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CITES act on Mahogany!

Date : 28th November 2002, Source : Greenpeace

On November 14, 2002 a historic victory was achieved when CITES delegates voted in favor of a proposal that would control and promote a sustainable trade in Big Leaf Mahogany. A two-thirds vote in favor is required and the Nicaraguan proposal to uplist mahogany from Appendix III to Appendix II won by two votes. 68 countries voted in support, 30 countries voted against and 14 countries chose to abstain.

This is a significant moment in environmental history because a CITES appendix II listing will help reduce the deforestation of the Amazon by helping to cut down the number of illegal logging roads that only the mahogany trade can justify. It will also help reduce forest degradation. Because, for every mahogany tree cut, 28 other tree species die. Since mahogany logging is directly linked to high levels of corruption, illegalities and destruction, the implementation of Appendix II will help improve this destructive industry.

If not for the work of Greenpeace and its activists over the past year bringing light to the dirty little secrets of the mahogany trade this victory would not have happened.

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