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Environmental, Campaign & Website News > Amazonian Indians End Protest After Peru's Congress Repeals Decrees

Amazonian Indians End Protest After Peru's Congress Repeals Decrees

Date : 19th June 2009, Source : ENS

LIMA, Peru, June 19, 2009 (ENS) A 10-week protest by Peru's Amazonian indigenous groups against legislation that facilitates development in their region ended yesterday after the Peruvian Congress repealed two legislative decrees. Leaders of the Peruvian Rainforest Inter-Ethnic Development Association, AIDESEP, called upon thousands of indigenous protesters to lift blockades of two highways and return to their villages. The congressional vote was a partial victory for the seven indigenous organizations that AIDESEP represents, which were demanding that the government repeal nine decrees. Indigenous leaders claim those decrees threaten their people's rights to land and natural resources, and that they violate the UN International Labor Organization's convention 169, which requires the government to consult indigenous groups before passing laws that will impact them.

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