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Please note: E&OE - Content is from various sources. If we have credited a source that is incorrect or where permission has not been received (you never know..), then please contact us to remedy the error. Thanks.

The purpose of this page is to keep you informed about environmental issues that you might not be aware of.

Permission has been obtained from various sources to reproduce this information found here. All information is from this source, except where stated. Credits for these sources is listed in the Credits section under Articles and Information.

In some instances, the external links will not work due to the News source updating and changing their website.

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Bush exempts Tongass Forest from Roadless Rule
(24th December 2003, ENS)

Bush paves way for logging in Tongass
(24th December 2003, ENN)

U.S. environmentalists sue over Alaska logging plan
(11th December 2003, ENN)

U.N. talks permit GMO forests under Kyoto
(10th December 2003, ENN)

Canadian Groups Agree to Conserve Woodlands
(3rd December 2003, NY Times)

Canada's boreal forest would be spared under conservation accord
(2nd December 2003, ENN)

Billions May Suffer Severe Water Shortages as Global Warming Melts Glaciers
(28th November 2003, GreenPlanet (from Agence France Presse))

Cambodia appoints Swiss firm as forestry watchdog
(28th November 2003, ENN)

USAID donates US$25 million to protect Mexican forests
(28th November 2003, ENN)

ASEAN pact on fighting forest fires takes effect
(25th November 2003, ENN)

Venezuela's Indians strive for property titles to their land
(25th November 2003, ENN)

Ecuador maps 20-year plan to slow deforestation
(20th November 2003, ENN)

Illegal logging is blamed in Indonesian flood disaster
(5th November 2003, ENN)

U.S. Senate passes forest-thinning bill
(31st October 2003, ENN)

Senate debates forest bill as California burns
(29th October 2003, ENN)

Kraft Foods partners with Rainforest Alliance on sustainable coffee initiative
(21st October 2003, ENN)

Judge says timber companies that engage in forest logging need federal pollution permits
(17th October 2003, ENN)

Bush Administration Declares Open Hunting Season on Endangered Species
(15th October 2003, RAN)

E.U. aims to stem illegal rainforest timber trade
(14th October 2003, ENN)

Local drug discovery industry could conserve Rainforests
(11th October 2003, ENS)

Bianca Jagger promotes lawsuit against ChevronTexaco in Ecuador
(10th October 2003, ENN)

Excessive logging in Myanmar is clearing vast swathes of virgin forests
(9th October 2003, ENN)

Inter-American Development Bank approves loan for controversial pipeline project in Peru
(11th September 2003, ENN)

Brazil state creates sprawling rainforest reserves
(11th September 2003, ENN)

Bush plan to streamline forest rules nears completion
(10th September 2003, ENN)

Bush, don't fund Peru rain forest ruin, say celebrities
(5th September 2003, ENN)

Boise Cascade to stop purchase of old-growth wood
(3rd September 2003, ENN)

Saving forests is the best way to cheap, clean water, says study
(1st September 2003, ENN)

U.S. funding denied for huge natural gas project in Peru
(28th August 2003, ENN)

Businesses Oppose Tongass Logging
(25th August 2003, Wall Street Journal)

The World is Still Hacking Away at its Lung
(20th August 2003, GreenPlanet)

Activists sue Forest Service over Alaska oil plan
(13th August 2003, ENN)

Bush visits forest charred by wildfire, raises campaign cash
(11th August 2003, ENN)

Support the International Coalition to Save the Macal River Valley
(4th August 2003,

Environmental News Summary - 24th July to 30th July 2003
(30th July 2003, ENS)

Rule blocking development in national forests could hit Supreme Court
(29th July 2003, ENN)

Senate Panel OKs Forest Bill
(25th July 2003, ENN)

EARTH: Our Creative Responsibility Group
(15th July 2003, GreenPlanet)

Brazil's government announces measures to slow Amazon deforestation
(4th July 2003, ENN)

Amazon Deforestation up 40 percent !
(27th June 2003, ENS/ENN)

US Federal timber sales down due to new forest health action
(25th June 2003, ENN)

Canadian firm prints Harry Potter on green pages
(19th June 2003, ENS)

The Cerrado: Brazil's second biggest Biome - Alternative to Deforestation
(11th June 2003, ENS)

Bush Plans Changes to Roadless Rule
(10th June 2003, LA Times)

Activists identify most endangered U.S. forests
(5th June 2003, ENS)

Brazilian Rainforests In Peril
(5th June 2003, ENN)

GreenPlanet purchases 25,000 hectares of land for tree plantation
(3rd June 2003, GreenPlanet)

Office Depot shareholders' meeting
(5th May 2003, Sun Sentinel)

Destruction of Canada's Boreal Forests for California
(28th April 2003, Sacremento Bee)

Office Depots New Environmental Policy Fails to Protect Endangered Forests
(23rd April 2003, Newsgroup)

Citigroup Yields to Pressure by Environmentalists
(22nd April 2003,

Rainforest tree eats up pollution
(24th February 2003, BBC Link to News Story)

Brazil extends moratorium on cutting mahogany
(15th February 2003, Associated Press)

Indonesia and Alaska articles
(12th February 2003, Various)

Ghana's gold dilemma
(4th February 2003, BBC Link to News Story)

Rwanda Wildlife Clubs - Planting Day Report
(22nd January 2003, RWC)

Logging Continues in Redwoods and Canada
(17th January 2003, Newsgroup)

Indonesia fails to stop illegal logging, report says
(16th January 2003, Associated Press)

Home Depot Report
(2nd January 2003, Newsgroup)

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