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Environmental, Campaign & Website News > Corruption 'threatens China rainforest'

Corruption 'threatens China rainforest'

Date : 22nd August 2008, Source : BBC Link to News Story

Farmers in the tropical region of Xishuangbanna in China's south-west Yunnan province recently staged a protest, accusing local officials of colluding with the rubber industry to destroy the local rainforest. The BBC's Jill McGivering investigated their allegations, which the government denies. The environmental activist was extremely nervous when he met us, dashing from place to place to find somewhere private enough to talk. He had reason to worry. He wanted to speak out in support of a group of farmers in a remote part of the tropical region of Xishuangbanna who have made some controversial claims. Last month the farmers held a protest, complaining that local officials were turning a blind eye to a law that the rainforest must be protected. The farmers alleged that some local officials were colluding with rubber companies, allowing them to flout the rules and cut down the forest to plant rubber trees. Several farmers were arrested.

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