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Smoking out the world's lungs

Date : 12th February 2007, Source : BBC Link to News Story

Getting into the rainforest in Kalimantan requires a bit of travel. A few kilometres by boat; another kilometre or so by hand-built rail-cart. As you move in under the canopy of trees, clouds of butterflies dart into the path, and the sounds of insects cluster in the air. But this is no virgin forest. This is a 10-year-old project to rehabilitate an area destroyed by logging. Pak Alim is one of those involved. This project is important, he said, because it is perhaps the only research site in Central Kalimantan where the conditions of the rainforest have been reproduced. This is a peat forest - built on metres of thick, high carbon soil. Peat is important because of its ability to process greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane. Pak Alim's favourite name for them is "the lungs of the world". But those lungs are shrinking.

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