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The purpose of this page is to keep you informed about environmental issues that you might not be aware of.

Permission has been obtained from various sources to reproduce this information found here. All information is from this source, except where stated. Credits for these sources is listed in the Credits section under Articles and Information.

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Chile approves native forest law after 15 years
(31st December 2007, ENN)

Primates disappearing from tropical forests
(28th December 2007, The Daily Star (Bangladesh))

Prince Charles to work with Norway to save forests
(27th December 2007, Reuters)

Indonesian landslide toll mounts
(27th December 2007, BBC Link to News Story)

New global forest agreement depends on local support
(27th December 2007, ENS)

Prince Charles to work with Norway to save forests
(27th December 2007, ENN)

Latvia battles fir tree raiders
(23rd December 2007, BBC Link to News Story)

Brazil cracks down on illegal Amazon farm products
(21st December 2007, ENN)

Uganda's president revives plan to axe rainforest
(21st December 2007, ENN)

Deforestation hits nutrient cycle
(19th December 2007, BBC Link to News Story)

Rainforest destruction increasingly driven by enterprises, not poverty
(18th December 2007, Mongabay)

Habitat loss forces India's tigers to high ground
(17th December 2007, ENN)

Deal to fight deforestation agreed at climate talks
(14th December 2007, ENN)

Indigenous people fear double climate hit
(13th December 2007, ENN)

World Bank fund will pay to leave forests standing
(11th December 2007, ENS)

U.S. contributes $0 to World Bank's new $300m forest carbon fund
(11th December 2007, Mongabay)

World Bank launches forest carbon fund
(11th December 2007, ENN)

Shell seeks to make diesel fuel from algae
(11th December 2007, ENN)

Sierra Leone sets up forest park
(10th December 2007, BBC Link to News Story)

Indonesia vows to protect endangered orangutans
(10th December 2007, ENN)

Brazil deforestation slows again
(8th December 2007, BBC Link to News Story)

Greenpeace urges EU and Africa to end deforestation
(7th December 2007, ENN)

New report on deforestation reveals problems of forest carbon payment schemes
(7th December 2007, ENN)

Saving rainforests a thorny issue at Bali talks
(5th December 2007, Reuters)

Protecting old-growth forests in Poland
(5th December 2007, ENN)

Uganda plans to boost forest cover
(5th December 2007, ENN)

Bangladesh to seek aid for mangrove forest
(5th December 2007, ENN)

Oil developers permitted to penetrate pristine upper Amazon
(4th December 2007, ENS)

Climate change deals another blow to orangutans
(28th November 2007, ENN)

Indonesia starts planting 79 million trees
(28th November 2007, ENN)

More than 1 billion trees planted in 2007: U.N.
(27th November 2007, ENN)

Brazil urges rich nations to curb climate change
(27th November 2007, ENN)

New African Reserve Protects Bonobos, Stores Carbon
(27th November 2007, ENN)

Ecuador backs Indonesia bid for forest compensation
(26th November 2007, ENN)

Palm oil industry signs up to green labelling scheme
(22nd November 2007, The Guardian (UK))

Hurricanes' toll: 320 million trees
(16th November 2007, Seattle Times)

Biofuels bonanza facing 'crash'
(15th November 2007, BBC Link to News Story)

Greenpeace Blocks Shipment of Indonesian Palm Oil
(15th November 2007, ENN)

Brazil seeks aid from U.N. chief for Amazon
(13th November 2007, BBC Link to News Story)

Nations share blame for Indonesia deforestation: VP
(9th November 2007, ENN)

Palm oil warning for Indonesia
(8th November 2007, BBC Link to News Story)

Booming Palm Oil Demand Fueling Climate Crisis
(8th November 2007, ENN)

Third of primates 'under threat'
(25th October 2007, BBC Link to News Story)

Prince's plea to save rainforests
(25th October 2007, BBC Link to News Story)

Natural decline 'hurting lives'
(25th October 2007, BBC Link to News Story)

Amazon tree-cutting continues apace
(19th October 2007, Newsweek)

