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Please note: E&OE - Content is from various sources. If we have credited a source that is incorrect or where permission has not been received (you never know..), then please contact us to remedy the error. Thanks.

The purpose of this page is to keep you informed about environmental issues that you might not be aware of.

Permission has been obtained from various sources to reproduce this information found here. All information is from this source, except where stated. Credits for these sources is listed in the Credits section under Articles and Information.

In some instances, the external links will not work due to the News source updating and changing their website.

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British Biologist Uses Carbon Trading To Grow Forests
(27th December 2005, ENN)

Fears for Dwindling Forests in Pakistani Quake Zone
(23rd December 2005, ENN)

Brazil Government Announces 31 Percent Drop in Amazon Destruction
(6th December 2005, ENN)

Forests Urged as New Front in Global Warming Fight
(2nd December 2005, ENN)

Earthquake touched off deadly slides in Kashmir's deforested hills
(30th November 2005, ENS)

Malaysia hits out at palm oil 'smears'
(30th November 2005, BBC Link to News Story)

Glen Barry: How to tame the logging beast
(28th November 2005, The Independent (UK))

EU Destroying Forests of Poor Countries, WWF Says
(23rd November 2005, ENN)

Letters sent to the EU Environment Minister and EU President
(21st November 2005, SOE)

Europeans flush 5.5 million tons of forest fiber a year
(21st November 2005, ENS)

World continues to lose forests, but at a slower rate
(15th November 2005, ENS)

World Forest Losses Slowing but Still Alarming, UN Says
(15th November 2005, ENN)

Illegal Logging Devours Honduran Forests, U.S. Group Says
(4th November 2005, ENN)

Bill to force logging public forests after fires introduced
(3rd November 2005, ENS)

Selective Logging May Have Doubled Amazon Damage
(21st October 2005, ENN)

Rain-Forest Damage Much Worse Than Thought
(21st October 2005, ENN)

Amazon 'stealth' logging revealed
(21st October 2005, BBC Link to News Story)

Cameroon's two new national parks shelter forests, wildlife
(17th October 2005, ENS)

Most endangered U.S. forests ranking pinpoints logging pressure
(14th October 2005, ENS)

UN Report: Deforestation does not cause widespread flooding
(13th October 2005, ENS)

Deforestation Doesn't Trigger Floods, U.N. Report Claims
(13th October 2005, ENN)

Amazon Rainforest Suffers Worst Drought in Decades
(11th October 2005, ENN)

Malaysia Urges Neighbors To Do More on Haze
(28th September 2005, ENN)

Lions Kill 20 Peasants in Ethiopia
(21st September 2005, ENN)

Hawaiian Rainforest Protected After Long Struggle
(13th September 2005,

Haze Fears Return as Two Malaysian Districts Record Unhealthy Air Quality
(13th September 2005, ENN)

Temporary Reprieve for Ecuador's Yasuni National Park as Oil Road Halted
(9th September 2005,

Glaciers on the roof of the World at risk
(6th September 2005, ENS)

Ebola Virus Threatens Gorillas, Chimps
(2nd September 2005, ENN)

California, New Mexico, Oregon sue to bring back Roadless Rule
(31st August 2005, ENS)

Dry, Hot Weather Ignites Big Alaska Wildfire Season
(31st August 2005, ENN)

Western States Sue Bush Administration Over Decision To Open Pristine Forests
(31st August 2005, ENN)

Malaysia To Introduce Prison Sentences for Illegal Logging
(30th August 2005, ENN)

Wildfire Claims 988 Acres of Malawi Forest
(30th August 2005, ENN)

Deforestation of the Brazilian Amazon cut by half
(29th August 2005, ENS)

Greenpeace jaguars on motorbikes block Argentine forest clearing
(29th August 2005, ENS)

Deforestation of Amazon 'halved'
(26th August 2005, BBC Link to News Story)

Forest Service Admits 'Serious' Mistake in Logging Rare Tree Preserve
(25th August 2005, ENN)

Shy cloud forest birds identified as new species
(24th August 2005, ENS)

Indonesia Says Haze-Causing Fires Mostly Out -- But Underground Blazes Threaten Tigers
(22nd August 2005, ENN)

Malaysian Firemen Help Indonesia To Fight Blazes
(16th August 2005, ENN)

Environmental Group Slams Indonesian Plan for Huge Plantation in Heart of Borneo Forest
(15th August 2005, ENN)

Air Pollution Hits Emergency Level in Malaysian Port Town from Indonesian Forest Haze
(11th August 2005, ENN)

EU Blames Drought, Human Negligence for Rise in Forest Fires in Southern Europe
(11th August 2005, ENN)

Sierra Club Honors Three Members of a Mexican Forest Group
(10th August 2005, ENN)

Firefighters Battle Forest Blaze in Southern Spain
(10th August 2005, ENN)

Forest Fires in Indonesia Blanket Malaysian Cities with Unhealthy Haze
(3rd August 2005, ENN)

Please Somebody Everyone Do Something
(1st August 2005, Dr Glen Barry)

Myanmar Forest Officials Receive U.S. Prize for Environmental and Wildlife Conservation
(1st August 2005, ENN)

Peasants Pay with Blood to Save Mexico Forest
(22nd July 2005, ENN)

Survey Shows India's Forest Cover Has Increased, but Dense Forests Have Shrunk
(21st July 2005, ENN)

Court Dismisses Challenge to Bush Administration on Rules over Logging in National Forests
(13th July 2005, ENN)

Hollywood Could Help Save Madagascan Forests
(12th July 2005, ENN)

Indonesian Court Rules Mining Companies Can Operate in Protected Forests
(7th July 2005, ENN)

