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Letter sent to Politicians, Celebrities and VIPs

Date : 1st June 2004, Source : SOE

A letter was sent to the following people asking for the their help in protecting the rainforests. A copy of the leaflet and Ann Walker's report was also sent.


Senator Joseph Lieberman, Patrick Stewart, Senator John McCain,
Mick Jagger, Senator John Kerry, Bono, Dr. Richard Lindzen,
George Michael, Bjorn Lomborg, Daryl Hannah, President George Bush,
Leonardo DiCaprio, Congressman Mike Castle, Robert Redford,
Senator Jim Jeffords, Pierce Brosnan, Kofi Annan, Olivia Newton John,
Vice President Richard B Cheney, Chevy Chase, Secretary of State Colin Powell,
Julia Louis Dreyfus, Prime Minister Paul Martin, Mary Steenburgen,
His Holiness Pope John Paul II, Ted Danson, President Jacques Chirac, Steven Seagal,
Prime Minister Silvio Burlusconi, Prince Charles, President of the EU Romano Prodi,
Prime Minister Tony Blair, Margot Wallström, Margaret Beckett MP

Several months on, we only received a fax from Bono who said he was busy with Stop the Debt campaign.

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