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The purpose of this page is to keep you informed about environmental issues that you might not be aware of.

Permission has been obtained from various sources to reproduce this information found here. All information is from this source, except where stated. Credits for these sources is listed in the Credits section under Articles and Information.

In some instances, the external links will not work due to the News source updating and changing their website.

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Asian Tsunami Hails Ecological Collapse
(29th December 2004,

Bush Administration Finalizes Rules for National Forest Management
(24th December 2004, ENN)

Logging Company devotes land to Congo gorillas, elephants
(23rd December 2004, ENS)

Tropical Timber Organisation funds Conservation Projects
(23rd December 2004, ENS)

EU Divided on Plans to Curb Illegal Timber Trade
(23rd December 2004, ENN)

Planting Trees of Peace: Maathai in the United States
(21st December 2004, ENS)

Amazon Gas Heralds Changes in Brazil Rain Forest
(21st December 2004, ENN)

Global Warming disrupting North American wildlife
(16th December 2004, ENS)

Amazon Burning Makes Brazil a Leading Polluter
(10th December 2004, ENN)

Nobel Winner Urges Tree Plantings; Peace Row Brews
(10th December 2004, ENN)

Groups Say Government Plans Oil and Gas Lease Auction for National Forest Tracts
(10th December 2004, ENN)

Philippine President blames Storm deaths on Illegal loggers
(6th December 2004, ENS)

Decades of Illegal Logging Blamed for High Death Toll in Philippine Storm
(2nd December 2004, ENN)

Rainforest scientists oppose new oil road in Ecuadorian Amazon
(1st December 2004, ENS)

Half of Brazil's Amazon Jungle Occupied, According to Study
(25th November 2004, ENN)

Greenpeacers in China and Australia target illegal logging
(18th November 2004, ENS)

Democrats, Greens Aim to Overturn Bush Forest Plan
(17th November 2004, ENN)

Unchecked deforestation endangers Malawi ecosystems
(16th November 2004, ENS)

Mexico to Preserve Thousands of Acres of Rain Forest in Historic Land Expropriation
(15th November 2004, ENN)

Groups Unite to Oppose Congo Rainforest Logging Expansion
(15th November 2004,

Indonesia's new national park will not halt mining plans
(12th November 2004, ENS)

Brazil combats land clearing with two rainforest reserves
(12th November 2004, ENS)

Brazil Creates Two New Forest Reserves
(11th November 2004, ENN)

Politics and Gas Fuel Battle over New Mexico Forest
(29th October 2004, ENN)

Tool-making Chimps live in Rainforest saved from logging
(27th October 2004, ENS)

California Rewards Landowners for Leaving Forests Standing to Help Control Global Warming
(27th October 2004, ENN)

Loved by Laureate, Kenya's Forests Are Vanishing Fast
(19th October 2004, ENN)

Ramin Timber Given Greater Protections
(9th October 2004,

Pre-election battle axes clash over Tasmania's tall trees
(6th October 2004, ENS)

Old Growth logging in Biscuit fire area denounced
(5th October 2004, ENS)

ClimateArk Applauds Russian Climate Change Leadership
(30th September 2004, Climate Ark &

Appeals court halts logging in forest burned by 2002 fire
(9th September 2004, ENN)

Soya boom threat to South America
(3rd September 2004, BBC Link to News Story)

Tasmanian forest cutting prompts calls for judicial inquiry
(2nd September 2004, ENS)

Appalachian Trail is vulnerable to new forest rules, environmental group claims
(1st September 2004, ENN)

Even modest Climate Change means more and larger fires
(31st August 2004, ENS)

Forests, rivers, air and animals of North Korea assessed
(30th August 2004, ENS)

Earth warned on 'tipping points'
(26th August 2004, BBC Link to News Story)

Oak disease spreads via human hikers and other stories
(25th August 2004, ENN)

Oil, Gas leases in roadless Wyoming forest called illegal
(24th August 2004, ENS)

Alaska wildfires grow to record 5 million acres
(19th August 2004, ENN)

Nepal engages local communities to conserve Southern Plains
(18th August 2004, ENS)

Bush officials say Healthy Forests Law has cut wildfire threat
(12th August 2004, ENS)

Once Targeted by Protesters, Home Depot Plays Green Role Retailer
(6th August 2004, Wall Street Journal)

Environmental Change + Genetic Mutation = New Viruses
(4th August 2004, ENS)

Greenpeace Argentina blocks bulldozers to save jaguars
(3rd August 2004, ENS)

Why Bangladesh floods
(3rd August 2004, ENN)

Estimates of Amazon's greenhouse gas 'too low'
(30th July 2004, ENN)

Deforestation threatens Amazon river, scientists warn
(30th July 2004, ENN)

Firefighters struggle with forest fires in southern Portugal
(29th July 2004, ENN)

Amazon fires change weather, speed deforestation
(28th July 2004, ENN)

Local communities seen as key allies in forest conservation
(23rd July 2004, ENS)

