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Letters sent for the Indonesian Fires campaign

Date : 11th October 2006, Source : SOE

A letter was sent to United Nations, France, Japan, Canada, Malaysia, Indonesia, Italy, Singapore, Russia, USA, UK and Germany.

In the letter, we asked for their help in addressing the consistent problem of the forest fires in Indonesia. We asked:

1.The United Nations to intervene to save these magnificient forests by asking UNEP (United Nations Environmental Programme) to study the causes of these fires, and to promote agricultural education and land re-use amongst farmers.

2.Indonesia to take tougher action against illegal logging and to call for foreign investment from Western nations to help protect Indonesia's forests. (Brazil has recently asked for foreign investment to help protect their rainforests) it is imperative that action must be taken to prevent any destruction of the rainforest ecosystem and stopping the release of stored carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

3.The International Community to prevent this hazardous and lethal pollution from crossing borders, by pledging investment to protect the forests and to recognise Indonesia as a 'guardian of one of the great ecosystems' in the World.

To date, we received no replies to these letters.

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