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Environmental, Campaign & Website News > Amazon facing 'real-life Avatar' says James Cameron

Amazon facing 'real-life Avatar' says James Cameron

Date : 12th April 2010, Source : The Telegraph (UK)

James Cameron, the director, has said a real-life "Avatar" battle is playing out in Brazil's Amazon rain forest, where indigenous groups are trying to halt the construction of a huge hydroelectric project. Cameron said he was in Brazil to support Indian and environmental groups as they stage protests against the Belo Monte dam project. The Titanic director attended an environmental summit in the Amazon last month with former US Vice President Al Gore. He returned this week to Sao Paulo to promote the DVD version of his blockbuster movie Avatar, in which the fictitious Na'vi race fights to protect its homeland, the forest-covered moon, Pandora, from plans to extract oil. He said he came to Brasilia on his own initiative because he was drawn to the activists' plight.

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