Pact to end deforestation launched in the Amazon
(18th October 2007, ENN)

Costa Rica gets forest fund boost
(18th October 2007, BBC Link to News Story)

Uganda scraps controversial rainforest plan
(17th October 2007, ENN)

The Amazon burns once again
(16th October 2007, The Guardian (UK))

Canadian province to set aside caribou lands
(16th October 2007, ENN)

World Bank fund to pay for protecting forests
(12th October 2007, ENN)

'Zero' Amazon Deforestation Possible by 2015, Brazilian NGOs say
(10th October 2007, ENN)

Greenpeace Urges Indonesia to Stop Forest Destruction
(9th October 2007, ENN)

Fires burning across Brazil put biodiversity at risk
(8th October 2007, ENS)

Indonesia to Plant 79 Million Trees in One Day
(4th October 2007, ENN)

Brazil urges world support for Amazon
(3rd October 2007, ENN)

Ghana hopes for EU timber deal
(2nd October 2007, BBC Link to News Story)

Amazon Rainforest at risk from initiative to connect South American economies
(2nd October 2007, ENN)

Rich panoply of giving marks third Clinton Global Initiative
(1st October 2007, ENS)

Green Campaign Dents Palm Oil Demand
(1st October 2007, ENN)

Deforestation Needs to be in Next Climate Pact
(1st October 2007, ENN)

Little-known Indian tribe spotted in Peru's Amazon
(29th September 2007, ENN)

Humanitarian groups tackle the ravages of climate change
(26th September 2007, ENS)

Indonesia urges incentives for forest conservation
(26th September 2007, ENN)

Amnesty International Canada urges halt to logging on indigenous land
(25th September 2007, ENS)

Amazonian forest 'more resilient'
(24th September 2007, BBC Link to News Story)

Amazon forest shows unexpected resiliency during drought
(22nd September 2007, ENN)

UK Sees Need For Global Biofuel Standards, Protections
(20th September 2007, ENN)

Earth's 'vital signs' in bad shape: report
(13th September 2007, Reuters)

Support builds for carbon cash to save forests
(12th September 2007, ENN)

Tigers rediscovered in Indian rainforest
(11th September 2007, ENN)

Australia, Indonesia back Kalimantan forest plan
(9th September 2007, ENN)

As Brazil's rain forest burns down, planet heats up
(8th September 2007, McClatchy Newspapers)

Indonesia: Orangutans squeezed by biofuel boom
(5th September 2007, ENN)

Greek Forest Fires Could Be CO2 Threat
(2nd September 2007, ENN)

Brazil Trys To Calm Europe's Environmental Concerns
(28th August 2007, ENN)

Indonesia hopes to include peat in new climate deal
(27th August 2007, ENN)

Worst Forest Fires In Decade, 16 Dead, Greece Asks EU For Help
(24th August 2007, ENN)

Pygmy Elephants Threatened by Logging, Oil Palm Plantations
(23rd August 2007, ENN)

Brazil denies Amazon logging link
(22nd August 2007, BBC Link to News Story)

Brazil Rejects Reports of Amazon Logging in Camps
(22nd August 2007, ENN)

Rainforest coalition proposes rewards for 'avoided deforestation'
(15th August 2007, ENN)

Study Suggests Carbon Market Encourages Chopping Forests
(14th August 2007, ENN)

Brazil Amazon destruction slows
(13th August 2007, BBC Link to News Story)

Brazil Says Amazon Deforestation Down
(13th August 2007, ENN)

Research Reports Good Environmental News
(10th August 2007, ENN)

Lost forest reveals new species
(8th August 2007, BBC Link to News Story)

Swifter decline for coral reefs
(8th August 2007, BBC Link to News Story)

Aceh War a Blessing in Disguise for Orangutans
(7th August 2007, ENN)

Twelve Thousand People Evacuated as Fires Rage in Spain's Canaries
(1st August 2007, ENN)

Blistering heat and arsonists set southern Europe ablaze
(30th July 2007, ENS)