Amazon Officials Work to Protect Biological Riches in Brazil
(5th July 2005, ENN)

Brazilians Suspect Foreigners Covet Amazon Rain Rorest
(5th July 2005, ENN)

US Senate OKs logging road subsidies in Alaska's Tongass Forest
(30th June 2005, ENS)

England guards Forest Crown Jewels: Native, Ancient Woodlands
(29th June 2005, ENS)

Brazilian officials accept forest dwellers as Conservation allies
(24th June 2005, ENS)

Borneo Lowland Forests Face Extinction
(8th June 2005, ENN)

Greens Senator wins partial halt to Tasmanian logging
(7th June 2005, ENS)

Brazil fells massive Amazon Timber Fraud ring
(6th June 2005, ENS)

New Logging Permits Banned in Amazon State with Rampant Deforestation
(6th June 2005, ENN)

Global Forest and Paper Summit: Bottom Line versus Conservation
(3rd June 2005, ENS)

Appetite for Amazon destruction
(26th May 2005, BBC Link to News Story)

WWF, World Bank would trim global deforestation 10 percent by 2010
(26th May 2005, ENS)

New Program Aims to Reduce Alarming Destruction of Global Forests by Ten Percent Annually
(26th May 2005, ENN)

Amazon rainforest cleared faster than Brazil can protect it !
(20th May 2005, ENS)

Amazon destruction accelerating
(19th May 2005, BBC Link to News Story)

Nobel peace laureate urges Congo Basin forest conservation
(18th May 2005, ENS)

Cash Incentives Needed to Save Rain Forests
(18th May 2005, ENN)

Half of North American birds rely on vanishing Boreal Forest
(11th May 2005, ENS)

As Pace of Logging Picks up, Some in North Woods are Alarmed
(9th May 2005, ENN)

Road Building to Be Allowed on National Forest 'Roadless' Areas
(6th May 2005, ENN)

Early Alaska Wildfire Sparks Fears of Tough Season
(4th May 2005, ENN)

JPMorgan Chase Joins Effort To Save Endangered Forests And Stop Global Warming
(25th April 2005, ENN)

Fast-Disappearing 'Heart of Borneo' is Likely Home To Thousands of Species Still Undiscovered
(25th April 2005, ENN)

Hopeful Earth
(23rd April 2005, Dr Glen Barry)

Huge Brazilian Indian Reserve Established in Disputed Amazon Rainforest
(21st April 2005,, Reuters and Rainforest Foundation US)

Old Growth Up, Spotted Owl Numbers Down
(20th April 2005, ENN)

Community Checkpoints Halt Weyerhaeuser Logging For 3rd Week
(14th April 2005, ENN)

US Parks, Forests, Wilderness losing ground to Industry
(13th April 2005, ENS)

Chile Drops Reservation to CITES Trade Ban on Endangered Trees
(12th April 2005, ENS)

The Earth is Dying: World Ruination Is at Hand
(11th April 2005, Dr Glen Barry)

Brazil marshalls defenses to fight Amazon internationalisation
(11th April 2005, ENS)

'Harry Potter' Publisher Pledges U.K. Print Run on Recycled Paper
(5th April 2005, ENN)

Illegal mahogany logging exposed in Peru's new national park
(31st March 2005, ENS)

Saving Afghanistan's precious trees
(29th March 2005, ENS)

Oil developer permitted to log in Ecuadorian National Park
(28th March 2005, ENS)

Environmentalists Fear Brazil's Lifting of GMO Ban
(7th March 2005, ENN)

Federal plan to log Sierra Nevada draws legal actions
(1st March 2005, ENS)

Brazil Awards Disputed Area to Slain Nun's Project
(28th February 2005, ENN)

Environmentalists urge U.S firms to stop importing Indonesian timber
(25th February 2005, ENS)

Fire Ravages Forest Reserve Bordering Malaysian Airport, Administrative Capital
(25th February 2005, ENN)

Brazil Environmentalist Shot in Rain Forest
(24th February 2005, ENN)

Ministers from 100 countries tackle environmental threats
(23rd February 2005, ENS)

Bitter feelings over logging big trees on the Bitterroot
(22nd February 2005, ENS)

Murderer confesses shooting Amazon rainforest champion nun
(22nd February 2005, ENS)

Brazil Vows Slowdown of Amazon Destruction
(22nd February 2005, ENN)

Third largest rainforest illegally felled for flooring
(21st February 2005, ENS)

Brazilian police charge man in murder of American nun
(21st February 2005, ENS)

Environmentalists file suit to axe Bush forest plan
(18th February 2005, ENS)

Thousands Gather for Funeral of American Nun as Battle over Amazon Intensifies
(17th February 2005, ENN)

EU Climate Policy aims for wider international involvement
(10th February 2005, ENS)

African Leaders sign Congo Forest Conservation Agreements
(9th February 2005, ENS)

African Countries Sign Treaty to Protect Rain Forest
(8th February 2005, ENN)

Guards, Governments Seek to Save African Forests
(7th February 2005, ENN)

African treaty to protect forest
(5th February 2005, BBC Link to News Story)

Brazilian government accused of giving in to blackmail
(5th February 2005, Uncredited)

Loggers Going Into Oregon Old Growth Reserve on Biscuit Fire
(1st February 2005, ENN)

Small Town in Jungle Creates Dilemma for Authorities
(28th January 2005, ENN)

US Forests Cost-Effective against Global Warming, Study Concludes
(21st January 2005, ENN)

New York to Get Easements on 104,000 Acres of Adirondack Forest
(7th January 2005, ENN)

Insights: Supporters say another Mexican forest defender framed
(6th January 2005, ENS)

Illegal loggers loot Bosnia's forests
(3rd January 2005, ENS)

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