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The purpose of this page is to keep you informed about environmental issues that you might not be aware of.

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Email sent to IPCC Chairman, RK Pachauri
(29th December 2006, SOE)

Care needed with carbon offsets
(15th December 2006, BBC Link to News Story)

Two-Thirds of Congo Basin Forests Could Disappear
(15th December 2006, ENN)

EU Says Malaysia Must Focus More on Preserving Tribal People in Rainforests
(14th December 2006, ENN)

US Forest Service Says No More Environmental Analysis of Forest Plans
(13th December 2006, ENN)

No climate benefit gained by planting temperate forests
(12th December 2006, ENS)

A Greener Look for Victoria's Secret Catalog
(7th December 2006, ENN)

Brazil protects vast expanse of northern Amazon
(5th December 2006, ENS)

Brazil Creates Largest Tropical Rainforest Preserve
(5th December 2006, ENN)

Half the Peruvian Amazon leased for petroleum development
(4th December 2006, ENS)

Rainforest gets protected status
(4th December 2006, BBC Link to News Story)

U.S. Court bans oil and gas roads on roadless national forests
(30th November 2006, ENS)

Forest Fragmentation Hurts Amazon Biodiversity
(28th November 2006, ENN)

Russia's Upper Chamber of Parliament Passes Forest Code Criticized by Environmentalists
(24th November 2006, ENN)

Forest Fires May Actually Cool Climate
(17th November 2006, ENN)

Groups Seek Ban on Engineered Trees
(16th November 2006, Red Orbit)

UN chief issues climate warning
(15th November 2006, BBC Link to News Story)

World's Forests are Making a Comeback
(14th November 2006, ENN)

Study hopeful for world's forests
(13th November 2006, BBC Link to News Story)

El Nino May Spell Trouble for Indonesian Orangutans
(13th November 2006, ENN)

Space Maps of Forests from 1990s Could Aid Climate
(10th November 2006, ENN)

Environmental Group Says Record Rain Forest Destruction under Brazil's Silva
(9th November 2006, ENN)

Indian Scientists Find Rare Plant
(8th November 2006, ENN)

Court Finds Bureau of Land Management Violated Protections for Treetop Rodent to Allow Logging
(7th November 2006, ENN)

Indonesia Forest Fires, Attacks Kill 1,000 Orangutans
(6th November 2006, ENN)

Groups Want Forest Rules Overturned
(2nd November 2006, ENN)

Russian Planes to Help Indonesia Fight Haze
(31st October 2006, ENN)

Amazon deforestation slows
(27th October 2006, ENS)

Amazon Deforestation Lowest Since 1991
(27th October 2006, ENN)

Arctic Haze Pollution Thickens Despite Russia Cuts
(26th October 2006, ENN)

Carbon trade 'to save' rainforest
(23rd October 2006, BBC Link to News Story)

Brazil Tells Foreigners Amazon Not for Sale
(18th October 2006, ENN)

Canada makes progress on vast new Northern park
(16th October 2006, ENS)

Haze Distresses Orangutans in Indonesian Reserve
(16th October 2006, ENN)

Group Warns Mountains Will Lose Ice Caps
(13th October 2006, ENN)

Indonesians Pray for Rain Ahead of Haze Meeting
(12th October 2006, ENN)

Letters sent for the Indonesian Fires campaign
(11th October 2006, SOE)

Asian Nations to Find Ways to Tackle Haze
(10th October 2006, ENN)

Haze Brings Misery, Health Problems in Indonesia
(9th October 2006, ENN)

U.S. Swaps Guatemalan Debt for Forest Conservation
(3rd October 2006, ENS)

Singapore Skies Smoggy from Indonesia Fires; Air Quality Rated Moderate
(2nd October 2006, ENN)

New trees to reclaim Amazon lands
(27th September 2006, BBC Link to News Story)

Intact Northern Forests Worth $250 Billion a Year, According to Study
(27th September 2006, ENN)

U.S. Judge Rejects Bush Rule on Logging Roads
(21st September 2006, ENN)

Judge axes Bush reversal of Roadless Rule
(20th September 2006, ENS)

Congo creates new wildlife protection areas
(19th September 2006, ENS)

Malaysia Denies Rain Forests Being Destroyed for Palm Oil Cultivation
(13th September 2006, ENN)

Amazon deforestation rate falls
(7th September 2006, ENS)

Brazil Sees Amazon Land Clearing Easing This Year
(6th September 2006, ENN)

Brazil Unveils New Technology to Curb Logging
(4th September 2006, ENN)

Brazil Proposes Fund to Stem Rainforest Cutting
(1st September 2006, ENN)

Drought to Shut Down Canadian Rain Forest Resort
(31st August 2006, ENN)

Indonesia Orders All Forest Fires Be Extinguished Before President's Visit to Singapore
(29th August 2006, ENN)

'More disasters' for warmer world
(14th August 2006, BBC Link to News Story)

Brazil Police Arrest 46 in Major Crackdown on Illegal Amazon Logging
(10th August 2006, ENN)

Indonesian Forest Fires Flare, Region Holds Breath
(10th August 2006, ENN)

Tsunami Boosts Illegal Indonesia Logging
(7th August 2006, ENN)

U.S. Praises Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei for Conservation Project on Borneo
(2nd August 2006, ENN)

Brazil Soy Industry Boycotts Beans from the Amazon
(26th July 2006, ENN)

Soya producers 'will do better'
(24th July 2006, BBC Link to News Story)

Pacific mangrove forests vulnerable to rising sea levels
(21st July 2006, ENS)

Greenpeace catches Tony Blair trashing the worlds rainforests again
(13th July 2006, Greenpeace)

