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Environmental, Campaign & Website News > Ross Kemp: Reluctant eco-warrior

Ross Kemp: Reluctant eco-warrior

Date : 19th April 2010, Source : The Guardian (UK)

Ross Kemp is not an environmentalist. He says so right at the start of his new documentary Ross Kemp: Battle for the Amazon, and then spends much of the next hour at pains to let the viewer know that he is no treehugger. Which is strange, given he has made one of the best environmental films in years. The documentary, the first part of which will be broadcast Tuesday evening at 10pm on Sky 1 HD as part of Sky's week of programming in support of its Rainforest Rescue campaign, takes the no-nonsense style of reportage that has helped Kemp successfully turn himself from soap stalwart into one of the UK's top broadcast journalists, and uses it to illuminate the world's largest environmental crisis.

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