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Environmental, Campaign & Website News > Community Checkpoints Halt Weyerhaeuser Logging For 3rd Week

Community Checkpoints Halt Weyerhaeuser Logging For 3rd Week

Date : 14th April 2005, Source : ENN

The communities of Haida Gwaii are preparing for a third week of community checkpoints blocking Weyerhaeuser logging and asserting native land rights on their island. The checkpoints began on March 23 in response to Weyerhaeuser's proposed sell-off of long-term logging licenses on the island. Island resident say that failed negotiations; un-enforced laws and decades of destructive forestry have left them with no option but to block further industrial logging by Weyerhaeuser. Locals have named the actions "Island Spirit Rising" and reclaimed four barge-loads of raw logs from Weyerhaeuser to help fund schools, hospitals, language and cultural programs and other community services neglected by the BC government.

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