2nd February 2011, Mongabay)

Forest loss slows as Asian nations plant
(2nd February 2011, BBC Link to News Story)

Why are we a nation of tree-huggers?
(2nd February 2011, BBC Link to News Story)

Forest sell off could cost taxpayer
(1st February 2011, The Telegraph (UK))

Indonesia set to clear 3 million ha of rainforest in New Guinea
(1st February 2011, Mongabay)

Malaysia destroying its forests three times faster than all Asia combined
(1st February 2011, The Telegraph (UK))

Illegal mining, plantation development rampant in Indonesian Borneo; state losses top $17B
(1st February 2011, Mongabay)

Malaysian palm oil producers destroying Borneo peat forests faster than ever before
(1st February 2011, Mongabay)

Pressure mounts over forest sell off
(31st January 2011, The Telegraph (UK))

New images of remote Brazil tribe
(31st January 2011, BBC Link to News Story)

Scientists to document impact of converting rainforest into oil palm plantations
(30th January 2011, Mongabay)

National Trust enters English forest sell-off row
(29th January 2011, BBC Link to News Story)

Gold rush in the Amazon
(28th January 2011, The Telegraph (UK))

Rainforests are a source of philanthropy in Indonesia
(27th January 2011, Mongabay)

Habitat for Humanity partners with controversial logging company in Indonesia
(27th January 2011, Mongabay)

Nike and Kimberly-Clark lead the corporate pack on forest sustainability
(27th January 2011, Mongabay)

Two-thirds of UK biofuel fails green standard, figures show
(27th January 2011, The Guardian (UK))

Forest sell-off could leave heritage sites in hands of ‘supermarkets and sleazy bankers’
(27th January 2011, The Telegraph (UK))

Government vows protection in forest plan
(27th January 2011, BBC Link to News Story)

Brazil approves start of Belo Monte dam construction
(27th January 2011, BBC Link to News Story)

Indonesia grants slew of last-minute logging concessions on eve of moratorium
(25th January 2011, Mongabay)

U.N. climate plans said too narrow to save forests
(24th January 2011, Reuters Link to News Story)

To succeed, REDD should consider factors outside forest sector
(24th January 2011, Mongabay)

Cocaine production killing Colombia's rainforests
(23rd January 2011, Mongabay)

Deforestation continues in Somalia despite charcoal ban
(23rd January 2011, Mongabay)

Ancient woodland under threat
(23rd January 2011, The Telegraph (UK))

Sale of Rigg Wood could herald forests' future
(23rd January 2011, The Telegraph (UK))

Huge sale of public woodland in England planned
(23rd January 2011, BBC Link to News Story)

Survey finds opposition to privatisation of forests
(22nd January 2011, BBC Link to News Story)

Sustainable timber in Tanzania experiences huge growth
(17th January 2011, Mongabay)

Brazil's environment chief resigns over controversial Amazon dam
(15th January 2011, Mongabay)

Indonesia to open protected forests to geothermal power
(14th January 2011, Mongabay)

Filmmaker must surrender Chevron footage: court
(13th January 2011, Reuters Link to News Story)

Does chopping down rainforests for pulp and paper help alleviate poverty in Indonesia?
(13th January 2011, Mongabay)

Giant pandas 'need old-growth forests'
(12th January 2011, BBC Link to News Story)

Al Gore thanks Indonesian president for forest, climate commitment
(10th January 2011, Mongabay)

Burning up biodiversity: forest fires increase in Madagascar
(10th January 2011, Mongabay)

With REDD, could financial markets become species' extinction risk?
(6th January 2011, Mongabay)

Dollar trees line conservation road
(6th January 2011, BBC Link to News Story)

Indonesia divided over forest moratorium
(5th January 2011, Reuters Link to News Story)

China makes gain in battle against desertification but has long fight ahead
(4th January 2011, The Guardian (UK))

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