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Environmental, Campaign & Website News > New Species Identified in Peru's High Andean Forests

New Species Identified in Peru's High Andean Forests

Date : 27th March 2009, Source : ENS

LIMA, Peru, March 27, 2009 (ENS) - Three species that are new to science and one that is probably new have been discovered in forests of the Peruvian Andes that are among the highest in the world. Near the snow-capped mountains of the Cordillera Blanca in the Ancash Region of Peru, scientists identified two new beetles and a new plant. They also found a small mouse, Akodon sp. nov, they say has probably never been identified before. Confirmed as new species are a high Andes wetlands plant, Senecio sanmarcosensis, and the two beetles, Eriopis canrash and Cycloneda andresii. The four species were all discovered during a series of expeditions conducted between 2005 and 2008.

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