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Front line battle to save Amazon forest

Date : 13th May 2008, Source : BBC Link to News Story

In the small town of Paragominas, in the Brazilian state of Para, watching operation Arc of Fire can be an impressive sight. This is the front line in the battle to contain deforestation - police and environmental officials setting off in a convoy of vehicles, with armed soldiers from the national security force for added protection. The precautions are not unjustified - on a recent operation in the nearby town of Tailandia, residents angered by Arc of Fire and its impact on local firms clashed violently with police. In Paragominas, bemused local people watch as the police cars, with flashing lights and sirens blaring, make their way out of town en route to a local logging firm three to four hours away. These officials want to know if the wood there has been legally cut down, and if the owner has the paperwork to prove it.

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