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Facts About Trees

Date : 17th October 2002, Source : GreenPlanet


Trees clean the air. An acre of forest can remove approximately 13 tons of dust, gases, and pollutants from the atmosphere every year.

Trees produce oxygen without which no living thing can exist. One mature tree can produce enough oxygen for a family of four for one year.

We use oxygen to breathe in and we breathe out carbon dioxide. All leaves make oxygen from carbon dioxide, and this is why it is SO important to look after our trees and plants.

Trees conserve energy. A home shaded by trees can reduce its air conditioning costs by almost 50% and can lower air temperatures by as much as 15 degrees.

Cities with few trees become heat islands. Trees lower surrounding air temperatures by as much as 15 degrees!

Trees provide homes for wildlife and are vital for all ecosystems.

Trees reduce noise pollution by acting as sound barriers. Each 100 foot band of trees can absorb around six to eight decibels of sound intensity.

Trees help with flood control. A moderate size trees roots absorb 400 gallons of water per day.

In areas of high salinity, the planting of trees reduces to maintain the integrity of arable land and reduces the level of a typical water table.

Some trees can grow to be over 3,000 years old! One of the tallest kinds of tree in the world is the Giant Sequoia. These trees can be as tall as a skyscraper!

Communities that have an abundance of trees and show a commitment to respecting their environment enjoy significantly higher property values.

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