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Environmental, Campaign & Website News > Chile approves native forest law after 15 years

Chile approves native forest law after 15 years

Date : 31st December 2007, Source : ENN

[SANTIAGO] The Chilean parliament has unanimously approved a law to preserve the country's forests, promote their sustainable use and foster related scientific research. The Native Forest Law has been in negotiation for 15 years the longest any law has taken to pass in Chile and members of the scientific community, environmental organisations and government authorities have expressed great satisfaction with its approval this month (19 December). "This law introduces an ecosystemic vision that does not consider the forest just as a wood source, but as a benefit for the community, since it sets funds for forest recovery and for its non-lumber management," says Antonio Lara, dean of the forestry science faculty at the Austral University in Valdivia, Chile, and involved in the negotiations since 1992. A key aspect of the law is the creation of an initial fund of US$8 million a year for forest conservation, recovery and sustainable management projects.

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