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Environmental, Campaign & Website News > Rwanda Wildlife Clubs - Planting Day Report

Rwanda Wildlife Clubs - Planting Day Report

Date : 22nd January 2003, Source : RWC

Dated: 21 November 2002

Early June this year Rwanda Wildlife Clubs an environment organization based at the National University of Rwanda in Butare started an agro forestry project, and a very big nursery bed, was established in Tonga University agricultural site that was assisted by the Faculty of Agriculture in providing manual labor for watering and construction.

The Government of Rwanda through the Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry-DAEF provided the seeds tools, and Financial support.

These trees were meant for two communal villages in the province -Butare, namely NYANZA COMMUNAL VILLAGE AND NGOMA COMMUNAL VILLAGE.

18th November was the National opening day for the TREE WEEK, and it was opened by the Minister of State for Forestry Madam Droccella MUGOREWERA, who came down to Butare to officiate in the planting of these trees in NYANZA COMMUNAL VILLAGE.

We managed to plant about 15000 trees in one communal village and many government officials attended ,including the Vice Academic Rector of the National University, who also started a march from the University Stadium up to the planting site, about 6 km, this march was highly participated by the Army and police corps, secondary students from EAV KABUTARE and many public workers from the Province and Municipality. Its imperative to note that this is the second time RWC gets the opportunity of mixing civilians with the army, things that have been uncommon in the history of the country.

The Butare Municipality provided transportation of the seedlings to the planting site and also mobilized the local community to be available, and participate in this program, also ICRAF provided technical assistance.

There was also proper media coverage on National Radio and TV. In a reception meeting that day at HOTEL CREDO, a provincial commission on Tree Planting was formed and RWC was given secretariat ship, as DAEF took Chairmanship and the International center for Research in Agroforestry-ICRAF, took the Vice Chairmanship, this commission is also composed of many other influential figures like the Army and Police chiefs in the province, the University-Rectors Office, and the Municipality of Butare. And this Saturday the rest of trees will be planted in Ngoma Communal Village. Its imperative to note that the National University in its support to environmental activities provided a student's holiday and mobilized many students to participate in this activity.

This is the Second time RWC, makes agroforetsy programs ,last year in around the same time trees were planted in MUSANGE Communal Village of Butare Municipality ,at University and in KIGALI CLUBS of Green Hills Academy Nyarutarama, Kigali Parents School, Martyrs Secondary Remera and Remera Academy, a project that was mainly financed by the International Wildlife Coalition-USA and also assisted by the the National Tourism Office ORTPN and Rectors Office and the Faculty of Agriculture UNR.

Lets all of us join hands and protect our environment and wildlife and please visit RWC at and

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