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Date : 23rd Apr 2002, Source : BBC Sourced

This piece was compiled using information from the BBC News website.

New measures have been agreed to prevent 'bio-piracy' at the Biological Diversity conference in The Hague, Netherlands. Representatives agreed to prevent mulit-national corporations from taking wild plants and animals from countries to develop into medicines, without sharing the profits with the countries from where they were sourced from.

Developing nations have argued this while companies are estimated to be making up to 20 billion a year! Plants, valued for their healing properties, have been patented by companies in the USA.

Companies should only be allowed to take plants if they agree to share the profits but this is only voluntary! (Note: So how many companies will agree to this?)

But indigenous peoples say there still isn't enough protection for their people living in the forests. They argue that they, not the governments, should benefit from the stolen knowledge and the guidelines are too weak to prevent the local knowledge from being stolen by the 'profit-hungry' multi-nationals.

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