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Environmental, Campaign & Website News > We can't stop climate change in a deforesting world

We can't stop climate change in a deforesting world

Date : 26th August 2008, Source : The Guardian (UK)

Forests and peatlands have a unique role to play in the battle against climate change. Living forests and peatlands can sequester carbon emissions, while dying ones release previously stored carbon. Every year the annihilation of these two habitats generates more greenhouse gas than every car, truck, train and plane on earth. This is roughly the same as the amount of CO2 that is emitted by the United States or China each year. Politicians and policymakers too frequently ignore this critical area. Yes, it is vital that we reduce our greenhouse gas emissions in the UK, by changing behaviour, improving energy efficiency, investing in renewables and bringing forward new low-carbon technologies. But, it is impossible to prevent dangerous climate change by doing this alone. If forest and peatland destruction continues unabated, we will never be able to stop climate change.

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