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Rainbow River at Marshall Falls in Guyana
Join Ted Sabat and his friends in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Support his efforts to save 17,000 acres of rainforest in Guyana.

Australia Wildlife Tours
A group in north-western Australia, based in Cairns, who provide night trips into the Rainforest, and mountain walks. If you book a trip, please mention SaveOurEarth for a discount.
An ethical tour agency in Bah?a de Car?quez Ecocity -coastal Ecuador. The owners of this agency are dedicated to responsible tourism and environmental projects and have combined all of these to create what they call " tourism for a better planet " They offer opportunities like seeing the first organic shrimp farm in the world, Bahia Ecocity projects, Rio Muchacho Organic Farm (organic/permaculture farm), whale watching, birdwatching and trips to the tropical dry forest.

The Living Rainforest
Explore the rainforest, and discover its wonders at The Living Rainforest, situated at Hampstead Norreys, Berkshire, England. Regular events include: artists residencies, art, fair trade and environmental workshops, quizzes, meeting the animals, interactive plant safaris and more!

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