Forest Service Teams with Nonprofit Foundation to Combat Global Warming
(25th July 2007, ENN)

World Bank Sees Support for $250 Million Forest Fund
(24th July 2007, ENN)

Australia invites nations to monitor forests for climate's sake
(23rd July 2007, ENS)

Picking Berries Protects Rain Forests Best, Study Shows
(18th July 2007, ENN)

China's recycling 'saves forests'
(13th July 2007, BBC Link to News Story)

Vatican Agrees To Reforestation Project in Efforts To Promote Green Awareness
(13th July 2007, ENN)

Palm Oil Firms Burning Indonesia Forests
(12th July 2007, ENN)

Europe, Brazil pledge sustainable biofuels development
(5th July 2007, ENS)

How Can Carbon Trading Save Peatlands and Rainforests?
(2nd July 2007, ENN)

Indian Plan To Lease Degraded Forests Sparks Anger
(29th June 2007, ENN)

Logging Plan Halted for National Forest in Kentucky over Environmental Objections
(29th June 2007, ENN)

Third Crack Found in Forested Area on Hawaii's Kilauea, Threatening Rare Plants and Species
(21st June 2007, ENN)

Indonesia Pledges To Halve Forest Fires This Year
(20th June 2007, ENN)

Orangutans flee illegal loggers in Indonesian parks
(19th June 2007, ENS)

Exceptional natural sites proposed for World Heritage status
(18th June 2007, ENS)

Chinese Demand Drives Global Deforestation Crisis
(13th June 2007, ENN)

Logging May Wreck Orangutan Forests in a Decade, UN Says
(11th June 2007, ENN)

Are You Eating Dinner on a Piece of Rainforest?
(11th June 2007, ENN)

Logging could drive Mountain Caribou to extinction
(7th June 2007, ENS)

Tree Planting, Worm Farming on World Environment Day
(5th June 2007, ENN)

Indonesia's Forests Threatened by Logging, Palm Oil
(4th June 2007, ENN)

Report Says Climate Making Forest Fires Bigger
(1st June 2007, ENN)

CITES to Study Species Over-Exploitation
(31st May 2007, ENN)

Great apes 'facing climate peril'
(30th May 2007, BBC Link to News Story)

Palm Oil Puts Squeeze on Endangered Orangutan
(28th May 2007, ENN)

Bipartisan bill would safeguard America's roadless forests
(25th May 2007, ENS)

Malaysia on PR Campaign over Rainforests, Wildlife
(23rd May 2007, ENN)

Scientists urge conservation of Canada's precious northern forest
(16th May 2007, ENS)

Scientists Urge Half of Canada Forest Be Protected
(15th May 2007, ENN)

Slowing Deforestation Key to Climate Fight, Experts Say
(14th May 2007, ENN)

Environmental warning on biofuels
(13th May 2007, BBC Link to News Story)

Uganda Forest Faces Bulldozers, Species at Risk
(10th May 2007, ENN)

UN warns on impacts of biofuels
(9th May 2007, BBC Link to News Story)

Report Says Malaysia Seeks To Rehabilitate Borneo Rain Forests Marred by Logging
(7th May 2007, ENN)

Climate change 'can be tackled'
(4th May 2007, BBC Link to News Story)

World Bank Eyes $250 Million Deal To Save Forests
(4th May 2007, ENN)

Bhutan To Pay for the Climate Sins of Others
(4th May 2007, ENN)

Asia Struggles To Stop Relentless 'Pollution Calendar'
(2nd May 2007, ENN)

Indonesian governors curb logging to reduce climate change
(29th April 2007, ENS)

Landslip fear over clifftop crack
(28th April 2007, BBC Link to News Story)

Indonesia's Aceh, Papua Pledge To Protect Forests
(27th April 2007, ENN)

Dutch Consider Tough Biofuels Criteria
(26th April 2007, ENN)

Brazil To Split Up Its Environmental Agency
(26th April 2007, ENN)

Ecuador seeks compensation to leave Amazon oil undisturbed
(24th April 2007, ENS)

