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Alternative Resources

Craft Vision
Craftvision are based in Kathmandu, Nepal. They are manufacturers,wholesalers & exporters of Nepali paper & paper products. The hand-made paper is prepared in the traditional way from Daphne Cannabina, commonly known as LOKTA, an under-storey shrub which grows in the middle mountains of Nepal. The paper is acid free and extremely durable and is environmental friendly.

Mama's Earth
Did you know that until the end of the last century paper was made almost exclusively from RECYCLED MATERIALS such as cotton and linen rags? It was about that time that it was determined that WOOD FIBER (trees!!) was the most available and cost effective ingredient for paper making. Mama's Earth is an environmental website and REAL store supplying products made from hemp, recycled plastic, organic cotton, recycled glass and organic foods.

You will find clothing, food, cosmetics, accessoires and more, everything made from hemp.

American Kenaf Society
The AKS provide a mechanism for communication concerning common needs and interests in kenaf research, production, processing, product development, and marketing. They also provide, in cooperation with other organizations and institutions, effective distribution of educational and scientific information on kenaf to all interested parties and facilitate continued development of the kenaf industry.

Kenaf Australia
Kenaf Australia is a Queensland based company focused on the development of Kenaf as an Agricultural Industry for Queensland and Australia. Our goal is to establish a broadacre kenaf industry in Australia to provide feedstock for the pulp, paper and fibre industries.

This company owned by Armando Regusci, is developing compressed air vehicles. He has been developing since 1984 in Uruguay and has had much success with motorcycles and cars.

Go In
Go In, as manufacturers of modern restaurant furniture, have developed a new material, which is suitable to replace endangered tropical wood as a raw material for outdoor furniture. Their invention impressed the jury of the recent Hotelympia Show 2010 in London, where they were awarded the Innovation Award 2010. Visit their blog for more details.

Ethical Consumer
Ethical Consumer is a subscription-based independent lifestyle magazine, with a readership of 20,000, that informs consumers about everything from the social and environmental impacts of a product to the ethical records of the companies that make it. Complex issues are simplified with easy-to-use tables that show important facts at-a-glance.

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