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Environmental, Campaign & Website News > Marriott Guests Invited to Save Rainforest, Climate for $1/Day

Marriott Guests Invited to Save Rainforest, Climate for $1/Day

Date : 16th April 2009, Source : ENS

BETHESDA, Maryland, April 16, 2009 (ENS) - Hotelier Marriott International, Inc. and the Brazilian state of Amazonas are working together to protect endangered rainforest and at the same time protect the climate by reducing greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation. Under an agreement signed April 7, Marriott and its customers will contribute to a fund administered by the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation, a nonprofit public interest institution in Brazil. The money will be used to monitor and protect the 1.4 million acre Juma Sustainable Development reserve, an area rich in biodiversity in a high risk deforestation zone.

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