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Did You Know?

Date : 7th Jan 2002, Source : Channel 4 Teletext

The following information is from 'Green Scene', a section on Channel 4 Teletext in the UK (Page 130) :

  • 468.000 tonnes of car tyres are scrapped in the UK each year.

  • Seven gallons of crude oil are needed to produce one car tyre.

  • European commission studies suggest that the UK could generate all the electricity it needs, if it harnessed just 0.1% of the wave energy around it's coast.

  • You may not know that one in four mammal species is deemed by scientists to be seriously endangered.

  • Or that of a possible fifty million species on the planet, just 1.4 million have been named.

  • Five million people live in flood risk areas in England and Wales.

  • April 2000 was the wettest month since records began in 1766.

  • More than 80% of the world's ancient forests have been destroyed or degraded by man.

  • World temperatures have risen by 0.6 Celsus in the last century.

  • 90% of all commercial energy comes from fossil fuels. Alternative energy sources such as wind account for 1%.


In the UK :

  • British families create more than 3 million tonnes of festive rubbish over the Christmas period even though more than half of this can be recycled, almost 90% of it will be thrown away adding to Britain's huge waste mountain.

  • It is estimated by the government that in our rubbish bins over the Festive season :

    • One billion Christmas cards

    • Six million trees

    • 4,200 tonnes of aluminium foil

    • 125,000 tonnes of plastic packaging

    • Thousands of tonnes of old clothes and other textiles and....

    • 83 square kilometres of wrapping paper.

If you are interested in recycling any of the above or recycling in general, then contact

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