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Environmental, Campaign & Website News > Greenpeace take action to stop imports from the 'Forest of Great Apes'

Greenpeace take action to stop imports from the 'Forest of Great Apes'

Date : 15th Apr 2002, Source : Email

Greenpeace is now taking action in the Thames to stop a ship carrying timber from Africas remaining rainforests from entering the UK. Ships, like the one we have boarded today, arrive in the UK almost every week, carrying illegally and destructively logged wood from the worlds last ancient forests. That wood is flooding the UK market.

Greenpeace is demanding that this timber, from the destruction of one of the worlds remaining ancient forests, is returned to Cameroon. Research indicates that the timber on board this ship includes sapele, identical to that used in the doors and windows at the Governments Cabinet Office in Whitehall, where Greenpeace took action last Wednesday. See There is also other rainforest timber from the region on board.

Tony Blair has promised to lead international efforts to protect the worlds forests, yet these promises are meaningless as ships like this one offload timber from the world last ancient forests into the UK.

Whilst Greenpeace is taking this action today we need your help in pressurising the Government into real measures to save the ancient forests. You can do this in the following ways -

If you have not already done so please visit to vote for government action.
Please let Tony Blair know what you think by faxing him at Downing St today on 020 7925 0918

Tell him that -

He must ban the import of illegally and destructively logged timber into the UK
He must stop buying ancient forest timber to refurbish government buildings like the Cabinet Office

Please email the timber company NHG. They are the main UK agents for Vicwood-Thanry, one of the most notorious companies in Cameroon with a string of convictions for illegal logging. Ask them why their company is still buying timber from companies that are trashing the remaining rainforests in Africa. Email

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