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Environmental, Campaign & Website News > Brazil to crack down on Amazon cattle invasion

Brazil to crack down on Amazon cattle invasion

Date : 4th June 2008, Source : Associated Press Link to News Story

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil (AP) Destruction of the Amazon rain forest appears to be on the upswing, and Brazil's new environment minister has wasted no time in aiming at a villain: cattle. The minister, Carlos Minc, says Brazil's government will impound cattle caught grazing on illegally cleared pastures with an operation, dubbed "Rogue Bull," to attack deforestation in the rain forest. "The price of meat and soy has skyrocketed and there is a historic relationship between prices and deforestation," Minc said as he announced the new measures late Monday. Officials are going after livestock because ranchers routinely find ways to avoid fines for illegal logging by felling public forests for grazing land. After three years of decline, Amazon deforestation appears to be accelerating again as international demand for agricultural products skyrocket. Minc's announcement marked his first step to prevent deforestation since being named environment minister last month. He replaced Marina Silva, a renowned Amazon defender who resigned May 13, citing stagnation in promoting the federal environmental agenda.

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