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Animal Rights & Campaigners

Protecting Animals in Democracy
Protecting Animals in Democracy (PAD) is a historic new project that aims to turn people power into a peaceful political force for compassionate change. But the success of this project depends on your participation - people power. By making representations to your MP you can be an effective advocate for defenceless animals.

Uncaged Campaigns
Animal rights campaigners from Sheffield, England. They have been campaigning tirelessly about the treatment of animals at UK Government sanctioned-laboratories.

Care For The Wild International
Care for the Wild International is an animal welfare and conservation charity. We protect wildlife throughout the world from cruelty and exploitation. By funding practical projects we make areas safe for wildlife, rehabilitate sick or injured animals and provide sanctuary for those who cannot return to the wild.

Guide To Animal Rights
This page gives information on Animal Rights and provides many links - recommended by Jacob Crane.

Born Free
The Born Free Foundation campaigns for the protection and conservation of animals in their natural habitat and against the keeping of animals in zoos and circuses and as exotic pets. Born Free, inspired by the true story of Elsa the lioness, believes that individuals matter. Born Free stands for compassion and a commitment to encourage a more caring world.

Go Cruelty Free Shopping Guide
In 1996 the BUAV joined a global coalition of animal protection groups from Europe and North America. This coalition recognised that statements made by companies claiming their products are not animal tested can often be misleading, causing considerable confusion among consumers. For example, product packaging may state 'This product has not been tested on animals.' However, even though an end product may well be free from animal testing, the individual ingredients may not. To help consumers identify and purchase true cruelty free products, the coalition introduced the Humane Cosmetics Standard and the Humane Household Product Standard (known in the US as the Leaping Bunny scheme).

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