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Environmental, Campaign & Website News > FedEx Funds Conservation International to Reforest Panda Habitat

FedEx Funds Conservation International to Reforest Panda Habitat

Date : 25th March 2010, Source : ENS

WASHINGTON, DC, March 25, 2010 (ENS) - Two of America's best known organizations have joined forces to help reforest giant panda habitat in a region of China's Sichuan Province devastated by a severe earthquake in 2008. With fewer than 1,600 individuals left in the wild, the giant panda is one of the planet's most endangered species. FedEx will donate $600,000 to the nonprofit Conservation International to run community conservation projects that will reforest areas of south-central China that were destroyed by the May 2008 earthquake. The 8.0 magnitude earthquake took over 69,000 lives and caused $124 billion in damage, including destruction of panda habitat.

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