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Environmental, Campaign & Website News > Rubber trees for tire industry shrink China rainforests

Rubber trees for tire industry shrink China rainforests

Date : 7th April 2008, Source : ENN

XISHUANGBANNA, China (Reuters) - On a map on ecologist Liu Wenjie's computer, the subtropical southern tip of China's Yunnan province is slowly turning from green to red. Rubber plantations -- shown in red on Liu's computer screen -- have supplanted nearly all the low-lying forest in the prefecture of Xishuangbanna and are now starting to encroach on the highlands. Liu and other scientists are worried that the expansion of rubber plantations to feed China's voracious tire industry, the world's largest, will destroy the ecosystem of Xishuangbanna. The province is home to China's richest variety of flora and fauna.

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