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Environmental, Campaign & Website News > Destruction of forests in developing world 'out of control'

Destruction of forests in developing world 'out of control'

Date : 14th March 2007, Source : The Independent (UK)

Progress in forest management in the industrial world is being overwhelmed by accelerating deforestation in the developing world, a global report from the United Nations has revealed. Many countries in Europe and North America have been able to reverse centuries of deforestation and even, in some cases, increase their forest cover, according to the UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO). But the global picture is blighted by uncontrolled felling in poorer countries - home to the majority of the world's forests. "Many countries have shown the political will to improve forest management by revising policies and legislation and strengthening forestry institutions," said David Harcharik, FAO's assistant director-general. "Increasing attention is being paid to the conservation of soil, water, biological diversity and other environmental values." But researchers from the FAO, which releases an annual survey of the world's forests, found that enormous tracts are still disappearing from the developing world.

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