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Environmental, Campaign & Website News > US consumption is playing a key role in the Destruction of The Canadian Boreal

US consumption is playing a key role in the Destruction of The Canadian Boreal

Date : 20th July 2004, Source : Newsgroup

As many of you already know Canada's Boreal contains 25 percent of the world's remaining intact forest and, along with the Amazon and Russian taiga, is one of the world's three largest intact forest landscapes. Because it stores more carbon than any other terrestrial ecosystem, it is essential for helping regulate the Earth's climate. The Boreal also provides critical nesting grounds for over three billion North American birds.

We (ForestEthics) released a new report today about the destruction of the Canadian Boreal. The report, Bringing Down The Boreal: How U.S. Consumption of Forest Products is Destroying Canada's Endangered Northern Forests, details the role that US consumption is playing in the decimation of the Canadian Boreal.

Canada's Boreal forest, an area thirteen times the size of California and stretching from Alaska to the Atlantic across the center of Canada, is being clearcut at unsustainable rates to satisfy U.S. consumption, the report revealed. The report names 14 companies that are currently involved in unsustainable logging practices in the Boreal forest and asks U.S. customers of their pulp and paper mills to stop buying from these companies.

Despite its international ecological importance, a mere eight percent of Canada's Boreal forest is protected. This report reveals that Canada's heritage is being shipped to the US to make catalogues and toilet paper. International attention is increasingly turning to Canada's Boreal because it is one of the largest wilderness areas left on earth.

This report shows that it is critical that organizations and citizens use their power to pressure the US companies that are selling or using endangered Canadian Boreal Forest products. In the coming months we will increasingly ask for your help to protect this global treasure.

The United States is the primary market for Canadian Boreal forest products and imports a staggering 80 percent of all Canadian wood and paper exports. The Boreal products take the form of two-by- fours, newsprint, toilet paper, copy paper, catalogs, and market pulp (turned into paper products in the U.S.)

Through analysis of relevant market data and chain of custody research, the report illuminates the mill to marketplace journey of Canada's forests and forest products. In addition the report shows that Canadian logging causes almost five acres of forest to be lost every minute, every day, principally to feed U.S. demand;

The Canadian Boreal provides about 20 percent of the world's supply of market pulp for paper products;

U.S. consumers buy more than half of all Boreal wood and paper production;

Forty-six percent of all newsprint consumed in the United States was once Canadian forest habitat—principally originating from the Boreal;

Many of North America's largest catalogs and tissue product manufacturers use virgin boreal pulp.

The report, Bringing Down The Boreal: How U.S. Consumption of Forest Products is Destroying Canada's Endangered Northern Forests, praises three companies -- Alberta Pacific, Domtar Inc. and Tembec Industries -- for moving toward better practices. Those include using alternative fibers in pulp mills, working with other stakeholders to establish protected areas and moving toward using FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified wood for production.

We need your help to protect the Canadian Boreal:

You can sign your organization onto the Endangered Forests statement of support. The statement shows support for the protection of all the endangered forests around the globe. You can get a copy by emailing me at

You can download the report so that you know what products are coming from the Boreal and which logging companies are doing the destruction. The report is available at You should join the campaign against the catalog industry for the use of endangered forests including the Boreal. The campaign will be announcing the first company focus in August. It will be one of the 6 companies put on notice in March. Those companies are Victoria Secret, LL Bean, JCrew, Sears, JC Penny, and Williams & Sonoma. Be on the look out for the announcement.

You can host a presentation about the importance of the Boreal and the threats it is facing. Contact to get in touch with a speaker.

For more information or to get involved you can visit or email

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