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Renewable Energy Resources

The Carbon Trust
The Carbon Trust is an independent company funded by Government. Our role is to help the UK move to a low carbon economy by helping business and the public sector reduce carbon emissions now and capture the commercial opportunities of low carbon technologies.

Save Energy - The Energy Saving Trust
We provide independent evidence-based policy analysis around the areas of energy efficiency small-scale renewables and clean low carbon transport, covering both the UK and Europe.Recent consultation documents have been submitted around cleaner fuels and fiscal incentives for energy efficiency, to name but two. We develop and manage programmes for UK Government, covering awareness raising, provision of advice and support and grants for innovative technologies and techniques. We support a UK-wide network of 52 Energy Efficiency Advice Centres, providing impartial advice to householders.

A website launched by Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth and WWF. The website details news and facts about wind power developments across the UK.

Juice from npower
Renewable energy source, Wind power, from NPower in association with Greenpeace.

Good Energy (formally Unit[e])
Renewable energy source from Unit[e].

Green Prices
Excellent website for Europe/UK with links to power suppliers of renewable energy.

Green Energy
The National Energy Federation's Renewable Energy Site.

Renewable Energy by The Guardian
The Guardian (UK) newspaper's renewable energy section.

North Hoyle
The website of the UK's first offshort Wind farm.

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