Indigenous Peoples on Climate Change Front Lines
(19th April 2007, ENS)

'Fewer leaves' behind frog demise
(17th April 2007, BBC Link to News Story)

Malaysia Says Activists Trying To Harm Palm Oil Industry by Highlighting Orangutan Woes
(16th April 2007, ENN)

World Bank Warns of Environment Cost of India Growth
(11th April 2007, ENN)

Deforestation Effects Depend on Location
(10th April 2007, ENN)

Snowy forests 'increase warming'
(10th April 2007, BBC Link to News Story)

From Brazil to Boardwalk: Rain Forest Wood Splinters Ocean City, N.J., Community
(9th April 2007, ENN)

Don't Buy Products from Illegal Logging, Indonesia Says
(9th April 2007, ENN)

Study Shows Rich Reforestation after Fires
(4th April 2007, ENN)

U.S. Developer To Build Hotels in Congo National Park
(3rd April 2007, ENN)

EU biofuel push 'to ruin forests'
(2nd April 2007, BBC Link to News Story)

Brazil rainforest internet plan
(30th March 2007, BBC Link to News Story)

Brazil to Offer Free Internet to Amazon Tribes
(30th March 2007, ENN)

Brazilian government shutters Cargill soy plant, port
(29th March 2007, ENS)

Australia Seeks Backing for Deforestation Fund
(29th March 2007, ENN)

Push to exploit English woodfuel
(29th March 2007, BBC Link to News Story)

Global warming predicted to create novel climates
(27th March 2007, ENS)

Amazon 'faces more deadly droughts'
(23rd March 2007, BBC Link to News Story)

Environmentalists, Loggers Offer Guarded Praise for Brazil Forestry Law
(23rd March 2007, ENN)

Tracking System Aids Fight Against Illegal Logging
(22nd March 2007, ENN)

Forests of the World are slowly disappearing
(14th March 2007,

Destruction of forests in developing world 'out of control'
(14th March 2007, The Independent (UK))

Forests growing back in Asia, Europe, North America
(14th March 2007, ENS)

Most of Europe and North America Have Reversed Deforestation
(13th March 2007, ENN)

Forests Have Replaced Tundra Due to Warming, Study Finds
(9th March 2007, National Geographic News)

Brazil's ethanol push could erode Amazon
(7th March 2007,

Officials arrested for Amazon logging
(2nd March 2007, EarthLink)

Illegal loggers mutilating Congolese forests
(28th February 2007, ENS)

NGO, Residents to Buy Malaysian Forests to Prevent Urban Development
(27th February 2007, ENN)

Indonesian forest plan angers Environmental groups
(23rd February 2007, ENS)

Climate campaign targets offsets
(21st February 2007, BBC Link to News Story)

Three nations agree to conserve biodiverse heart of Borneo
(12th February 2007, ENS)

Smoking out the world's lungs
(12th February 2007, BBC Link to News Story)

'Green' Concrete Could Reduce CO2
(8th February 2007, Discovery News)

Orangutans in peril as Indonesian logging accelerates
(7th February 2007, ENS)

Orangutans 'face greater threat'
(6th February 2007, BBC Link to News Story)

Indigenous Peruvians oppose new oil concessions on their lands
(6th February 2007, ENS)

Spirit Bear Rainforest conservation funded
(1st February 2007, ENS)

Brazil Maps Out Agricultural Sprawl in the Amazon
(26th January 2007, ENN)

Canada acts to protect rainforest
(22nd January 2007, BBC Link to News Story)

Eco-Funding Deal Reached for Canadian Rainforest
(22nd January 2007, ENN)

Buckets of Blood Readied for Slovenian's Amazon Swim
(22nd January 2007, ENN)

Letters sent to all World Governments
(18th January 2007, SOE)

Large Amazon forest reserves crucial for species survival
(11th January 2007, ENS)

Dust from one African valley feeds Brazilian rainforest
(3rd January 2007, ENS)

Researchers Say Warming May Change Amazon
(2nd January 2007, ENN)

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