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Summit Shambles

Date : 23rd Apr 2002, Source : BBC Sourced

This piece was compiled using information from the BBC News website.

Well, it was the conference we were all waiting for, waiting for action to be determined on how to save the forests of the Earth. But what amounted to great expectations became a shambles as the governments decided to set up a working group to look at the problems.

Ten years ago, at the Earth Summit in Rio, Brazil, the governments pledged to tackle the problems of deforestation but resulted in institutions and procedures. Environmentalists were critical of Brazil, Canada and Malaysia who spent the Summit watering down any proposals and blocking progress on reversing deforestation and illegal logging.

Greenpeace had brought in children from around the World with a message for the governments but as Brenda Ramsey of Greenpeace stated: "Governments will not be able to justify this to future generations who will inherit the results of their failure."

It was only August 2001, that the United Nations said efforts to save the World's most important forests should concentrate on 15 countries. These countries contain more than 80% of the forests the UN has decreed need the most protection. Venezuela protects 63% of its closed-canopy forests while Russia protects just 2%.

On a personal note...

We are disappointed that the governments did not take action to protect the forests. As the electees, we have a say in which government runs our respective countries and it seems that the current ones, and those over the past ten years, are unwilling to commit resources to protect the forests. They ignored the pleas and arguments from many environmentalists and organisations around the World, seemingly more willing to give into those that profit than those that want to protect. Time will tell, and lets hope that by the Earth summit in Johannesburg, South Africa in September 2002, a decision will have been made that safeguards the future of the forests.

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