Indigenous people preserve Nature
(22nd July 2004, BBC Link to News Story)

Anthrax kills wild apes in Ivory Coast, say scientists
(22nd July 2004, ENN)

US consumption is playing a key role in the Destruction of The Canadian Boreal
(20th July 2004, Newsgroup)

Amazon burning makes Brazil a leading polluter
(20th July 2004, ENN)

The Larder is almost bare
(19th July 2004, The Globe And Mail)

Amazon deforestation raises CO2 levels!
(16th July 2004, BBC Link to News Story)

Brazilian army to join fight against deforestation
(14th July 2004, ENN)

Bush administration proposes plan to open more national forests to logging
(13th July 2004, ENN)

U.N. urges action after mountain gorillas' habitat is destroyed
(7th July 2004, ENN)

Illegal logging pressures last few Mountain gorillas
(6th July 2004, ENS)

Jakarta to crack down on loggers
(2nd July 2004, BBC Link to News Story)

International Appeal to China: Stop Burmese Rainforest logging
(2nd July 2004, ENS)

US Administration proposal would open more national forest land to logging
(2nd July 2004, ENN)

Five new natural sites placed on World Heritage List
(1st July 2004, ENS)

Temagami chainsaws quiet awaiting environmental decision
(18th June 2004, ENS)

No new logging roads in Tongass National Forest
(18th June 2004, ENS)

Flood-menaced population to double by 2050, says U.N.
(15th June 2004, ENN)

New Institute would ease Human impact of natural disasters
(14th June 2004, ENS)

World faces seeping flood crisis
(13th June 2004, BBC Link to News Story)

Brazil defends Amazon protection efforts
(4th June 2004, ENN)

Letter sent to Politicians, Celebrities and VIPs
(1st June 2004, SOE)

Poll finds Americans want more environmental action
(27th May 2004, ENS)

Consensus recommends 33% protection from logging in Great Bear
(26th May 2004, Newsgroup)

Bank of America sets new industry best practices for climate change and forest policies
(26th May 2004, ENN)

Highways paving over Brazil's Amazon Rainforest
(25th May 2004, ENS)

Forest-friendly paper for Baby's first animal magazine
(24th May 2004, ENS)

Africa's most active volcano again threatens Gorilla habitat
(19th May 2004, ENS)

Environmentalists target Canada's boreal forest
(19th May 2004, ENN)

Outdoor gear makers urge Bush administration to protect roadless forests
(13th May 2004, ENN)

Loss of bamboo threatens rare animal species
(11th May 2004, ENN)

Reversal of Roadless Rule could devastate National forests
(4th May 2004, ENS)

Oil Companies poised to penetrate the Ecuadorian Amazon
(28th April 2004, ENS)

United States divided on Earth Day 2004
(22nd April 2004, ENS)

10 years later, Northwest Forest Plan still stirs debate
(13th April 2004, ENN)

Increasing destruction of Amazon alarms activists
(8th April 2004, ENN)

Demand for Brazilian Beef blamed for Amazon Deforestation
(6th April 2004, ENS)

Office Depot to incorporate conservation science into paper-procurement decisions
(31st March 2004, ENN)

EarthTalk: How many rainforests are protected worldwide?
(30th March 2004, ENN)

Kenyan Wins $100,000 for Tree Planting in Africa
(29th March 2004, Reuters)

Bush increases Old Growth Logging in Pacific Northwest
(25th March 2004, ENS)

Environment Groups To EndCampaign Vs Office Depot
(25th March 2004, Wall Street Journal)

Bush administration eases logging restrictions on logging old-growth forests
(25th March 2004, ENN)

Bush allows Forest Fire Control without Species Consultation
(24th March 2004, ENS)

Brazil offers coordinated plan to stem deforestation
(18th March 2004, ENS)

Brazil struggles to slow Amazon destruction
(16th March 2004, ENN)

Indonesia mulls death penalty for illegal loggers
(16th March 2004, ENN)

Carbon Dioxide Escalation Alters Amazon Rainforest
(12th March 2004, ENS)

Carbon dioxide is key suspect in rainforest change
(11th March 2004, ENN and other sources)

Smoke pollution makes for stronger storms
(27th February 2004, ENN)

Logging will cut deep into California's Sierra Nevada
(26th February 2004, ENS)

Australian Greenpeacers arrested blocking woodchip exports
(17th February 2004, ENS)

Congolese Rainforest Zoning for Logging Protested
(12th February 2004, ENS)

Laos' tropical paradise is on road to ecological disaster
(11th February 2004, ENN)

Gold mine in Indonesian forest : Wages of Protest is Death
(10th February 2004, ENS)

Cloud forests, water source to millions, face risk
(10th February 2004, ENN)

Illegal Timber Trade destroying Indonesian Rainforests
(6th February 2004, ENS)

Global monitoring for environment, security in Europe
(5th February 2004, ENS)

Privy Council rules flawed Belize Dam can be built
(30th January 2004, ENS)

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