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Marrakech Climate Conference

Date : 7th Nov 2001, Source : WWF

The setting was Marrakech in Morocco for the latest of the climate talks, aimed at ratifying the Kyoto Climate Treaty and finally making it international law - the most important step forward in global climate control.

Over two weeks, government representatives resolved the issue of compliance which will keep countries to their targets in the Kyoto Treaty. Environment Ministers now begin a series of talks over three days that will finally see Kyoto finalised.

These talks will center on Russia's insistence on gaining 'credits' for "carbon sinks" (where countries can use natural forests to 'soak' up carbon dioxide, thereby not reducing their emission levels to those set by the Kyoto Treaty).

Another issue is the Clean Development Mechanism and Joint Implementation. Here, Japan is keen to ratify the treaty but is holding out as only compliant countries can benefit from these mechanisms. Canada opposes the reporting of sources and "sinks" equally which, according to the WWF, could undermine the effectiveness of Kyoto.

More than 60 nations have said they want the Protocol to come into force by the time of the World Summit on Sustainable Development, now scheduled for September 2002 in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Only time will tell.

Source: WWF Climate Section

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