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Environmental, Campaign & Website News > Poor Brazilians rejoice as loggers return to pillage the rainforest

Poor Brazilians rejoice as loggers return to pillage the rainforest

Date : 15th February 2009, Source : The Guardian (UK)

Deep in the heart of the Amazon, the loggers are back. Last week, as darkness and a blizzard of insects descended on the remote town of Tailāndia, hundreds of evangelicals crowded into a Pentecostal church on its main thoroughfare. Outside, battered Mercedes lorries rattled through the shadows, packed with thick tree trunks and kicking red dust up into the evening air. Inside, the congregation took to its feet and gave thanks for the return of a modest prosperity. Exactly one year ago, in February 2008, Tailāndia became the first Amazonian town to be targeted as part of Operation Arc of Fire - an unprecedented government clampdown on illegal logging launched after satellite images indicated an alarming rise in deforestation. Troops swept into this notorious logging outpost, closing down the sawmills and facing down the local people.

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