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Carbon dioxide is key suspect in rainforest change

Date : 11th March 2004, Source : ENN and other sources

Strange things are happening in the Amazonian rainforests, and scientists said on Wednesday that rising levels of carbon dioxide could be the cause.

From other sources :

Over the past 20 years, US and Brazilian scientists have been working on a study of human effects on the rainforests. Their findings were reporte to the scientific community in the US magazine, Nature.

The scientists found signs that the trees in the Amazon rainforests were becoming less able to absorb carbon dioxide. The increase in carbon dioxide levels due to human activities has been largely absorbed by the carbon sinks of South America, thereby slowing global warming, but now the scientists are reporting faster-growing trees are growing quicker, and dying faster. They report that the effectiveness of the 'carbon sinks' is diminishing as the ecosystem adapts to a new world, where there is more carbon dioxide, but less acreage of rainforest and temperate forests.

As reported in a television documentary two years ago, a Brazilian scientist stated that when the rainforests lost their ability to absorb carbon dioxide, the ecosystem would break down, the trees would be unable to cope with the increased levels of CO2 and massive amounts of carbon dioxide would be released into the atmosphere, accelerating global warming.

SOE Note: It is time to act, tell your government that they must act, do not listen to their lies and mis-truths, the Earth is changing beyond what we inherited, and now we must act, for only we can prevent what is to come.

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