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Environmental, Campaign & Website News > Palm oil industry signs up to green labelling scheme

Palm oil industry signs up to green labelling scheme

Date : 22nd November 2007, Source : The Guardian (UK)

A certification process designed to allow palm oil producers that meet environmental standards to label their products as eco-friendly was launched today. The industry-led Round table on sustainable palm oil (RSPO) meeting in Kuala Lumpur, has drawn up the criteria which includes commitments to preserve rainforest and wildlife, avoid conflicts with indigenous people and improve palm oil yields. The round table is made up of producers, such as Unilever and Procter and Gamble, consumers, and environmental groups such as Friends of the Earth (FoE) and WWF, which have criticised the rapidly expanding palm oil industry in south-east Asia for destroying rainforests and wildlife, and called for a moratorium on development.

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