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Recycling & Recycled Products

Recycle Now
Website for the UK campaign to encourage recycling.
Looking to recycle,import, export, buy, sell or trade scrap, recyclable, recycled materials? We specialize in integrating importers, exporters, traders, individuals and organizations of the recycle industry, making it fast and effective to buy and sell scrap, recyclable, recycled materials.
Suppliers of recycled high-quality office paper.
Ecopapel ( Ecopaper ) Bah?a de Car?quez Ecocity- is a small ethical business created to provide employment for families displaced by the removal of the mangrove forest for shrimp farming. Around 40 families now depend on this for their livelihood. Waste paper is collected from schools and offices and is recycled to create more than 80 different products most of which are beautifully decorated with wildflowers.
Water treatment solutions using environmentally friendly technologies - an overview in five languages.

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