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Fair Trade

Make Trade Fair
An organisation that has been set up (by Oxfam) with one purpose in mind - to stop the wealthy countries getting richer on the backs of the poorer nations and demanding that farmers in poorer nations get paid fairly. Add your name to thousands that want to make trade fair. Join their mailing list and participate in actions against the big Corporations.

Traidcraft Shop (was Fair Trade Online)
A great site offering a wide variety of products ranging from coffee to wines to kitchens and fashions. All the profits go to helping people around the world gain a fair price for the products they make or grow whilst giving them back what is owed instead of the fat cats taking all the profits. Great site.

Made by Traidcraft, these are cereal bars with a difference - they use ingredients from poor countries and pay them what they deserve! The chocolate bars are a must....

Care For Coffee
With Union Coffee Roasters, these organisations are bringing more fair trade into the world of coffee. A personal favourite is the Rwandan Cafe Maraba Bourbon that is grown by the Abahuzamugambi cooperative with Avega, a survivor group supported by Comic Relief. This coffee is, in my opinion, better than the Blue Mountain from Jamaica.

Abahuzamugambi is a small coffee cooperative with about 450 members, many of whom are survivors of the genocide in 1994. The survivors are members of Avega, an organisation set up in 1995 by five widows who wanted to give support and comfort to other survivors across Rwanda. Avega now has 30,000 members, who give practical help such as loans to set up small businesses as well as advice and counselling.

Oxfam is a development, relief, and campaigning organisation dedicated to finding lasting solutions to poverty and suffering around the world. The charity works with poor communities, local partners, volunteers, and supporters to help this become a reality. They campaign for cheaper medicines for poorer nations, fair trade (helped to set it up) and others.

Cafe Direct
Set up by Equal Exchange, Oxfam Trading, Traidcraft and Twin Trading, Cafe Direct offer coffees from around the world, where farmers get a price that gives them a profit. Beautiful coffee.

Progreso Coffee Shops
Progreso is the new brand of coffee shop that has hit the High Streets. Coffee growers will get a fair trade price for their coffee and share directly in the profits.

Himalaya Crafts
Handicrafts, created by craftsmen of world acclaim are made with finest quality material and exquisite finish. Our commitment to quality and unique designs has been the driving force. We source products from village tribal artists and bring their art into functionality in house-holds.

Mafundi Fair Trade Arts & Crafts
A selection of more than 300 Fair Trade arts, crafts and musical instruments from the developing world. We have many artisan produced items using sustainable or recycled materials such as banana fibre, coconut wood and recycled oil drums. we offer FREE U.K. shipping and special educational discounts. Mafundi Crafts-Fair Trade,Fair Price.

Document last updated on Wednesday 01 August 2018

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