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Where Are Our Forests?

Date : 23rd Apr 2002, Source : BBC Sourced

This piece was compiled using information from the BBC News website.

Dirk Bryant of the World Resources Institute based in Washington, has just finished compiling a report, taking two years, on the World's forests.

Bryant covered North America, Russia, Indonesia, Central Africa, Chile and Venezuela. He found that forests were in rapid decline and they could disappear much sooner than we are told, and that intact forest was actually badly in decline. One of the reasons he puts this down to is illegal logging, roads and mining. Governments were making an effort but not translating them into practice.

Bryant and his team have covered half of the world's forests and found that many forests that featured in an earlier survey, which were intact are now much less. They found that a quarter of Russia's forests are now intact and Bryant states that the forests are important in counteracting climate change.

There were some encouraging words regarding deforestation. He stated that some companies were actually working with environmental groups with reforestation and sustainable resources.

In a separate story, environmentalists have raised the alarm over the forests of Tasmania. They have said logging is not sustainably managed and many trees are being felled for wood chippings - in fact, this has doubled in the last decade. Tasmanian state government states that 40% of the land is protected but the environmentalists report only one third of this is forest while 87% of the unprotected forest has been logged.

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