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Letters sent to World Leaders

Date : 23rd November 2009, Source : SOE

We have been sending letters to the World Leaders since 2001 - our last letters which we sent contained God's words. The words are from a book called, 'The Messenger The Messiah' by Ann Walker and White Arrow. Ann Walker herself had been campaigning to end the destruction of the World's Rainforests since 1992. World Leaders, the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), the United Nations, politicians, Members of State and famous people were all told of the disasters that would befall Mankind and the Earth if no action was taken in regards to saving the rainforests.

We are now in 2009 and the destruction still continues while members of the richest nations in the world are still squabbling and putting greed before the Earth and its people. We the people can clearly see the changes in the weather patterns which White Arrow and Ann Walker predicted in 1992. It is the people who are suffering from these dramatic Earth changes and we need to all pull together to save the rainforests and argue the facts later. For if Ann Walker and White Arrow are wrong then by saving the rainforests we have restored an eco-system termed the Garden of Eden or as we like to say, The Lungs of the Earth, but if they are right and we do not act the consequences will be more than we can all bear.

We urge you all to visit Ann's website and read her books especially The Messenger The Messiah where there is a 90 page global report on the workings of the earth and the changes to come for mankind and a dire warning from God that we ignore at our own peril, but we urge you to read for yourself for if time has ran out you cannot then say you were not warned.

Below is the letter that we sent to World Leaders on 23rd November 2009.

Update on 25th November 2009 - On 23rd November 2009, we began sending emails with the words below to all Environment leaders. The next day the Swedish Minister for the Environment, Andreas Carlgren, announced to the European Parliament that 'we must take immediate action with regards rainforest destruction as even with ambitious offers at Copenhagen, we will be unable to reduce emissions quickly enough.' For more details, see

What Can All Of Us Do?
If you would like to write a letter to your leader or all the leaders please see our campaign, "Is Your Earth Worth The Cost Of A Stamp" where there is contact information for the World's leaders and a sample letter which we encourage you to personalise. We are also in contact with an amazing group of people in Costa Rica who are actively buying up land and planting trees in these Equatorial Regions - you can make donations to them at You can also make donations to the Philippine Reef Project and World Land Trust but with the latter we are not getting information regarding where the money is going and how much land we have secured.

For information on what is happening in the rainforests please see the links on this website. If you can offer any information on the above or on the rainforests or would like to offer help please get in contact.

In 2007, we sent God's words to all the leaders - these words are from the book "The Messenger The Messiah" by Ann Walker and White Arrow, who are truly the Son and the Daughter, do not doubt it. In these words God has spoken to each of you and asks you to save the rainforests which in turn will save Mankind and the Earth from total destruction.

These words were not sent to you all lightly and you know there are dire consequences for you all if these words are not headed. Some of you have had the wisdom to listen to these words and have acted and some of you are listening to the spiritual influences being brought into the Earth by White Arrow and the Aliens and have acted. To this they thank you for you are truly doing God's work.

For those of you who are still not convinced, it is written in writings and scriptures all over the world from civilisations previous to this one. Mankind has a choice, the page for the future is blank which means - you save the rainforests and stop the destruction and replant in the Equatorial Regions and Northern Hemisphere and save Mankind. If you fail, the coming of changes in 2012 will start the process of irreversible destruction to the Earth and Humanity, it will be too late and Mankind's fate is sealed. The children of the world can see clearly and yet it is their future in whom they entrust to you.

It is up to all mankind to stop the destruction of the rainforests and replant the trees but you have chosen to lead your country and you must tell the truth. Greed is stopping the Rainforests from being saved, and what will this greed bring you when your world is ending?

Ann and White Arrow are touching people all over the world spiritually as are the Aliens but this is Mankind's mess and he must take responsibility NOW before it is too late.

Pull together to save your beloved Earth and thus save yourselves.

We will leave you with White Arrow's words:

"As the Mayans had stated centuries ago, today it is told to you. Look around you for it is only Man who is causing this destruction, not God. So pull together as one for at no other time or place has there ever been such urgency to bring Man together than now.

We have no time left.

With Sincerity

Denise Tansley and Mark Naughton
On behalf of Ann Walker and White Arrow

Document last updated on Wednesday 01 August 2018

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