Climate Change Blamed for Western U.S. Wildfires
(7th July 2006, ENN)

World Bank Internal Review Slams Its Forestry Program in Cambodia
(30th June 2006, ENN)

Oregon Timber Sale Awarded as Efforts to Stop It Continue
(29th June 2006, ENN)

Cameroon, France sign Central Africa's first debt-for-nature swap
(23rd June 2006, ENS)

Bush Administration Agrees to Protect Roadless Forests in Three States from Logging
(22nd June 2006, ENN)

Brazil Creates Three New Protected Areas in Amazon Rainforest
(22nd June 2006, ENN)

Liberia Seeks Prosperity from Blood-Stained Forests
(21st June 2006, ENN)

New Hope for Madgascar's Rare Birds
(19th June 2006, ENN)

Environmentalists Ask Judge to Stop Logging in Burned-over Section of National Forest
(15th June 2006, ENN)

Brazilian Police Crack Down on Illegal Logging in Amazon Rain Rorest
(12th June 2006, ENN)

Forest Service Auctions Timber from Burned-Over Section of National Forest
(12th June 2006, ENN)

Brazil OKs Paving Amazon Road on Environment Day
(6th June 2006, ENN)

Greenpeace Says Brazilian Internet User Urged Killing Priests, Activists
(5th June 2006, ENN)

China Cracking Down on Illegal Timber from Myanmar
(1st June 2006, ENN)

Rainforests 'still at great risk'
(26th May 2006, BBC Link to News Story)

Report Says Tropical Timber is Better Protected, Not Safe
(26th May 2006, ENN)

Drug Trade, Land Grabs Threaten Guatemala Rainforest
(26th May 2006, ENN)

House Approves Bill to Speed Logging in Burned Forests
(18th May 2006, ENN)

El Salvador Tropical Coffee Forests Threatened
(17th May 2006, ENN)

European cities pledge to slash greenhouse gas emissions
(11th May 2006, ENS)

Suit targets Montana's first Healthy Forest Restoration Act plan
(27th April 2006, ENS)

Healing Plants Found in Threatened Borneo Forest, WWF Says
(27th April 2006, ENN)

Environmentalists Urge Malaysia to Save 130 Million-Year-Old Rainforest
(21st April 2006, ENN)

China Devastating Asia/Pacific's Rainforests
(19th April 2006,

Authorities Close Major Logging Operation in Brazil
(11th April 2006, ENN)

Greenpeace Blocks Ship Carrying Soya Allegedly from Illegal Amazon Farms
(10th April 2006, ENN)

Greenpeace Accuses of McDonald's of Fueling Destruction of Brazil's Amazon
(7th April 2006, ENN)

Greenpeace links McDonalds with Amazon destruction
(6th April 2006, ENS)

WWF Praises Malaysians for Imposing Logging Ban in Sabah to Protect Rare Animals
(5th April 2006, ENN)

Madagascar protects pristine forests, unique species
(30th March 2006, ENS)

China at Heart of Illegal Timber Trade Greenpeace Says
(29th March 2006, ENN)

Brazil Expands Amazon Protection as Global Environmental Conference Starts
(28th March 2006, ENN)

US, EU consumption driving Chinese imports of Illegal Wood
(24th March 2006, ENS)

Greater Efforts Needed to Save Amazon Rainforests
(23rd March 2006, ENN)

Survey of Canadian Forests Raises Protection Calls
(23rd March 2006, ENN)

Private Sector Role in Amazon Triggers Doubts
(20th March 2006, Copyright 2006, Inter Press Service)

Brazil Opens Chunks of Amazon Forest to Logging
(3rd March 2006, ENN)

PNG rainforest 'in grave danger'
(1st March 2006, BBC Link to News Story)

In Congo, Pygmies Ill-Prepared to Fight for Their Forests
(1st March 2006, ENN)

Illegal Loggers Clearing PNG's Forests, Report Says
(1st March 2006, ENN)

Papua New Guinea Rainforest Illegal Logging and Corruption Studied, Again, But What Is to Be Done?
(28th February 2006,

Brazil's President Creates New Forest Reserves in Amazon
(15th February 2006, ENN)

Talks on future of World's forests open in New York
(13th February 2006, ENS)

Lawmaker Seeks Probe of Logging Study
(9th February 2006, ENN)

Deal protects Canada rainforest
(8th February 2006, BBC Link to News Story)

Conflict to Consensus: British Columbia protects Great Bear Rainforest
(8th February 2006, ENS)

Deal Reached to Protect Canada's Coast Rainforest
(8th February 2006, ENN)

Scientists Warn of Melting Ice in Arctic
(8th February 2006, ENN)

NGOs launch common vision for transforming the European paper industry
(27th January 2006, Newsgroup)

Plan to Build Gas Pipeline through Amazon Rain Forest Catches Environmentalists Off Guard
(26th January 2006, ENN)

Genes record orangutans' decline
(24th January 2006, BBC Link to News Story)

Future of Oceans, Coasts, Small Island States in Conference spotlight
(24th January 2006, ENS)

Canadian Beetle Infestation Worries U.S.
(17th January 2006, ENN)

Deforestation, climate change magnify East African drought
(16th January 2006, ENS)

Plants revealed as methane source
(11th January 2006, BBC Link to News Story)

Minnesota state forests certified sustainable
(11th January 2006, ENS)

Victory against Bush's elimination of forest safeguards
(11th January 2006, ENS)

World Health Agency: Disasters of 2005 not entirely natural
(10th January 2006, ENS)

Oil and Gas zones cover one-quarter of the Peruvian Amazon
(4th January 2006, ENS)

Forest Fires Ravage Rare Species in New Caledonia, Worry Environmentalists
(4th January 2006, ENN)

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