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Environmental, Campaign & Website News > Rwanda: 44 Million Trees to Be Planted

Rwanda: 44 Million Trees to Be Planted

Date : 12th October 2010, Source : All Africa

Kigali The Minister of Forestry and Mines, Christopher Bazivamo has said that over 44 million trees will be planted countrywide in the tree planting week slated to be launched in Karongi District on November 8. Speaking to The New Times, Bazivamo said that strategies are being laid to ensure the success of the exercise. "But this is not the only tree planting period. It's only that this is the time we give it emphasis, but the activity goes on in other rainy seasons." Bazivamo added. The trees, he said, will be planted at roadsides, agro-forestry and wood-plots earmarked in every Village.

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