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Environmental Groups

The new updated website from Ecological Internet - to quote "An Information Gateway Empowering the Movement for Environmental Sustainability".

The Environmental group thats known the World over.

Friends Of The Earth
Likewise, this environmental group is known worldwide.

World Wildlife Fund For Nature
Another environmental group campaigning for a better world.

World Wildlife Fund-UK
The UK website of the World Wide Fund For Nature.

Oceana is a new non-profit, international advocacy organization created with the sole purpose of protecting the world's oceans to sustain the circle of life. They bring together dedicated people from around the world, building an international movement to save the oceans through public policy advocacy, science and economics, legal action, grassroots mobilization, and public education. Join them today and help save the oceans!

Greenpeace's website for their campaign to protect whales from extinction.

WWF's Panda Passport
Visitors can get involved in online campaigns set up by WWF.

World Society for Protection of Animals
The WSPA is an international federation of animal welfare organisations and seeks to go beyond the conservation of a species but towards individual animals. WSPA aims to promote the protection of animals, to prevent cruelty to animals, and to relieve animal suffering in every part of the world.

Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
The RSPB works for a healthy environment rich in birds and wildlife; it depends on the support and generosity of others to make a difference.

British Trust For Conservation Volunteers
BTCV is the UK's leading charity working with people to bring about positive environmental change.

Council for the Protection of Rural England
CPRE exists to promote the beauty, tranquillity and diversity of rural England by encouraging the sustainable use of land and other natural resources in town and country.

Marine Conservation Society
The Marine Conservation Society (MCS) is the UK Charity dedicated to the protection of the marine environment and its wildlife.

International Otter Survival Fund
The IOSF aim to help otters worldwide with rehabilitation and education. They are based on the Isle of Skye, and are working on projects to save otters in Belarus and Vietnam to name a few.

Save Our Sand, Hayle
Fighting to protect the beach, harbour, estuary and sand dunes at Hayle in Cornwall which are being threatened by commercial sand extraction. This is a huge task for them to gain enough support to cease sand dredging for profit on our once beautiful beach and dune system.

Rwanda Environmental Conservation Organisation (RECOR)
RECOR is a national environmental and wildlife conservation organization, which puts much emphasis on environmental education, reforestation and agroforestry promotion and execution, it also deals with tourism promotion in the country. It?s spearheading environmental conservation education in the country through the formation of Wildlife/Environment Clubs in schools and higher institutions of learning.

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